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👀 Honey (HNY) is the native token of Honeyswap, a Uniswap competitor built on the xDai network. Uniswap is on the Ethereum network, which means HIGH FEES. Honeyswap is built on the xDai network which means virtually ZERO fees per transaction. This will get more popular quickly! This is a Honey (HNY) faucet where you can claim free honey daily. There has already been 391.95 HNY distributed by this site! And 129.04 HNY available currently. This community funded I believe You need to become verified with the BrightID app and their discord server before becoming eligible to claim the faucet. It is also necessary to create a metamask wallet if you don't already have one, and add the xDai network to your account. If you have any questions, please ask me or the discord channel linked on the site. This is not a referral I make no money off this link. Who knows, maybe like uniswap this will have an airdrop someday. Uniswap gave me $1500 free this year 👀 maybe competitors like xDai will too eventually. QUOTED FROM THE SITE: "This faucet is funded through Honey distribution proposals, anyone can make a proposal to top up the faucet with more Honey, and if there is sufficient support it will happen. The faucet will allocate a portion of its balance to all registered users each period, when a user claims their share they will automatically be registered for the next periods distribution. If you forget to claim your share, it will be forfeited and you will need to re-register before claiming again, so be sure to check back in and claim your share each period! In order to register you'll first need to validate your account using BrightID, BrightID is a decentralized protocol for proof of uniqueness. If you've never used it before you'll need to download it, make a few connections, and get verified. We can help! Just hop on the 1Hive Discord 🍯 and say Hi!"

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