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Atlas Navi is a GPS navigation system with user-generated real-time updates on traffic conditions, and it has incorporated an incentive system that rewards users for contributing data + it offers a “drive-to-earn (d2e)” mechanism that allows users to earn $MILE + $NAVI cryptocurrency tokens. Simply set your destination and receive far more advanced, accurate, and efficient navigation directions. Their system features AI machine-learning technologies that allow them to constantly improve and offer you the best route possible. They came up with a pretty crazy idea: using the camera on the back of the phone, held in the windshield, to see the road and understand in real time what is happening on that road that might impact the routes of others. This is optional, but if drivers do it, they earn $MILE rewards. The camera detects If there is traffic in each lane, if there are available parking spaces if the road is congested, or if there are several cars in front of you, police or accidents, closed roads, or potholes, the app automatically adds a road report and notifies and reroutes other drivers. They want to build a better navigation app with more data and more efficiency – they have at least 100 times more data per mile compared to other navigation apps.

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