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crypto.com referral codes and program details

This makes you earn 25$ in CRO (the 50$ offer does not exist anymore or corresponds to 25$ for the referral and 25$ for the sponsor). Warning: what not everyone tells you is that the $25 will be blocked from sale as long as you don't do the action of : - Block/stake a crypto 1 time (which makes you earn between 2%-10% per year. For my part, I made 4% for 1 month) - Or take the "Crypto.com Visa Card" (free and makes you earn cashback up to 8%) Good investments 😉

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Boursorama referral codes and program details

It is a French online bank. Discover Boursorama, the cheapest bank and leader in stock market and financial information (prices of stocks, indices, currencies, gold, etc.).

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Shopmium referral codes and program details

Exclusive supermarket offers. You buy selected products in supermarkets, and you get the entire money back (or part of it depending on offer) after submitting a photo of the receipt.

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Trade Republic referral codes and program details
Trade Republic

There are no account creation fees, no custody fees, no inactivity fees, no currency conversion fees, no minimum deposit and it is possible to transfer a securities account to or from Trade Republic for free. In short, Trade Republic allows you to buy stocks or ETFs by fraction (not a whole), and without fees if you go through a scheduled investment plan (which can be deactivated at any time and without fees). My advice to start: choose an "S&P 500" or "MSCI World" ETF, two nice baskets of large-cap stocks!

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Bux referral codes and program details

Bux is an online portal and app where people can buy shares of stocks without the fees.

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IGraal referral codes and program details

iGraal is a website that offers discounts in the form of cashback and voucher codes from over 3000 retail sites in Europe.

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Total Direct Energie referral codes and program details
Total Direct Energie

Je me demande encore pourquoi autant de personne paye encore plein tarif chez EDF… Cela fait 7 ans que je suis chez TotalEnergies (à l'origine Direct Energie, puis Total Direct Energie puis TotalEnergies), et en ayant déménagé 3 fois. Le service est top, pas de problème lors du changement d'opérateur : c'est complément transparent et sans coupure. La seule différence est : que ça coute moins cher (120€ l'année dernière d'économie). Je n'ai jamais eu de problème et j'en suis très satisfait. Le parrainage TotalEnergies, c’est 20€ le filleul et 20€ pour le parrain. Fonctionne aussi pour les Pro. A noter qu'une fois inscrit, vous pouvez parrainer votre famille / amis pour toucher à votre tour ! Je l'ai fait à l'ouverture de mon compte en parrainant mes parents, famille proche (hop, 20€ de la part de mon parrain et 60€ de mes filleuls). TotalEnergies propose deux offres : Offre Verte Fixe (prix bloqué pendant 1 an et électricité verte) ou l'offre classique -5%. A noter qu'à l'ouverture, vous pouvez choisir avec le Bonus TotalEnergies ou le code promo : mon frère était passé par cette option nécessitant une inscription au club mais n'avait eu 0€ car les conditions n'étaient plus à jour (et il était trop tard pour revenir via le parrainage…). Mon code parrain à inscrire à l'étape "J'ai un code promo ou un code parrainage" : 106640766 Bonne inscription !!

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Freedom24 referral codes and program details

Freedom24 is a stock/ETF/IPO broker. The first 30 days are free of charge. In general, the account does not cost a monthly fee (except you want cheaper stock exchange fees) and you pay $0.02 per traded stock (minimum $2 per trade). Freedom24 offers an account where you can deposit your money and earn a 3 % annual interest.

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Bitpanda referral codes and program details

Invest in Bitcoin, gold and over 30 other digital assets on your phone or desktop. Fast, secure and 24/7.

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Audible referral codes and program details

Tons of audiobooks of every source, from Best Sellers to inspirational themed books.

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Amazon Prime referral codes and program details
Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is an online service from Amazon. Get unlimited free next day deliveries, watch unlimited movies and TV episodes on Prime Video plus listen to over 2 million songs on Prime Music and also get unlimited online photo storage.

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Adidas referral codes and program details

Buy all Adidas shoes and clothing. Adidas AG is a German multinational corporation, founded and headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories.

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Coinbase referral codes and program details

Coinbase is the world's most trusted place to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency.

