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Dirtbag Data - Database design, data collection and analysis I myself am confused is this incredible.

Referral offers with low requirements, no credit impacts or chexsystems hits. All accounts listed are in good standing. FinTech-One Times are cracking down on the sharing of referral offer links. Alot of referrals would be much more garunteed to payout if you were to contact me directly @ reddit / spunnybear and ask for the links, or by email / SMS. Stack it flip it, stack it again then save it thats the recipe .

TradeUp referral codes and program details

Open account with link, immediately get stock up to 30$, deposit 100$ get additional stock worth up to 1570$

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XBank referral codes and program details

Get up to 1000 BUSD and 5 USDT ( instantly after you sign up and logon) worth of benefits when a friend invites you to register Make sure to use code: 4MH0CS

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Tungsten Financial referral codes and program details
Tungsten Financial

sign up only, no requirements, instantly available bonus. 1 Use link to sign up, complete KYC. 2 Link your exisisting Coinbase Account. No minimum balance needed. No deposit. No Credit Check. 3 Reserve your card Thats it! After card is reserved, you will receive an email with your login link where you can find your own balance, virtual card, and referral link. SignUp takea 5 min and you are allowed 10 people to use your link to sign up and reserve a card and instantly recieve $10 up to $100 in ETH

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Future referral codes and program details

1. sign up using the referral link provided 2. Instantly deposit $10 - the app gives you multiple options to make an instant deposit such as debit card, cash app etc as opposed to a 3-5 day ACH deposit. 3. Make one purchase, of at least 1$, with the provided Virtual Debit card which can be added to your choice of mobile wallet, such as apple wallet or google wallet or used online. 4. 15000 “futurecoinw” will instantly be credited to your account, which you can redeem to your virtual card for $15 which you can instantly spend or withdraw to caehapp. participation in the referral program is limited at this time but can be requested in the app after joining and receiving uour bonus and you will be notified via email if youre chosen to participate.

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Fizz referral codes and program details

Sign up, be sure to use the referral code during sign up it is easy to miss. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE AN EDU email. It gives you an option to use any email. I used gmail. 1. Connect bamk account with minimum 150$ 2. Fizz sets a spending limit, and issues you an unsecured debit card you can add to your apple or google wallet and immediately use anywhere. Your spending limit axts as a sort of BNPL feature, mine was $200. I spent 120, and it did not deduct anything out if my connected bank account until my first payment over a week later. This improves your credit, as it reports at the end of the month and gives you an advance. Its like empower and chime credir builder had a baby and affirm raised it. 3. You MUST make a transaction on your fizz card and we are both immediately rewarded.

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Alinea referral codes and program details

Hey! 👋 Create an Alinea account and invest today to win up to $1,000! Just use my code 6A2A76DC or my link when signing up!

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Upgrade Rewards Checking referral codes and program details
Upgrade Rewards Checking

Feb 23 Please email me at “spunnyb” at gmail for the link also. It seems sometimes when redirected from this website the bonus is not awarded. Also can message me at u/spunnybear on reddit. Sign up , get approved; Make a deposit Order your card. . Super fast arrival-took mine 3 days. Make 3 debit card purchases over 1$ $50 immediately credited once 3 transactions settle. $50 per referralz 2/28/22

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Privacy referral codes and program details

Privacy creates secure virtual credit cards and completes checkout forms for you, saving you time and money while masking your real card details. Privacy lets you generate smart, virtual debit cards to use online.

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SimBull referral codes and program details

Alt invest app. Trade stock on professional sport teams Sign ip, recieve free stock. Download app directly from the app store, you MUST use rhe referral cose durijg sign up CQB3AL for your first stock valued up to 150 and deposit $10 for your second. ******Afterward, deposit only $10 and recieve additional free stock up to $150. Mine was 56$ Dodgers 😊

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Tornado referral codes and program details

Must sign up for live trade account Make a deposit, Make a trade. Simple easy money. Fund your account, make a trade if any amount. That’s it. The learn and earn is outstanding. I’ve made almost 50 in 4 weeks from it. Excellent app and EASY referral money.

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Fintron referral codes and program details

Hey! If you signup for a FinTron Invest brokerage account, we will both get cash when your account is approved!

