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All of these referrals are apps, banks, exchanges, etc. that I am using now or have used and will benefit or may benefit you.

Thank you everyone for giving me your time and support using my codes and granting me this opportunity! Check out the products I use below and increase your passive income/cashback!!! Over time I will keep adding more as well as make the descriptions more informative for you guys so please feel free to check in every now and then! Don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions and please let me know if a code did not work or is outdated! BE CAREFUL WITH CRYPTO EXCHANGES CURRENTLY DURING THIS BEAR MARKET!! CELCIUS AND VOYAGER HAVE ALREADY FILED FOR BANKRUPTCY!! ——————————————————————— Easy Referrals (Minimal Effort): Tapestri - Create an account to make some passive income. Get paid for the data you already share, surveys, activity rewards and location rewards. Strike - just open an account for $10 able to be withdrawn Cleo - Get $5 when you open a Cleo account, then connect a bank account and create a wallet, you will get $5 deposited into your Cleo Wallet. - Just sign up using my referral and accept the brands that want to match with you to build up free money (You should get $5-$10 from the referral to start) and even invest it if you want to with the ETFs or companies of your choosing within the app. You can cash out at $20. Spiral - Open an account using the referral link and simply deposit $200 within opening to get $50, need to keep the account open for 90 days but can withdraw your initial deposit immediately. It took me the full 90 days to get the $50 in my account. Fetch - Download the app using my referral and simply scan your first receipt for $2 (there are some gift cards / ways to cash out at 3$ but I would wait until you have at least $5 Fluz - Just sign up with my link! Get 35% or $3.50 off your gift card purchases to popular stores up to 3 times + earn from your referrals over time!! Loved (Now Flyte) - Open an account and deposit only $1 to get $5 that goes directly to investments Brandclub - Just sign up using the link and link any of the four accounts (Amazon, Target, Chewy, and/or Walmart) and get passive cashback on your purchases. You will get $5 for sign up and you can withdraw every $10 or more. I have already earned $90 in 3 months of using this app with just my day to day purchases. Mos - just sign up for an account and get $1 that you can instantly withdraw. Oxygen Bank - $5 + $100 when opening account, get $5 for simply opening the account and get $100 by direct depositing $500 (use Transferwise to trigger direct deposit) and charging debit card 5 times (just reload Amazon gift card balance for $1 5 times). They have an offer where you can get $1 off fast food and coffee (works for daiquiris as well) which is a really good cashback amount for any purchases of $20 and below. Collectable - Sign up with through the link and get a free share of a highly valuable/iconic sports collectable to keep (from signed balls and gloves to athlete owned shoes to rare sports cards) M1 Finance - Open an account and leave $100 in there for 30 days, get $10!! Premium is free for a year but you may want to cancel after that if you do not want to pay. Reklaim - instant 100 points = $1 and the beginning of earning $1-$10 passive income per week with minimal effort. This is not a scam because they are a company focused on you getting money on your data that companies sell. Wolfpack - Start investing with $5. $10 credit + additional credit and move up the waitlist with referrals. Public - Open an account and get a free stock worth $3-$100 INVSTR - Open an account, deposit $100 and receive $30 in BTC (Note: YOU MUST DEPOSIT IN 5 DAYS!!) You can withdraw your deposit no problem however you will have to sell your BTC and wait 30 days to withdraw the funds from that. Outlet Finance - just open an account and deposit $10 which can be withdrawn Bumped - Open an account and get $1 in stock that can be withdrawn Raise - get $5 and 10% off your first prepaid gift card Cash app - open an account, link a bank and send $5 to get $5, I will return the $5 if sent to me $ChristianKitzmiller Aspiration Bank - Deposit and spend $250 worth (pay bills) of purchases in 60 days and get $50 SkyOne Federal Credit Union - Open a savings account, deposit $5, get a $25 Amazon gift card in 25 days Varo Bank - Open and account, deposit $20 and spend the $20 to get $50 SoFi Money - Open and account and deposit $100 and get $25 ——————————————————————— Referrals To Grab That Make You Money / Increase Your Potential Income The More You Refer Others Tapestri - Get this regardless, passive income for you even if you do not get many referrals. Get paid for the data you already share, surveys, activity rewards and location rewards Prizepool - Get this regardless Reklaim Feature Points Fluz - Get this regardless Attapoll GetUpside / Upside - Get this regardless Cake Defi Swagbucks - Get this regardless Fold Honeygain - Get this regardless Mypoints ——————————————————————— Recommended Must-Haves For Easy Cashback/Passive Income (All Free and Have Referral Bonuses!): BRANDCLUB - Easy cashback by simply connecting your amazon, target, chewy, and Walmart account. I made $50 back in just 2 months of my regular purchases. You have to sync your accounts every now and then buy it works flawlessly and you can take short surveys with the brands you connect with to boost your earnings. It works as a middle man to allow brands to reward you for buying their products and they have thousands of the most common and everyday brands! MILES - get paid in “miles” for your daily commuting to turn in for discounts, offers, and gift cards! OUTLET FINANCE - as high as 9.5% APY (currently 5% until they find another DeFi source that is not UST) with no strings attached and no lockup! You also get a withdrawable referral bonus of $5. RATUKEN - Easiest cashback portal to use for any online store shopping / least amount of haggle to claim missed cashback / $30 referral bonus! / some in store cashback offers / 3% bonus cashback with credit card DISCOVER CREDIT CARD - Best referral bonus of $100 statement credit with any purchase / rotating 5% categories (1% everything else) and double cashback during the first year after being approved for the card GOOGLE OPINION REWARD SURVEYS - Regular one answer questions that pay 20¢-50¢ at a time / cash out every 2$ FOLD - Daily free check in satoshis (cents for Bitcoin) even without the card / some decent cashback offers LOLLI - Daily free check in satoshis / cashback offers as well! (04/27/2022 offers have improved as well as instant offers that you can activate just before using your linked card like 10% off starbucks or 5% off Taco Bell and they are stackable with other cashback sites and your credit card rewards) BUMPED - Cashback in stock from certain popular companies like Starbucks, Netflix, or Sam's Club by just swiping your card (stackable with other cashback offers) POGO - Passive cashback on your card purchase history BITMO - very similar to POGO RAISE / SLIDE - Prepaid gift cards for purchases you would make anyways at a cheaper price GET UPSIDE / UPSIDE / GAS BUDDY- Additional discount on gas that you already pay for (must activate before swiping at pump however). This is worth trying as the additional discount varies day to day and depending on the gas / oil climate. SWAGBUCKS - Easy Up To $14 + many money making offers + earn 10% from your referrals for life DOSH - Passive cashback at places like Sam's Club with your linked cards, some of their offers beat other cashback sites PINATA - Free rewards just for being a renter ———————————————————————— Good Referrals To Get Money Back On Your Receipts Over Time (Snap Every Receipt You Get On All Of Them For Maximum Return I Do This About Once A Week) Fetch - Download the app using my referral and simply scan your first receipt for $2 (there are some gift cards / ways to cash out at 3$ but I would wait until you have at least $5 Upside - Additional discount on gas that you already pay for (must activate before swiping at pump however). This is worth trying as the additional discount varies day to day and depending on the gas / oil climate. Most of the time it averages to about 14 cents additional off a gallon on top of any other rewards or discounts CoinOut - The most lenient of all the receipt apps however all I have listed here have rarely rejected a receipt unless of course I already snapped it or it is over two weeks old ReceiptJar - This one is very interesting in that you can build up your level over time and can get a lot of points from your Golden Jar once you hit a higher level which can get you to higher redeem amounts much faster. ReceiptPal - Pretty easy app to use to take pictures and upload your receipts. Just make sure to snap your receipts every 2 weeks so they are not too old.

