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Can't Become Treasure Until it's Found!

The starting line is different for everyone; The finish line also differently for everyone. Struggling however is not. In fact between the first and last thing with in a person life (given their life & losing their life) is filled with just about struggle. It isn't a choice really just a way of life and it does not discriminate on or within any one of us. It makes its way to whomever, wherever and sometimes repeats by coming back leaving us with barely any control of what chaos follows... That being said I have chose to use this page to share different things I run across that I feel might benefit others if they are in need. I love to help people. If someone is in need I will be the first to go without if it means someone or a stranger even will be able to pay the same help or maybe a different help to the next person. The rest of the beautiful people here if you don't relate or need the help that's ok too! Simply have fun, clear your mind and enjoy this free time you have to scroll through my silly page! "To one person something may be nothing however to the next person something can be everything."

Cash App referral codes and program details
Cash App

As some may have learned cash app gives a Bonus to people who sign up for the App by using a referral code that was given by someone who already uses CashApp. $5 dollars is normally rewarded to the ones who sign up. However some already learned of the trick inorder to allow your invited guest to potentially get up to $15 in Bonus reward Cash. (I have witnessed with my own eyes with two new accounts receiving $10 on one new account and $15 on the other and my other 3 referralguest only receivedthe usual $5 so it's a luck thing I guess you can call it LOL ) Complete the usual request to see what your Bonus will be! *Use the referral link you see! *Add a new card or bank account never used before with CashApp! *Order your new CashApp card! *Send $5 to anyone even if they send it back or send it to you in order to send them to finish your tasks! I hope it works otherwise you will just get $5 however it's more then what you had prior! 😊

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Miles referral codes and program details

Frequent Flyer Program for Ground Transportation. The Miles app automatically earn miles for all of your ground travel. Then redeem those miles for exclusive rewards.

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Upromise referral codes and program details

FUTURE COLLEGE FUNDS SEEMING IMPOSSIBLE? I have put together a quick Informational reading about UPromise and why you need to sign up today allowing you to save for a parent, grandparent, second cousin twice removed, or even a friend. So, UPromise is a company that allows you to save money and receive cash back rewards just from every day normal shopping! All the rewards you make are all saved and collected directly on the website for UPromise. Your probably wondering "What is money is being saved up for!?" So, check this out let's say you have a child, any age even as young as 1 month old even expecting, by useing the link below, signing up and earning cash back for your normal every day spending. Over time money is saving up, non-stop, by the time your child is ready for college, Imagine how much of their tuition will be paid for! That's right! College tuition DOES NOT need to be a worry ever again! Not only does it help pay for regular 4-year schools, they are also good at community colleges, vocational and trade schools, and more. The only requirement is that the school participates in the U.S. Department of Educational student financial aid programs. However, understanding that plans change all the time.. No worries, Even if your child decides to do something different, you won't lose out on your money! In Fact at ANY time, at your convenience, you decide you need to cash your earnings out, YOU CAN! Don't wait! Start saving for College today! BONUS GIFT: By using my link below to sign up, you will automatically receive, $5.00 for comferming your email address. Not only that, You will receive $20.00 once you choose your 529 college scholarship plan and link it to your account! That's $25.00 to get you started for FREE! Need I say more guys?! So Below, you will find a box you can click on. Once you do so you will be instantly, redirected straight to your sign up page. You will also find all the answers to questions related to your UPromise Sign up!

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Jessica is smart! 😏

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