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Broxel referral codes and program details

Sign up. $25 when your card arrives and activated through app for US referees. $25 per US ref $5 for Mexico ref

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Lolli referral codes and program details

Once a purchase is made at any store get up to 50% cashback plus 5$ in BTC and 5 more every referral.

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OnJuno referral codes and program details

Please DM me so i can send link email or sms!!! Ill spot you 50 for deposit is necessary until 11/5 Offer now requires a $50 deposit into account, which can be done instantly through the app with debit card. $10 bonus plus 1000 JCOIN instantly applied

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Greenwood referral codes and program details

Must Fund your account, once approved to download and activate your card.

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Creative Juice referral codes and program details
Creative Juice

Link social media accounts with at least 10 followers Add cash to the virtual card provided via cash app or any instant P2P transfer Make one purchase and $25 +5 dollars for me, just send me a screenshot with the completed transaction

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Rakuten referral codes and program details

60 sign up 30 referrals just spend $30!! Limited time offer!!

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Luno referral codes and program details

1. Sign up with my invite link 2. Deposit and BUY USD 10.00 in any crypto (Buy a stablecoin like USDC, then sell it right back. This way you lose no money) $10 awarded instantly after buy settles

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Streetbeat referral codes and program details

—- Offer changed 3-3000$

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Sofi Money referral codes and program details
Sofi Money

1. Sign up using link 2. Dep $10 via ACH. This can take 24 hours maybe 72 usually not long. When settled, you recieve 25$, and i recieve 50$ Until 8/31, for rocking with me everyone who signs up using my link and deposits 10$, sends me a screenshot ill send you 25$ So that you recieve $50, and i recieve 25. Cause without you guys none of this works $25 sofi invest, $50, $300 loan offers all have different links DM me. Until 8/31 you receive your bonus plus half of mine. Much love

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relief referral codes and program details

Every needs help. Get relief toward towering debt fast!

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MoneyLion referral codes and program details

1. 5$ for sign up RoarMoney 2. $50 for $100 Direct Deposit -Methods available besides employer payroll deposit. DM for info, 3. $ 5 BTC when you buy $10 4. $10 from me message u/spunnybear *if you cant do an employer direct deposit, message me for a qualifying trigger. * Limited time offer guys take advantage. Anyone needs help, just give me a shout. Simple bonus,great app

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Revolut referral codes and program details

1. Email me, message me here or at on reddit, u/spunnybear 2. Link bank, ACH $20 to revolut *you can now instantly deposit funds :) 3. Buy 3 items for 5$ Minimum using your provided virtual card. 4. Order a physical card. Once those transactions settle, i will be awarded $60z After you complete your 3 5$ spends, DM, message me on reddit, or email me *@r************* We will split the bonus 40$ to you, the referree and $20 to me, the referrer, only until 10/1/22. (Where it will return to 50/50)

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Gelt referral codes and program details

Gelt is the easiest and safest way to get started with DeFi. Gelt enables you to easily move funds in and out of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Funds in DeFi remain under your sole control, are automatically insured, and earn interest through the mStable protocol on Ethereum.

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Sable card referral codes and program details
Sable card

Hi! You should check out Sable. No credit check to apply for Sable bank account, debit or credit cards. We'll both get $20 when you join Sable and spend money! Use my referral link to download the Sable app and sign up: REFERRALCODE=zachary190 Sign up Spend 250 within 60 days $20 ✅

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Earnin App referral codes and program details
Earnin App

Join and link your bank, accept your first cash advance. Make sure to set up your tip jar. And we both recieve $25

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Venmo referral codes and program details

Yet another code (8/28) that has to be sent via SMS or Email. Please message me for link $10 for each friend who signs up and makes a bank or card payment or deposit of at least $10

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Wise referral codes and program details

******** USE THE FOLLOWING LINK: wise*com/invite/i/zacharym502 (Replace * with . ) -If you get three friends to sign up and transfer $300 each, you recieve 115$. -Initially, you get 600$ fee free transfers. If you use my link and successfully transfer $300, message me your name and cash app and I will send you $20 if you provide a screenshot— Irregardless of my bonus being received yet. ❤️ It costs you nothing. Same day. (Transfer it to yourself). MessAge me a screenshot $20 richer. 💜 ♥️ ❤️ I will message support july 15 about updating this referral