Laurel Road referral codes and program details
Laurel Road

Help your friends and family refinance their student loans, finance a personal loan, or get a Laurel Road Student Loan Cashback® Card. Referral reward is given out when you use my link and do one of the three requirements listed in the first sentence. Laurel Road is a digital banking platform and brand of KeyBank that provides tailored solutions to support the financial wellbeing of healthcare and business professionals. Laurel Road’s banking and lending solutions include Student Loan Refinancing, Mortgages, Personal Loans, Student Loan Cashback Credit Card, tailored savings accounts, and more.

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Yotta Saving referral codes and program details
Yotta Saving

Build financial stability and unlock the chance to win prizes up to $10 million every week. Even if you don’t win a prize, your money still grows over 2x faster than the national average. It’s a win-win. Every $25 you save into the FDIC insured savings account earns you a recurring ticket to win prizes up to $10m through weekly random number drawings. Pick 7 numbers for each of your tickets, or have them auto-selected for you. A random number is drawn every night at 9pm ET, with the 7th and final number drawn on Sunday night. The more numbers you match, the more you win. Match all 7, and you win the $10 million jackpot. No matter what, you still get paid over 2x the national average on all your savings. You can withdraw your money at any time and your money is fully FDIC insured, so there’s no risk. Pay nothing to use Yotta. You can only earn money and have fun!

