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Banking and Crypto Sign-up Bonuses!

I post mostly banking and crypto sign-up bonuses. I am also mod of a new subreddit: /r/bonusbucks . Message me if you do one of my offers, and I will return the favor! 🤑

Varo referral codes and program details

Just deposit and spend **$20** on your debit card within 30 days. Varo will then deposit **$50** bonus into your account. I bought an amazon gift card and it qualified as a purchase. EASY. It’s also a pretty good checking account to use after the bonus. No monthly account fees or minimums!

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You can earn coins doing surveys and tasks. You can withdraw in game money or cryptos. Cashout is really quick, and you can pick out of BTC, BCH, ETH, or LTC. Get rewarded for watching videos & completing tasks.

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RewardXP referral codes and program details

Join RewardXP and get 5,000 😜 just for signing up! You can cash out once you earn 50,000 😜 which is enough for a $5 gift card. But the value comes from those you refer. Every referral you get, you earn 5% of their redeemed earnings. Passive income 😊

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Nexo referral codes and program details

Nexo is running their $25 promotion again. How to get your $25 in BTC: 1. Click the link in this post. 2. Register and do Basic AND Advanced Verification (KYC). 3. Fund with $100 in assets and hold for 30 days. **IMPORTANT:** I recommend funding with more than $100. Here’s why: Nexo tracks the $USD value of your initial funding, and if that dips below $100 at any point during the 30 day period, you will NOT get the bonus. (So fund with like $110 in USDC or another stable coin and you should be safe. If you are funding with a volatile coin like BTC though, you should fund with a lot more to be safe, given its crazy price dips!) Thank you for clicking on my link!

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Coinbase referral codes and program details

Free $10 when you sign up with Coinbase and buy or sell $100 in crypto! BONUS: You can get a free $9 in crypto right now with their "Learn and Earn" giveaway. Each lesson takes less than a minute! Total value: $19

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Ibotta referral codes and program details

The company partners with brands and retailers to offer rebates and discounts on consumer packaged goods, retail purchases, and restaurant dining through a mobile app, similar to traditional coupons or rebates. Ibotta also has cash back and rebates on alcohol (wine, beer, and spirits) that can be purchased at bars, restaurants, and liquor and grocery stores. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices and is available only in the United States as of October 2016.

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SwagBucks referral codes and program details

300 Swagbucks when you sign up through my referral link, and earn 300 SB in the first 30 days!

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Befrugal referral codes and program details

You and I will both get $10 once you earn $10 in cash back from Befrugal.

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Capital One referral codes and program details
Capital One

Capital One Quicksilver Rewards Mastercard: Earn a $200 cash bonus once you spend $500 on purchases within 3 months. I love this card for a few reasons 1) low spend requirement to get the bonus (you can buy a $500 amazon gift card to meet it), 2) it comes with 15 months of 0% purchase APR, and 3) NO ANNUAL FEE!

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Abra referral codes and program details

IMPORTANT: CLICK ON THIS LINK ON YOUR PHONE, NOT YOUR COMPUTER, OR IT WON'T WORK. When prompted, enter code: RC9FT18A6 This is a two part, stackable bonus that requires funding the account one time with only $15 worth of funds/crypto. 1) You will get $25 worth of CPRX coin AFTER 30 DAYS--for depositing $15 of any crypto and holding it in your account for 30 days. 2) They also have another bonus promotion going on right now where if you deposit $15 of funds, you get $15 in CPRX after 30 days! (so a total of $40--$25 for the referral code, and $15 which everyone can take advantage of, even existing members! There is no code for the second promo, but you can see it in the app as of 1-23-22). Important thing to remember: hold it for 30 days!!

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Celsius referral codes and program details

If prompted for a referral ID, enter: 1642400a4c. **MY EXPERIENCE:** Bonuses pending are easily viewable on the web site promotions section. Celsius pays out like clockwork. Regarding the interest, Celsius pays a great rate: up to 6.2% on BTC and 8.5% APY on USDC. But the thing I LOVE about Celsius is the 1% loans. They also have fast customer service and all my loans have been approved within a few hours, at most. Don’t sell your crypto and create a taxable event! Borrow against it! Thank you for using my referral code!

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eToro referral codes and program details

You can trade stocks or crypto commission-free on eToro. This is a great bonus considering the small amount you need to put up in relation to the size of the bonus! 1. Join with my referral link above. 2. Deposit and trade $100. ((you can just buy one stock/crypto and then close out the position a few seconds later if you want).) 3. We will each earn $50. You will receive your bonus within 7-15 days. Thank you for using my referral link. Check my profile for more sign-up bonuses!

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Sofi Invest referral codes and program details
Sofi Invest

Get $25 worth of your favorite stock when you join SoFi Invest and fund with at least $100 **MY EXPERIENCE**: This bonus came within a few days. Easy peasy. I like Sofi because you can buy fractional shares of your favorite stock, commission free.