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Dave App referral codes and program details
Dave App

Update August 25, a lot of these apps are putting up guards for referrals through third-party sites such as this, before you click the link; Please DM me on here for the link with your email address and name. Or reddit u/spunnybear Clicking the above link will not earn you the bonus the majority of the time. *** All this has been verified through my Google analytics tracking Sign up for Dave. Take an advance of 5$ and make sure you open the Dave’s spend account; which you can close afterwards If you don’t need an advance I suggest taking the 5 advance they offer. Make sure the bank you link has over 1000$ in income and 60’days of activity. Message me here or Reddit or email me *@r************* when you recieve the advance and I will send you 20$

Check out Dave App   

Dosh referral codes and program details

ZACHARM210 Make on purchase through the app.

Check out Dosh   

Oxygen referral codes and program details

1. Sign up, download using the link only. (8/28) Link MUST be send via SMS DM or Email per terms 2. ACH $500 into the account (direct deposit) 3. If you do not have a direct deposit that you can switch to Oxygen there are other methods to satisfy the requirements please message me If you are unable to come up with the entire $500 please message me also I’m always willing to help those who need it

Check out Oxygen   

Spiral gives referral codes and program details
Spiral gives

All you do is deposit $200 cumulatively witching 30 days. Keep the account open for 90.

Check out Spiral gives   

Klarna referral codes and program details

1. Use the link. So simple but so important 2. Make a purchase, small. Huge, doesn’t matter. You will make your first payment when you make the purchase. 3. We both receive $30

Check out Klarna   

Brigit referral codes and program details

Sign up for plus, which will get you 10 and as a plus member you get a much higher pay advance

Check out Brigit   

Bright Money referral codes and program details
Bright Money

Update 7/15 - All you have to do is use the link and sign up for any paid membership. Make one transaction wifh Credit Builder of 10$ I’m sending 25$ additionally to every user who successfully finishes referral. Send me an direct message after completing above steps. We both get $25 when you join Bright - the best way to to pay off card debt and boost scores, trusted by thousands! Requirements: Invitee makes a transaction on bright and has a paid membership (membership purchase counts as transaction)

Check out Bright Money   

Ava Finance referral codes and program details
Ava Finance

Literally download and sign up done deal. $5

Check out Ava Finance   

Cashbackbase referral codes and program details

Cashbackbase is a discount website for Amazon products which collects the latest deals to help buyers save money. Every user can choose the products they would like to buy and purchase them on Amazon at the lowest price.

Check out Cashbackbase   

Aspiration referral codes and program details

Just use my link, sign up and deposit $10 at account opening. Must spent 250$ on card, which is very simple to do, even if you only have 50$. Spend 1000, and receive $150. Spend 1000 as as a plus member and get $200. Reach me at u/spunnybear or message me here for $15 when the spend is complete and you use my referral link. Easy, easy money

Check out Aspiration   

Gusto referral codes and program details

$300 Per Referral. $100 when you run payroll. 1. Sign up as an independent contractor, amazon seller etc. Or sign up your LLC. 2. Run Payroll. 3. $$$$

Check out Gusto   

Choice referral codes and program details

Choice is a self-directed IRA funded with bitcoin. You were given $50 immediately in bitcoin when you sign up and $50 per referral for the retirement account. You’re also able to trade assets in the stock market and crypto markets. Most people don’t know how to retrieve their money from the account, but DM me, cause I can show you how to flip a 50 to a million, I got the Midas touch they say I’m sum like a magician.

Check out Choice   

RebatesMe referral codes and program details

Instant $35 sign ups and $35 referrals!!!! Invited friend just has to shop and earn cash back at any store you both receive $35!

