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The NoLimitCoins™ is a FREE-TO-PLAY online platform that operates in 2 different modes: Gold Coins Mode In the Gold Coins Mode, you can play all of the many diverse NoLimitCoins games, using virtual currency called (you guessed it) Gold Coins. With Gold Coins, you can also participate in the NoLimitCoins Tournaments. You can purchase Gold Coins on the NoLimitCoins™ platform. Under no circumstances can Gold Coins, whether bought or accumulated, be exchanged, traded, or transferred for real money. Super Coins Mode You can unlock the Super Coins Mode as you purchase Gold Coins for the first time. Super Coins can only be used in the Super Coins Mode. You can’t purchase Super Coins but they are available as a complimentary gift to Gold Coins bundles or via an Alternative Method. No PURCHASE or PAYMENT OF ANY KIND IS NECESSARY to enter or receive rewards in the NoLimitCoins™ Super Coins Mode. Entries into NoLimitCoins™ games in the Super Coins Mode are presented as Super Coins. Super Coins hold no inherent value. To reiterate, players cannot buy Super Coins.

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