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1) Sign up with 2) Stake at least $400 in CRO and get a Ruby debit card or above. 3) Get $25 in CRO. MY EXPERIENCE: For me, the bonus showed instantly in my account after I signed up, and appeared as "locked" until I deposited $400 and staked it. It instantly unlocked at that point. In fact, I signed up over a year ago when the price of CRO was much lower, and I just now unlocked it. It had nearly tripled in value, and I got to keep all of it. So for me, $50 in CRO became $130 with no real risk, which was cool. So even if you sign up today, you don't have to actually apply for the card for a long time--if you want. You can unlock it at any time! (my experience anyway, obviously they could change this at any time).

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Robinhood referral codes and program details

Join Robinhood and they will deposit a free stock in your account. No deposit needed! Once you sign up, you will receive a notification to claim your free stock. It will be in the "Messages" section! Full terms here: hidden-url

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M1 Finance referral codes and program details
M1 Finance

$50 if you join M1 Finance and deposit $100. You will get $50 in your account within 14 business days. You don’t even have to invest, but DO have to keep the initial $100 deposit in there for 30 days. **My Experience**: This bonus was easy and paid out like clockwork. You do have to leave the initial $100 in there for **30 days** though, or you will forfeit the bonus. As far as the platform, it is great for investing in fractional shares, commission free, and they offer a unique "pie"-based portfolio option. But the BEST part about them is their low margin/borrow rates. Currently 3.5% for all, and if you enroll in their M1 Plus program, you can borrow against your portfolio at only 2% interest! Thank you for using my referral link.

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Personal Capital referral codes and program details
Personal Capital

Connect at least one bank account or investment account with $1,000 or more in value. Get $20! (may be an amazon gift card. That is what I received by e-mail, and it came within 2-3 days). Full terms: hidden-url

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Venmo referral codes and program details

Join Venmo with me to get paid and send money. Plus, earn $5 for signing up after you make a bank- or card-funded payment of at least $5 within 14 days. Tip: If you can click the link from your phone, it would be best. It will take you right to the app store to download the app. If you get prompted for a referral code there, or on the site if you decide to register on your computer, just enter: Kzrxkf2ZYmb . Thanks!

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moomoo referral codes and program details

Open a brokerage account to get 1 free stock worth $3-$3,500 (no purchase necessary!). Deposit any amount (more than $1) to get 1 free stock worth $9-$3,500. Deposit $2,000 to get 3 extra free stocks worth $9-$3,500 each.

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Charles Schwab referral codes and program details
Charles Schwab

Within 45 days of enrollment, make a qualifying net deposit of cash or securities and earn a Bonus Award. Award tiers are as follows: Deposit $25,000-$49,999, earn $100. Deposit $50,000-$99,999, earn $300. Deposit $100,000-$499,999, earn $500. Deposit $500,000+, earn $1,000.

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etrade referral codes and program details

Cash credits will be granted based on deposits of new funds or securities from external accounts made within 60 days of account opening, as follows: $10,000-$19,999 will receive $50; $20,000-$49,999 will receive $100 $50,000-$99,999 will receive $200; $100,000-$199,999 will receive $300; $200,000-$499,999 will receive $600; $500,000-$999,999 will receive $1,200; $1,000,000-$1,499,999 will receive $2,500; $1,500,000 or more will receive $3,500. See full terms here: hidden-url

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Strike referral codes and program details

If prompted for a code or it doesn't auto-populate, use the referral code DS0FI9. (that's a zero, not an oh.) Best to sign up with your phone, if you can. I had issues with this when clicking on the link as it kept opening their chrome extension and it wasn’t very clear how to get the bonus. Doing it through the phone/app was very easy and the $5 posted within 20 minutes, even with KYC.

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Sofi Money referral codes and program details
Sofi Money

Register with Sofi Money, download the app, and you will get 1500 points, which can be immediately redeemed in the app for $15 cash!

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Webull referral codes and program details

1) Click on my referral link. 
2) Sign up and deposit ANY amount. 
3) You will get 2 free stocks. The first one will be just for signing up, and will be valued between $3 and $300. After you make a deposit, you will get another stock valued between $7 and $3000. MY EXPERIENCE This is a fun promotion because there is some chance involved. However, most of you will get something valued $3 to $7, and possibly less. Less you say? Well, yeah, because if you read the terms, they say "When the stocks were purchased, Webull made sure they were above the price range we promised." So since the prices can go down after they buy them, that can happen too. I ended up getting SAN ($3.58) and ADV ($6.88). Still, they have other promotions once you sign up, and their referral promos are amazing! Share your link too! Offer ends February 10, 2022.

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Hodlnaut referral codes and program details

Join Hodlnaut using my referral code Lw4EZC1eO and earn $20 USD equivalent after making a deposit equivalent of US$1,000 or more in a single transaction on any supported assets. hidden-url **TERMS**: US$20 sign-up bonus after making a deposit equivalent of US$1,000 in a single transaction on any supported assets within 1 week. Bonus payouts are paid in the same asset deposited. You may make a test deposit of any amount. The deposit equivalent of US$1,000 or more must be completed within one week of the first test deposit. **MY EXPERIENCE**: I did this bonus myself and it posted instantly once the initial $1,000 confirmed. Hodlnaut's interest rates are the best in the industry, currently paying 12.73% APY on USDC/USDT. Customer support is great with online chat and questions answered very quickly. Check them out!

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