Check out RebatesMe   

Brandclub referral codes and program details

Download. Create if needed, then connect Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc. boom. Get 10$ per referral after The app itself can make you a ton of money as well. Join product groups of things you buy, then do the surveys, from the surveys etc is “unlocked” after you make a purchase that it can detect connected to the store you bought it from., normally online purchase or pickup/delivery. I made $80 last week

Check out Brandclub   

Webull referral codes and program details

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get 5 FREE stocks valued up to $9,600 by opening & funding a #Webull brokerage account! Get started > hidden-url Best out of all investment apps I’ve tried, I hate to say it even better than public. Crazy promotions, all the time, I’ve got hundred in there husf from taking advantage of the promo emails.

Check out Webull   

Empower referral codes and program details

Sign up add your bank and you get $20 from my referral as soon as you accept your first cash advance. Minimum cash advance is $25. This app allows you to change your payment date as needed very flexible. Just to test this: I added a bank account that only had less than $1100 in total spending and $1200 in income for the entire month with no direct deposit only transfers and still qualified for the $25 bonus. What’s that mean for you? It means 99% chance sign up for this app and get yourself $25 advanced until you can pay back plus $20 for using my link. This car is incredible when he comes to cash back opportunities there’s a very small cool down between advances . Top 10 app

Check out Empower   

Outlet Finance referral codes and program details
Outlet Finance

Easy as it gets. INCREDIBLE interest on all standing money. ACH in 5$. Get $10 deposited. Plus get 10$ Per referral, refer 3 or more friends and you get $30 per friend. No limit. Unlimited referrals, instant $10 for everyone who signs up and adds a bank. I made $100 today at work. Excellent App

Check out Outlet Finance   

Public referral codes and program details

Not much to say that you cannot find on Google I’ve tried every single investing platform that there is out there I like how public has a sense of community generally I think it’s the best out of any of the other prevalent investing platforms out right now And every single time they put out a bonus man he gets so much bigger one stock valued up $2000 you can’t beat that deal with stick and referrals

Check out Public   

Go2Bank referral codes and program details

Oh it really is the ultimate bankcard there’s no monthly fees no fees whatsoever to my knowledge no minimum balance $50 after $200 deposit, unlock interest free overdraft protection of $200 after two secuessful $200 deposits. Or $100 after 2x $100 deposits. In a bind with bills? Here is how you take that paycheck not cutting it and stretch it where you need to go. And of course everybody’s favorite you get the $50 bonus for the $200 direct deposit as well as a $200 overdraft interest free say that again interest free

Check out Go2Bank   

One referral codes and program details

Update 10/25/22 Finally we have confirmed a Direct Deposit ACH method! ONE is NOT awarding referrals redirected from promo sites. PLEASE do ONE: 1. copy and paste the link above and open it in a new tab 2. Message me u/spunnybear (reddit) 3. Email z(at)myrefresh(.)co You just either tske a chance pasting the link into a new tab; I highly suggest that you contact me as terms due to new anti-laundering securty concerns surrounding fintech require referrals via SMS or email.

Check out One   

Steady referral codes and program details

Real simple: sign up and get the Lincoln. Everyone knows steady, one of the highest paying task apps specifically targeted to apps. If you don’t already have this app, you could earn 400 in a week just trying apps in your free time. Refer 10 homies get a twinnny five $ bonus

Check out Steady   

Flyp referral codes and program details

Includes rewards: spin the wheel EVERY purchase Early direct deposit: 2 days FREE overdraft up to 100$$!! NO OVERDRAFT FEES NO MIN BALANCE NO TRANSFER FEES NO MAINTENANCE FEES ..damn

Check out Flyp   

Alt referral codes and program details

Updated August 19, 2022 1. Signing the referral link sometimes does not allow you to receive the bonus because it technically did not come in the form of email or SMS. I HiGHLY RECOMMEND: PM me for Invite to garuntee $$ 2. Link your bank account and deposit five dollars. ***Pro tip: if you have a Fidelity account send five dollars from your Fidelity Mma they don’t charge for a wire fee and neither does ALT and the five dollars will be there instantly instead of waiting for an ACH. 3. Buy a card with the money or anything sell it right back and it withdraw to your bank

Check out Alt   

Otis referral codes and program details

This app has sneakers, video games, insane art even NFTs. Super unique, super easy money too. 10$ for referee + $20 sign up bonus. Spend 50$ get another $10!

Check out Otis   

Zach is smart! 😏

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