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Found referral codes and program details

Bank account for those who run small businesses. You can easily open it without having a legitimate business. Simply spend $100 and get $20 back (just pay bills or your next Amazon purchase). Simple as that! Use the promotional code V5KYSH during signup!

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Tapestri referral codes and program details

Tapestri has a simple 2-tier affiliate compensation plan which pays on two levels. Thought you can make some decent passive income regardless of this. You'll make $1/month for every referral on your first tier, and $1/month for every person they refer (your 2nd tier). Tell 10 people and they tell 10 people, that's $100 people in your group and up to $100/month! 1. Use my link 2. Create a Tapesti account. 3. Get paid for the data you already share, surveys, activity rewards and location rewards

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Cleo referral codes and program details

Cleo is an AI pal that helps you budget, save and track your spending. When you open a Cleo account, then connect a bank account and create a wallet, you will get $5 deposited into your Cleo Wallet. Click on my Cleo referral link (must download the app using the link or you won't receive a bonus). Create your Cleo account and connect a bank account. Create a Cleo Wallet. Get $5

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MyPoints referral codes and program details

MyPoints is a popular rewards website that offers its members the possibility of accumulating points through numerous and quite different ways, in order to exchange them for prizes or cash. MyPoints rewards its members with points for shopping online, watching videos, reading emails and taking surveys to name just a few. Then you can redeem those points towards travel miles, gift cards or even cash via PayPal. You will also receive additional points when using sites such as Groupon for local deals. MyPoints offers a variety of offers which total over 50,000 points.

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Lolli referral codes and program details

Lolli is a rewards application that gives bitcoin when users shop at their favorite stores.

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GetUpside referral codes and program details

This free app gets you cash back on gas! Use promo code YWAAP to get an extra 15¢/gal bonus on your first purchase. I always use this app once I park at the gas pump. All you have to do is say what card you are paying for the gas before you swipe and you save! Easy cashback. Highly recommended for every driver, even when gas prices are low. Get cashback on gas purchases at specific gas stations, as well as cash for your gas purchases made by your referrals. Covers most states, and the affiliated gas stations do change, so don't give up all hope if you aren't impressed when signing up. This stacks with credit card rewards, and sometimes even with station/brand specific reward programs.

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Brandclub referral codes and program details

Earn cash rewards when you shop and engage with your favorite brands. Just sign up using the link and link any of the four accounts (Amazon, Target, Chewy, and/or Walmart) and get passive cashback on your purchases. You will get $10 for sign up and you can withdraw every $10 or more. I have already earned $80 using this app with just my day to day purchases. Earn money for shopping and taking surveys about different brands. Connect the rewards programs from your favorite brands into a single, beautiful app. Get rewarded to shop anywhere, such as Amazon, Walmart, Instacart and your favorite brand websites. You can make $26 within the first 30 minutes of downloading Brandclub by simply joining clubs, linking my accounts, and doing a tutorial on how Brandclub works. 1. Click my Brandclub referral link. 2. Create a Bandclub account. 3. Link your accounts (Amazon, Walmart, Target, Chewy, and more) for $1 to $5 bonuses! 4. Get a $10 referral bonus when you redeem your first qualifying offer + Bonuses for joining clubs and inviting friends

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Spiral gives referral codes and program details
Spiral gives

Open and fund with $200 or more within 30 days of opening. Maintain in good standing for 90 days, Spiral will credit your account $50. AND Get $200 when you set up monthly recurring deposits to your Spiral checking account of $1,500 or more and make 10 purchases totaling $500+ Not just checking & savings accounts, but the world’s first giving account. With Spiral (aka or SpiralGives) you can easily support causes you care about and quickly discover new charities that support your causes. Donate through Spiral to more than 1M nonprofits and we’ll match your donation up to $150 a year. We’ll even help you track your charitable contributions for tax purposes.

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Honeygain referral codes and program details

Honeygain is an app that uses your spare internet connection and rewards you for contributing to the network. If you have unlimited data, Honeygain is a goldmine, because it runs in the background and doesn't slow your data. You will get $5 when you sign up.

