BlockFi new accounts - $10 free bitcoin for a $100 deposit.

@Ryan3709 + BlockFi

$10 free in bitcoin after a $100 deposit. You need to keep the money in the account for 30 days before recieving the bonus. Blockfi is a crypto service that it allows users to earn interest on their crypto and also use crypto as collateral to obtain competitive loans. Overall very similar to but not as well known as Celsius network. If anything Rates are a little better, up to 6% for bitcoin, 4.5% ether and 8.6% stablecoins. My referral link to recieve the $10 bonus is below 😊

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Ryan Horton 🎤

$10 free in bitcoin for a $100 deposit. No minimum deposit time!

9 months ago

Ryan Horton 🎤

Edited text above - now there is a minimum hold time of 30 days but this is still a good deal 😊 you will get the $10 bonus plus interest.

9 months ago

Ryan is smart! 😏

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