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What if you could invest in bonds but way better bc you get to earn money on a DAILY basis. Wise is a new cryptocurrency to be launched soon. We are on pre sale now, it started oct 8th but official launching is Nov 11th. If you have money to invest and you like crypto but you don't think it's safe yet you are right bc buying crypto in exchanges is actually not safe. What if you could buy cryptocoins from inside of your hardware wallet (ie Ledger, metamask etc)? That's what is revolutionary about wise. You soon won't need any exchange to buy crypto. Plus even if you don't have money to invest now but you know people who will be interested you can go to Wise website and get your referral link

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@MedChick 🎤

Here is what you need to buy wise: 1. You have to download metamask (it's available on app store or google play store) 2. You have to go to hidden-url and connect your metamask. 3. You have to buy ETH somewhere in a crypto exchange like Binance, etc 4. You have to make a Wise token reservation from the wise website choosing the day you want to make reservation. Minimum is 0.05 Eth. 5. Even if you don't have money you can create your referral link and find people who want to invest in Wise. 6. If you go to the website above you can click on referrals and see your referrals updated automatically. 7. You will receive 10% commissions paid to you according to the total amount of money you refer to the WISE contract using your link (EX refer 100 ETH and get 10 ETH worth paid to you). This is for serious referrers only, so there is a 50 ETH minimum combined referrals in order to qualify. don't have the clout? Refer at least 1 ETH total and you will receive a friends and family bonus of 0.05 ETH. Why should people use your link? Anyone using a referral link to invest in WISE gets an extra 10% bonus ETH, and 10% extra shares when staking.

6 months ago

C is smart! 😏

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