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Make sure you create a roarmoney account on the next page. You have to setup each of the 4 tabs separately and you’ll get an email about your bonus so you know you did it right. $5 only for signing up but the $50 comes from direct deposit only. Lots of other tools but to use credit builder you must have direct deposit. It did help me find a credit card to approve me with no annual fee eith a credit scores if 522 and 521. Shocked yo say the least but helpful to boost credit. It’s an unsecured card too. $400 limit but it helps.

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@Missjane4 🎤

Must open a money roar account inside of MoneyLion app to get the referral bonus

9 months ago

@Missjane4 🎤

Must open a roarmoney account inside the MoneyLion app in order to get your bonus. They keep going back-and-forth between five dollars and $10.

9 months ago

Jane is smart! 😏

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