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Zelf referral codes and program details

Zelf is super-fast banking in messengers.⚡️Send and receive money easily by text or voice with no fees. Zelfers get access to fast and easy banking services without the need to visit the bank, install any app or any other hustle. You can get an iconic acid colour card within 30 sec, top it up and manage your financial life without leaving your favourite messenger.

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86400 referral codes and program details

Australia’s first smart bank

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Pi Network referral codes and program details
Pi Network

Pi is a digital currency for everyday people, representing a major step forward in the adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide. Pi Network is a new crypto currency introduced in March 2019 that allows users to gain coins just by using their phones. It's a very simple concept and is definitely worth a try since it's completely free. Pi network is going into phase 2 on 03.14.2020. In phase 2 pi network is going public and users can start exchanged their currency for valuables and services. Once the network reaches 10M users, the users will not be able to mine anymore coins, the only way to get them is to exchange them for something. There's still a chance to join. Start mining the first cryptocurrency for everyday people for free on your smartphone. Download 'Pi Network' in the App/Play Store register.

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CryptoHuge referral codes and program details

Rent servers to mine bitcoin. Easy quick signup with google or facebook account. Cashout direct to bank or withdraw to bitcoin wallet!

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Coinbase XLM referral codes and program details
Coinbase XLM

$10 + $40 ($10 for 4 referrals!)

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Morpher.com referral codes and program details

Signup using my morpher invite & receive $30 from them + a bonus $10 from me + $15 for every referral!

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Brave Browser referral codes and program details
Brave Browser

Creators can earn up to $7.50 USD in Basic Attention Tokens for qualified referrals* that download brave using their referral code. To access the referral program & to allow me to tip you you'll need to verify your website or reddit account so it's a bit more complicated than the usual signup and refer scheme.

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Coinbase OXT referral codes and program details
Coinbase OXT

Sign up for a crypto currency wallet. You'll have to submit valid ID for verification but once approved you'll have opportunity to make more than just $12 if your new and haven't done so. But there are several others such as DAI, Basic Attention Token, etc. You watch videos and answer questions to receive payment and then you can invite friends and earn $10 per friend that joins. Invite up to 4 friends to earn OXT too! They can be new or existing Coinbase users. You’ll earn $10 in OXT for each eligible friend who completes a lesson.

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Coinspot referral codes and program details

$10 from them $5 from me! Message me after offer completion for extra $5 deposited into your account! It works buy awarding both users 10$ in bitcoin once they have signed up with the referral code and made a deposit. You can create your own referral link and get $10 for ever referral! Depositing as little as $1 will credit your account with a bonus $10 of bitcoin! Great chance to get a little bit of bitcoin before it goes to the moon (the halving is in 9 days!) AUSTRALIA ONLY

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