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Here’s what you can do we PresV app: Earn instantly redeemable points for sharing your honest opinion: * Everybody wins on the PresV app. Install the app to learn the unbiased truth about everything and earn 100 points instantly that can be redeemed for [email protected] or at Amazon instantly. * Make your opinion count by participating in Contest and Surveys and earn more redeemable points. * If you think you know it all, earn cash incentives for your knowledge by taking part in quiz questions on the app and win points for every correct answer. Know what others think and find answers to your questions swiftly: * Create in Contest, Survey, Quiz, Promote, Entertain, Sell * Distribute loyalty points to participants. * Ensure maximum participation by sharing links to your question on a click literally by any way via Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Mail,. * Generate leads for your products, services and grow your business rapidly. Create Engaging Questions in Any Format: * Use a picture to launch a visually eye-catching picture-based Contest, Quiz or Survey * Launch video-based Contest, Quiz and Surveys, Stores, Academy for higher engagement * Take decisions for your business by launching a survey and gathering data from real users. * Attract attention for a product or event with a Teaser Quiz. * Know what others think about an event, product or service by launching a feedback survey. * Conduct quick market research and gain invaluable data for product refinement and marketing. * Test your friends’ IQ by launching Quiz based questions. * Have more fun with your friends and family by only sharing your Quiz in private. * Private Surveys are available for closed Networks and Organizations. * Share results with all the users to share the perspective you gained. PresV is a free app and is a boon for both businesses and individuals. Businesses can use this app to promote, educate, entertain, sell products and services, get customer feedback for better marketing, informed business decisions, and improved customer experience. Businesses can also create a hype around events or products by creating Contest-based surveys. In return for feedback, businesses offer redeemable points to users for their participation, turning them into loyal users and brand advocates. For individuals, besides earning cash incentives, the app provides a chance to know what people think about a product or event in advance. Everybody's a winner at PresV. Join the only app where every opinion counts, and every thought is rewarded. Know the unbiased truth in a jiffy and let the world know what you think by participating in interesting Contest, Surveys, Quiz, Polls, Stores, Academy groups. Love using PresV app? Leave us a review and rate us on the Play Store. We love hearing from you.

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