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Loved referral codes and program details

Loved is now Flyte. Investing for you and your loved ones. Grow your family’s future by investing and learning together. Fee-free banking We are quickly building to become the bank for your whole family. Set up Smart Goals to invest and achieve major costs like college, a first car or home, or retirement. Buy stocks and ETFs fractionally, just $1 at a time.

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Nadex referral codes and program details

Please contact me if you have any questions or consult Nadex support. Make sure to just make cheaper trades at $5.00 or below to ensure your potential loss is around $30. Use the referral link and make 5 trades to get $100, get another $100 for depositing $1000 in the account. Can withdraw.

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SwagBucks referral codes and program details

Shop at your favorite stores, answer surveys, and more. Invite your friends to do the same. Earn points (called SB) Redeem your SB for free gift cards. When you sign up, you have the opportunity to receive two bonuses: 1) 300 SB ($3) when you earn 300 SB in your first 30 days; 2) 1,000 SB ($10) when you make $25 in qualifying purchases through their shopping portal in your first 30 days. 3) Install the browser extension (use referral in my list).

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PickNSave Mastercard referral codes and program details
PickNSave Mastercard

Use my code provided by PickNSave “ 439950156794 “ to get $50 after your first purchase upon approval. You also will get a signup bonus of $100 after spending $500 in 90 days after approval. Pretty good deal. This card is also unique in that it provides 5% cashback on mobile wallet purchases!! (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay,etc.) 5% Cash back on mobile wallet purchases each year for the first $3,000, then 1% thereafter 3% Cash back on dining and fuel each year for the first $6,000, then 1% thereafter. 2% Cash back Inside of our Stores 1% Cash back Outside of our Stores NO ANNUAL FEE!!!

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MaxRewards referral codes and program details

MOST FEATURES ARE STILL AVAILABLE AFTER THE FREE PREMIUM EXPIRES Hey! I use MaxRewards to manage my cards, monitor my credit scores and maximize my rewards. Use my code (christiank6681), on signup to get 1 month of premium benefits for free. The ultimate app to have a birds eye view of your credit card spending as well as all of your credit card benefits. Also the best way to know how to maximize your cashback. Track all of your credit cards special offers as well as their bonus amounts and categories. Customize your own if you wish.

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Strike referral codes and program details

Same as Cash App but without the boosts. Earn $10 for simply opening your account. Nothing else required. Withdraw it if you want. Easy money!

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Discover Financial referral codes and program details
Discover Financial

Wish I had this when I got my card! This is the best credit card referral out there. Apply for the Discover IT and get $100 in statement credit on your first purchase. This credit card also earns double cashback in the first year and has rotating categories for 5% cashback. That’s 10% cashback on rotating categories plus a free $100!!!

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Oxygen referral codes and program details

Money can be withdrawn and account is free unless you upgrade to a higher tier. This bank account used to be a must have in the beginning before they changed to tiers. Easy bonus by simply opening an account and direct depositing $500 temporarily. They offer a special cashback reward which is $1 off of coffee or fast food purchase that can be used everyday. That’s easily 10% back or more if $10 or less.

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SkyOne referral codes and program details

Open this free account with this credit union, deposit $5 in savings and wait for your gift card. Your friend will receive a $25 gift card when they open an account and deposit the minimum opening balance amount of $5. You'll get your $25 gift card when they become a member in good standing for 30 days.

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Cake Defi referral codes and program details
Cake Defi

When you sign up for a Cake DeFi account and make your first deposit of $50 or more in value (with any Crypto), you will receive a bonus of $20 worth of DFI + $10 if you use referral code: 150627. This bonus will be locked up for 180 days in the Freezer and you can stake your crypto to automatically yield staking returns during this time. Cake Defi is a platform where you can earn passive income paid every 12 hours by simply staking or lending your crypto. The current APY for staking DFI is 83.2% so register ASAP so you won't miss it! Getting started with Cake Defi is very easy: 1. Click my referral link or use my referral code: 150627. 2. Sign up for a Cake Defi account and verify your identity (may take up to 48hrs). 3. Once your account is verified, deposit $50 or more into your Cake Defi wallet and start staking crypto. 4. Get $30 in DEFI deposited directly into your Cake Defi wallet after staking your crypto for 180 days!

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Sofi Invest referral codes and program details
Sofi Invest

An investment platform from the famous loan company. Sofi Money is an online bank with a 2% APY checking account and is FDIC insured.

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Webull referral codes and program details

Get 1 stock valued between $2.50 and $250 after sign up. After first $100 deposit within 30 days get 1 stock valued between $12 and $1,400, Every successful referral will grant you 2 free stocks, each valued between $12-$1400.

