250 Point Bonus!!!

@crocke28 + Pogo

https:// pogocash .app .link /W74EKP (No spaces😊) -Sign up through the above link -If you use my code: W74EKP, you’ll get 250 bonus points when you hit 3,000 points It’s fast and simple to get to 3,000, too! The survey platform consistently has surveys you’re not kicked out of, you can earn points passively via email receipts, safe driving, location rewards, receipts…. One awesome tool: BANK FEE REFUNDS!!! I - Provide all necessary banking info - Pogo will show you fees AND provide generic form letters for your use -Email your banking institution to try and get them refunded or lowered. I legitimately did this with my Chase account, and it actually worked. I thought, “yeah right. That’s like pulling teeth, and I’m not sending this draft as is.” Tinkered with it, sent it to my bank’s CX, and boom….the next day my account was credited back with some $15 or so. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require specific brands to get a legit payout, and you can payout at $3….with PayPal & Venmo, too! If you link your main purchasing email address, it pulls them (quickly!)and lets you just click a button to claim it instantly towards your app. I find it counts any lottery purchases as well. So, your emails, cards, e-tail accounts (Amazon, for example), do a survey here or there and that’s about it. No looking for obscure taco seasoning mix, specific sizes of bottled water…just rewarded for buying what… you buy. Have fun!!! Referral code if missed: W74EKP

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@crocke28 🎤

What other app will actually work on trying to get your bank to repay fines and other random costs?!

7 months ago

Sarah is smart! 😏

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