10$ btc + 5$ oxt coin

@YESBORYES + Coinlist

Coinlist SEPTEMBER AWARD RENEWED🎊🎉💸💸💸🤑🤑 VERY SOLID EXCHANGE PAYMENT GUARANTEED🎁 Coinlist exchange20000 USD prize pool has been renewed 🔷 Become a member of the exchange 🔷 Verify mail 🔷 Make kyc 🔷 Buy or sell at least $ 100Within 5 days after the transaction, the reward is paid to your accounts as $ 10 btcWatch the video in the 🔷Rewards section solve the quiz 5 $ more prize💰 Total $ 10 + $ 5 = $ 15 The answers are below: 1. Peer-to-peer decentralized virtual private network (VPN) 2. Cryptocurrency used the power of the Orchid economy 3. Wrong 4. Anyone who wants 5. Enable Web3 crypto wallet

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oguz sen 🎤

an opportunity not to be missed

8 months ago

Oguz is smart! 😏

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