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Drop referral codes and program details

Drop turns everyday purchases into cash rewards. Drop is an app that gives you cash rewards for shopping at your favorite places. Rack up Drop points for going grocery shopping, taking an Uber to work, and more. Earn 1000 points a month automatically just for having a card linked. Earn 1000 points (from shopping) in cashback to get the referral bonus of 10000 points = $10 in rewards, you can cash out in gift cards and crypto with tiers at $25, $30, $50, and $100.

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Outlet Finance referral codes and program details
Outlet Finance

The Outlet Finance app allows you to replace your bank account with a simple and easy to use crypto wallet that is designed for the non crypto person. This one will probably be overlooked but it is a very impressive account that earns you 6%-9% APY on your balance. It acts like a savings account but it is not. It uses overcollateralized crypto loans to earn the interest to pay you. I use this account myself and keep some of my money in it so some of my cash does not lose value from inflation. They will also be issuing a debit card that will earn rewards starting early 2022. Liquidity has also not been an issue for me but deposits and withdrawals do take about 3-5 days which they are working on improving. You can boost the savings % to 10 if you refer 2 or more people.

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moomoo referral codes and program details

Get five free stocks and one share of $LCID worth ~$41. LCID is awarded after depositing $100+. Open brokerage account to get 1 free stock worth up to $3,500. Deposit any amount to get 1 free stock worth up to $3,500. Deposit $2,000 to get 3 extra free stocks worth up to $3,500 each.

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Varo referral codes and program details

Easy money my friends! Open the bank account, deposit $20, spend the $20 within 30 days of opening and get $30 to do with what you please.

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Buy Me a Coffee referral codes and program details
Buy Me a Coffee

You'll get $5 when you sign up using my referral link and receive your first donation. Use Buy Me A Coffee to promote yourself and gain followers and financial supporters!

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Raise referral codes and program details

Regularly use this site to earn additional cashback with the use of my credit cards when they have good percentages that beats other offers (combine with 5% back on paypal purchases). is an e-commerce platform owned and operated by Raise that enables third-party sellers to sell new or used Gift Cards on a fixed-price online marketplace alongside Raise's regular offerings.

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Dosh referral codes and program details

Must have passive cashback app. They also provide cashback online that you have to go through the app to use. I always use this app to stack cashback with my credit card for Sam’s Club. You need to link your cards to the app to earn cashback and offers vary depending on your location.

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OnJuno referral codes and program details

This account is worth keeping especially if you allocate least $250 of you direct deposit to them. They offer very good cashback offers (5%-10%) for a debit account with very good brands like Walmart and Chick Fil A. You can also get 6% interest on money you hold as USDC with them which is a very good rate for your liquid cash. Another fintech bank with an easy bonus. Direct deposit $250 in the checking account and get $50. Withdraw cash if you don’t like it.

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Robinhood referral codes and program details

An investment and stock trading platform with zero commissions. Also, Robinhood now has Robinhood Cash, so you can get a debit card and use Robinhood to bank with.

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Slide referral codes and program details

$20 worth of free gift cards just for signing up using referral link + you get 4-5% cash back per purchase, so this is definitely worthwhile. *$20 is for $5 off each of 4 purchases

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Lili referral codes and program details

Offer is still $100 for a $250 direct deposit within 45 days. I would not use this one as a legitimate account however. Just withdraw your cash once the bonus hits and leave it or close it. You aren’t charged $5/month for the basic account. You also do not need to spend anything with your Lilli card not sure if that was an old requirement because it’s not what they specify under the referral promo. If you have Drop App or Swagbucks, you can double-dip and get $150-$200 in signup bonuses!

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Fundrise referral codes and program details

Fundrise is online real estate crowdfunding app. With Fundrise, you can invest in a low-cost, diversified portfolio of institutional-quality real estate. A combination of state-of-the-art technology with in-house expertise to reduce fees and maximize your long-term return potential. Real estate has traditionally been one of the most sought-after asset classes for professional investors — now it’s available to you. Join Fundrise via the invite link both and you will pay ZERO in advisory fees for 90 days.

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Coinbase referral codes and program details

Trade $100 in crypto in their exchange to earn $10 in BTC. This is a good one to join as their prepaid debit card allows you to earn 4% in XLM on whatever you use it for. You can freely sell the XLM when you earn it.

