10% extra returned in gas fees + 25% fee reduction.

@Paidfromtrades + Open Ocean

Open Ocean $OOE is working together with market makers, decentralized exchanges, wallets, and bridges, to build a unified decentralized financial ecosystem open to everyone in Web 3.0. Currently Open Ocean $OOE supports 145+ DEX platforms, 14 of the most well known crypto wallets, & 12 different bridges, across the following blockchain networks: Ethereum $ETH Binance Smart Chain $BNB Solana $SOL Polygon $MATIC Fantom $FTM Avalanche $AVAX Arbitrum Optimism $OP Aurora $AURORA Harmony $ONE Terra $LUNA Boba $BOBA Ontology $ONTO Tron $TRX Gnosis $GNO Open Ocean’s native token $OOE is used to reimburse a portion of gas fees to users. By using a referral link you are able to get an extra 10% of your gas fees back & the overall fee will be reduced by 25%.

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