Get a free £10 in Bitcoin for making a £20 Bitcoin purchase! **DETAILED STEPS!**

@ReferralLord + Mode

Steps to get the bonus are below: 1. Sign up using the referral link above. You will want to put +44 in the first/top box and then the rest of your number without the zero at the start in the second/bottom box and once you have done this you will be sent a text with a link to download the Mode app 2. Complete the identity verification. 3. Deposit £20. 4. Purchase £20 of bitcoin. 5. You will then see in the 'Rewards' section of the app £10 of free Bitcoin vesting, this will be displayed in SATS (a unit of Bitcoin). 6. Once around 24 hours has passed you will be able to transfer the SATS from the rewards section into your Mode Bitcoin account!

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Josh 🎤

Sign up using a referral link. Once you have entered your mobile number you will be sent a text with a link to download the app. Install the app and complete the rest of the sign up Complete the identity verification Deposit £100 Purchase £100 of bitcoin, the bitcoin can be sold instantly but Mode have transaction fees of 0.99% for all trades and if you do sell it instantly you will need to buy enough bitcoin for their to be £50 worth of Bitcoin in your account after you receive the £10 due to Mode's minimum trade limit of £50 so you can hold the bitcoin for 24 hours if you wish to in order to not have these fees add up. You will then see at the bottom of the app a notification for your £10 of free bitcoin that should say it will be available in 24 hours. Once the 24 hours has passed you will be able to sell the £10 worth of bitcoin.

a year ago

@ReferralLord 🎤

Mode have removed their Bitcoin trading fees until 31st December 2021!

a year ago

Josh is smart! 😏

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