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PrizePool referral codes and program details

This is a unique app that acts like a savings account ( it is FDIC insured!! ) but gains APY through weekly drawings. You get more tickets in the pot the more you have in the account. Honestly I have this account and I only kept $500 in it. With only that much money I have won enough to earn an APY of 6.78% ( I have had the account for a year). Pretty good for a small amount of money that would other wise sit around doing nothing. Using the referral increases any winnings you get by 10%. Pretty worth it.

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Public referral codes and program details

Public makes the stock market social. Follow other investors, discover companies to believe in, invest with any amount of money — commission-free.

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Rakuten referral codes and program details

The best cashback portal in terms of reliability in getting your cashback, having a massive range of cashback offers and being easy to use. You can even get their credit card to boost the portal cashback by 3% which every now and then is better than your other credit card cashback rewards. If the app doesn’t catch your purchase through their portal, support is easy and quick to react and give you your missing cashback. They can distribute it to you via PayPal every quarter.

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Chase Freedom Card referral codes and program details
Chase Freedom Card

NO ANNUAL FEE. Sign up through the referral code and open a new account. Once referee spends $500 in the first three months they will receive a $200 credit and the person who refers will receive a $100 credit. EARN 5% BACK ON ROTATING CATEGORIES EACH QUARTER CURRENT QUARTER: Earn 5% cash back on grocery store purchases (not including Target or Walmart purchases) on up to $12,000 spent in the first year EARN UNLIMITED 1.5% CASH BACK ON EVERYTHING Start earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you buy EARN 5% CASH BACK ON LYFT RIDES Earn 5% total cash back on Lyft rides with your Freedom card through March 2022.opens overlay to offer details*,opens overlay to offer details**,opens overlay to offer details*** That's 3.5% cash back in addition to the 1.5% cash back you already earn.

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Aspiration referral codes and program details

Get cash back on every dollar you spend – and extra rewards for shopping at businesses with a conscience. Plus, track the impact of your spending on People and the Planet.

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Bumped referral codes and program details

Just open the account and link a card. Passive cashback on whatever card you link in the form of stock. Really enjoy this one. Just choose your loyalty brands, link your cards, and earn passive cashback in stock form that you can even choose to sell if you want and withdraw. You can also earn through their shopping portal, but there are better portal offers elsewhere. This one is good for passive cashback.

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Root referral codes and program details

This is my actual current insurance for my two cars. They are significantly cheaper than the traditional insurance companies for me. I also get a discount for paying with a credit card (cashback) plus paying for 6 months at once (less per month). They use your phone to determine how good of a driver you are and will accept you if they like what they find. Their app is also easy to manage and get your insurance card on command. I passed and loved their quote. You can get insured for your auto for 60 days. A great rate and during that period, you will get to do a 30-day test drive. Root only insures good drivers, and they use the 30-day test drive to evaluate your driving skills. Everyone wins when you refer Root You’ll get a unique link in the Root app. Share it with your friends. Text it, email it, and post it on social media—just be sure they use your special link when they download the app. If they take the test drive and get a quote, you both get a cash offer. Refer as many friends as you want and earn up to $1,000 a year

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Ibotta referral codes and program details

The company partners with brands and retailers to offer rebates and discounts on consumer packaged goods, retail purchases, and restaurant dining through a mobile app, similar to traditional coupons or rebates. Ibotta also has cash back and rebates on alcohol (wine, beer, and spirits) that can be purchased at bars, restaurants, and liquor and grocery stores. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices and is available only in the United States as of October 2016.

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Sofi Money referral codes and program details
Sofi Money

Sofi Money is an online bank with a 2% APY checking account and is FDIC insured. It has no minimum balance or fees. If you join Sofi Money and deposit $100, you will get $25 instantly. After that, if you're not satisfied with the service or don't want another bank account, you can withdraw the money immediately and close the account with no consequences.

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American Express referral codes and program details
American Express

Get approved for any American Express (even one simple and Free like the Blue Cash Everyday which I like) and spend $2000 in 6 months on that card to receive $200 in Statement credit. That’s 10% off on all things you would be buying anyways or bills you would have to pay anyways!

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Pogo referral codes and program details

Pogo, the free app that gives you rewards on every purchase. Cash app for purchases on your card through all major retailers. No receipt scanning needed or necessary. They also have occasional surveys and referral rewards.

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sMiles referral codes and program details

Get rewarded in Bitcoin for walking, running, biking, playing games, and watching videos.

