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When you sign up you have to deposit $10 also you always have to have a family member, or work for a company associated with PSECU. To bypass all of that just keep answering no you don't have family, no you don't work at a place that's associated with them and click you'll sign up for Pennsylvania Parks and Recreation. They'll put $20 in your account special to pay that (LEAVE THAT IN THERE) IF YOU TAKE THAT OUT TRYING TO SCAM THEM OUT OF $20. ONE YOU'LL MAKE ME LOOK BAD AND TWO YOU WONT BE ABLE TO MAKE $500 MORE DOLLARS FROM THEM. After you make your $100 and they pay your $20 lifetime membership google how to invite to PSECU and you'll see where you find your personal link to share. Thank you for using my links and Have a LOVELY DAY!!!!

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Jessica is smart! 😏

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