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Swissborg referral codes and program details

Swissborg is a crypto investment platform and a wealth management ecosystem powered by blockchain technology. SwissBorg makes it fair, safe and accessible to invest in your financial future with crypto assets.

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PayPal referral codes and program details

Paypal is the essential site to have as soon as you make online purchases. The main reason: security! Indeed, the site (and the mobile application) is extremely simple to use. It is a kind of intermediary between the merchant and you. So, if you have a dispute, you can ask PayPal. It happened to me several times to have delivery problems, or scam sites: I was fully refunded by PayPal (after contacting the seller who could not prove that the order was sent, PayPal refunded me quickly). You can register your credit card, or your bank details to simplify future purchases. Possibility to transfer money between relatives instantly and without fees. Another little-known trick: refunded return shipping costs! If you don't like the item you bought online: you can send it back, and Paypal will refund the return shipping costs, even to foreign countries (12 refunds per person is allowed between January 1st and December 31st). The activation of the service is free (I have been using it for 2 years). One last reason? $10 refunded. For the reward to be confirmed, an online purchase of at least $5 must be made with PayPal within the first 15 days. If you learned something from my post, feel free to use my referral link: hidden-url Happy shopping!

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Maiar referral codes and program details

Now is the time to invest! Personally, I'm redeeming/reloading regularly right now! Steps to sign up to get your bonus: - Download Maiar via my referral link hidden-url - My code (l7an08co0q) should be pre-entered using the link to download the app. If not, please enter it again. - Buy at least $200 of ELGD. You can fund your Maiar wallet with Ethereum, EGLD, BNB or simply with your credit card (and also via bank transfer). I wish you great gains! Don't hesitate to contact me for more feedback on my use !

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ZooPlus referral codes and program details

ooplus, mon fournisseur de croquette pour mon chat ! Le site internet propose un grand nombre d'accessoires pour votre animal de compagnie. Chien, chat, Rongeur, Poisson, oiseau… Il y a également un système de fidélité : pour 1 € dépensé, zooplus vous offre 1 zooPoint. Choisissez ensuite votre cadeau et ajoutez-le à votre panier dès votre deuxième commande ou faites un don pour aider des animaux dans le besoin. Les prix sont très attractifs. Ayant un nouveau chat, je passais par le véto pour les croquettes jusqu'à m'apercevoir que Zooplus les avait aussi dans son catalogue, forcément moins cher ! L'occasion de réactiver mon compte et de vous faire profiter de l'offre de parrainage ! 10% pour votre première commande en suivant le lien suivant : hidden-url

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Mintos referral codes and program details

My advice when creating a custom strategy that automatically selects loans: - Loans of up to $10 (allows diversification!) - Buyback guarantee (buyback of the financing company in case of 60 days delay = 0 risk on the borrower) - Rates between 10 and 14% (not more to avoid delays) - Only in EUR (avoids exchange fees) - Focus on European countries - Amortization method: Full (in order to have interest in case of late payment) - Duration : between 2 and 12 months. If you have any questions about how the platform works, I will be happy to answer them.

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HP Instant Ink referral codes and program details
HP Instant Ink

Use my referral link to get 1 month free: hidden-url (Referral code: 9z3sgv). This code is cumulative with the current offer of 6 months free and the code FREEINK for 1 additional month free Welcome to HP and cheap printing !

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EbuyClub referral codes and program details

Registered since June 2014, I am mega fan and convinced by ebuyclub. In 1 click, you can accumulate cashback on your purchases. Attention: the first purchase is to be well selected because you will have a super interesting cashback. For example: Yves Rocher: 17%, ASOS 10%, Camaïeu 8%, Histoire d'Or 6% ... In 6 years, I have already accumulated 1 130€. Yes yes, just by clicking on "I activate the cashback" from the site or the browser extension bar. I also had the chance to be involved in the Ebuyclub Ambassador network. This allows you to get 5€ instead of 3€, available ALL year long (and not like on a short period like the other ads which are not Ebuyclub Ambassador). You can cumulate +1€ by simply downloading the Ebuyclub browser bar. My sponsor code as an ambassador is : SHOPPINGMALIN271 Come to make good deals !

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