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Hilton Honors American Express referral codes and program details
Hilton Honors American Express

No annual fee Hilton credit card. 7X POINTS On Hotels & Resorts For eligible purchases at hotels and resorts in the Hilton portfolio. 5X POINTS On Dining At U.S. restaurants, including takeout and delivery. 5X POINTS On Groceries At U.S. supermarkets. 5X POINTS On Gas At U.S. gas stations. 3X POINTS For Each Dollar Spent on other eligible purchases. Featured Benefits Complimentary Hilton Honors Silver Status Enjoy complimentary Hilton Honors Silver status with your Card.‡ Plus, spend $20,000 on eligible purchases on your Card in a calendar year and you can earn an upgrade to Hilton Honors Gold status through the end of the next calendar year.‡ No Foreign Transaction Fees Enjoy international travel without additional fees on purchases made abroad.

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Step referral codes and program details

Step gives teens a free FDIC insured bank account with no fees. Track your balance, manage your money, send and receive money, and shop anywhere.

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Bits of Stock referral codes and program details
Bits of Stock

Earn stock rewards automatically every time you shop. It’s like cashback but with stocks. Try Bits of Stock today. $5 Instant signup bonus (issued as stock) $5 Instant referral bonuses (issued as stock). Note, the referral bonuses might be slightly delayed. 1) Sign up using my link 2) Link a bank 3) Since the 15th of June, the referral policy has been updated. In order to earn a reward, you have to join through a referral link, connect your bank account and earn at least one transaction reward by making a purchase with one of our partnered brands. Once the reward is approved and sent out it will also trigger the referral reward for both you and the person that referred you. Shop with brands like Zara, Five Guys, Advanced Auto Parts & 30+ more. Terms apply. To cash out, just open a brokerage account.

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Lenme referral codes and program details

Lenme allows lenders the ability to lend without the high costs needed to maintain a shop, staff, verify and qualify borrowers, and manage loans. Technology allows Lenme to do this cheaply, and much more efficiently. Better yet, lesser costs mean lower interest and more capital available to borrowers.

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Bitmo referral codes and program details

Bitmo is an app that gives you points for shopping in-store and online. This app offers free gift cards upon signing up with a mobile phone. They also have referral incentives. This is a platform used to gift friends gift cards. Bitmo is a mobile gift card app that allows you to earn points and rewards on every purchase you make with 140+ brands. You simply connect your credit and debit cards, then Bitmo give you points for qualifying purchases you make. Just by using my referral you get 4,500 points = $4.50 at the start which you can redeem for many popular retailer gift cards, even Target! Getting started with Bitmo is extremely easy: 1. Click my Bitmo referral link or download the Bitmo app and use the referral code "christiank8". 2. Link a credit or debit card. 3. Complete 5 qualifying offers (can be as simple as buying nacho fries from Taco Bell, if you already make regular purchases with some of the retailers then all you have to do is go about your life and passively earn points from your purchases from your linked cards). 4. Get 4,500 points 5. Invite a friends to also get 5,000 points per qualifying referral - Just by using my referral you get 4,500 points at the start which you can redeem for many popular retailer gift cards, even Target!

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Ando referral codes and program details

Sign up for Ando and activate your debit card for an easy $5!!! It is a free account. Deposit $100 and charge your debit card 5 times (5 $0.50 Amazon reloads) for the other $10. Withdraw the remaining cash if you want.

Check out Ando exchange referral codes and program details exchange

Update: (06/29/2022 They have definitely nerfed the card tier rewards so honestly it may not be worth getting the card anymore except for maybe Tier 2 for free Netflix and Spotify) You get rebated when you pay so you can instantly sell your rewarded CRO. This is my favorite Crypto Exchange. You can get their card at tier 1 for free with 1% cashback. If you stake and lock their token CRO, you can get higher tiers for better cashback, higher staking %, and for rebates on Spotify and Netflix. I can’t include everything here as it is just too much but it is at least worth it to just throw $25 in and get $25 back. It will locked up for 3 months but after that you get your bonus and your original deposit to do whatever with.

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Cashbackbase referral codes and program details

Figuring this one out, looks like you use points earned by things like referrals to be able to get cashback on your Amazon purchases through eligible sellers. You request for cashback on an available item on the site ( I so far got free bath towels and am working on a backseat car organizer). When they approve you order it and share your order number and they will rebate you via paypal for a review. Not bad for a few free things here and there.

