25 $MOBL tokens

@Paidfromtrades + Mobula

Access to crypto data, structured information & insights is key for crypto users. Crypto-aggregators are the gateway to their crypto journey. CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko accumulated +300 Million monthly visitors in 2022. However, the more blockchain technologies evolve, the more obsolete and limited leading crypto-aggregators become. This leads their users to actively seek alternatives. DeFi and smart-contracts have opened up opportunities for decentralization, scalability and interaction. Their use can provide a sustainable solution to a new type of crypto aggregator, a next-generation crypto aggregator app. Mobula is a trustless, borderless, and highly interactive crypto aggregator. Mobula addresses the limitations of current crypto-aggregators: • Lack of trust (no transparency in data aggregation & selection process, closed governance). • Lack of data coverage (+80% of DeFi assets are not listed on CoinMarketCap). • Lack of interaction (no way to buy/sell/trade assets in-app, track your on-chain activity, etc.). • Transparency & ownership Mobula uses the blockchain to decentralize the listing & editing process, only aggregates on-chain data and distributes ownership of the app through Mobula’s $MOBL token. Listings & edits are reviewed by hundreds of users, with on-chain track record and strong skin-in-the-game incentives. Listings & edits states tracked directly on-chain, with ability to listen to listing events emitted from our smart-contracts. Market metrics are collected on-chain only, meaning they can’t be faked with wash-trading & fake prices. Users earn $MOBL token that they can use to govern Mobula users can request crypto-assets listings, review pending listings, edit listed assets, & Protocols can automatically list and edit assets on Mobula via public on-chain APIs. Mobula uses DeFi & blockchain to simplify UX and unlock possibilities: • Buy/sell/bridge/stake assets in-app, in 2 clicks. • Sync wallet(s) to get your Portfolio pre-filled with your past on-chain transactions, updated in real time • Get in 1 click the assets you are holding on-chain without any setup needed • Enrich views with personalized metrics base on your on-chain activity (balance, transfer/trade history, ROI, etc.) Mobula has two DAOs built into it and users can easily join both. Users can also participate in learn to earn activities & earn daily rewards, all of which are paid in the platform’s native token $MOBL - which is also a multi-chain token available on the Polygon $MATIC + Binance Smart Chain $BNB + Avalanche $AVAX blockchain networks. Below are the contract addresses for Mobula $MOBL token: Polygon $MATIC Contract Address: 0x5fef39b578deeefa4485a7e5944c7691677d5dd4 Binance Smart Chain $BNB Contract Address: 0x33b3a50c766dd3e61b1e90b251390e7c28aefb7c Avalanche $AVAX Contract Address: 0xae85d5aa526b1ecc5e90e466cbd2bdec22c606ff

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