From 10€ to 1% of you investment !

@SEBINO + Mintos

I share 50% of the bonus received from Mintos to you. By inviting your friend, both can earn a bonus up to 1000€ after a 30 day period depending on the investment of the friend. 10 EUR bonus when investing 500 EUR. 20 EUR bonus when investing 1000 EUR Above 200€ bonus for me, I send you the extra benefit. As an example, if you invest and get 500€ bonus, I will receive the same and will refund you 300€.

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I am investing since 2 years with close to 14% interest rate. Auto-invest is great and works well. I can help setting up with you your auto-invest to secure and maximize profitability. Let me know ! Contact me !!

9 months ago

SEBINO is smart! 😏

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