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Wirex referral codes and program details

Wirex is a multicurrency Visa Travel card & Wallet service that allows you to deposit and spend up to 12 fiat currencies and 8 cryptocurrencies. You can now use the Wirex card to earn up to 1.5% BTC rewards while shopping in the local stores. Check it out now and start earning back with this fabulous low fees card. (1) Follow a referral link ⑵ Create a Wirex account and confirm registration in your email. ⑶ Get verified. ⑷ Log in and check out what Wirex offers. ⑸ Link your local card to your Wirex account. ⑹ Use your local card to buy $100 worth of crypto (BTC, LTC, XRP and ETH) on the Wirex platform. When you do that, Wirex will send the first reward to both of referrer and referee: 500 MXT. ⑺ Order a contactless Wirex Visa card. Both of referrer and referee will each receive another 500 MXT reward when you use your card in-store for the first time.

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Evidation referral codes and program details

Earn points for health actions, participate in groundbreaking research, and receive relevant health articles and personalized insights. Be sure to check out your Evidation app to see what’s new!

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Qmee referral codes and program details

survey App

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Wise referral codes and program details

Formerly called TransferWise, Wise is an online money transfer service. Receive money with international account details, and track your transactions with notifications on your phone.

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HappyNest referral codes and program details

Say hello to the first real estate investing app that lets you round up daily spending for long term savings. Earn $10 for each person that you refer who becomes an investor. Real estate is a great choice for the long haul. Unlike investing in stocks, real estate is shielded from the constant ups and downs of the market and offers a return of up to 6% over time. We collect rent from some of the most well-known companies on the globe and pass it on to you. Our streamlined technology keeps costs down, so you earn more. 1. Click my HappyNest referral link. 2. Create a HappyNest account. 3. Deposit money into your HappyNest account. 4. Make your first real estate investment. 5. Get $10 added to your HappyNest account!!!

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Millions referral codes and program details

Use my code "kitzmilla" when you sign up! Once you are a Millions member you can refer your friends and get $1 - $1000 for each friend that signs up, funds their account and spends a minimum of $5 with their Millions Visa Debit Card.

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Fintor referral codes and program details

Fractional real estate investing. Fintor is a platform for buying and selling fractional equity shares in real estate properties with as little as $5 with $0 commission fees. Sign up pre-app launch for a share of fractional real estate investing.

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Poll Pay referral codes and program details
Poll Pay

Use the code 86FNLVAA7Z in the poll pay app to get $0.25 starting balance and Earn money by playing fun games (get paid per level) or fast surveys. You also earn a portion from your referrals as well and referrals are unlimited! Cash out with PayPal.

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Times club referral codes and program details
Times club

When you sign up the referral code is HZ24VI - minimum cash out is 30$. Signup with my code, link bank & receive $5 instantly , do the cashback offer for UNEST- signup for an account with no deposit! (this will earn you $10). Once earned, the additional you get $20 referral reward to cash out. (total $35)

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Abra referral codes and program details

Abra is best for mobile-forward crypto traders who value both the freedom to trade a range of cryptocurrencies and the security to ensure those very assets remain safe. The platform is also great for users who may need to borrow at low rates.

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BIGtoken referral codes and program details

(07/27/2022) Rumors are that they are going bankrupt so I would stay away from this one until further notice sad though because it was doing very well (04/26/2022 : They are supposedly going through an app upgrade since the beginning of the year however I cannot find any update on that as of now and they have been pretty quiet lately) Love this app! Get paid for your data! Sign up for BIGtoken to earn rewards for answering questions, checking into locations, and more. App pays out weekly to PayPal when you hit $15. You check in daily to collect cents to dollars conduct some surveys ETC. It adds up and you are paid on Friday's with the bank card you added to receive payment. You can also earn passively by gaining referrals!

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FeaturePoints referral codes and program details

Make money and earn rewards on your phone or the web with surveys, cash back, and more. Make additional money with referrals!

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AttaPoll referral codes and program details

AttaPoll is an app that pays its users for occasional surveys. AttaPoll is an app that allows its users to take surveys to earn money. Your payment will be in the method of points, and once you reach certain point milestones, you can cash out via PayPal or other CryptoCurrency methods.

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Unstoppable Domains referral codes and program details
Unstoppable Domains

$10.00 Discount on your personal decentralized domain that you own and can use forever in the decentralized web as it grows and expands through all various crypto projects. If the referred person purchases $40 or more, they will get a $10 discount and the referrer will receive $10 credit.

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Flourish referral codes and program details

Make sure to enter my Referral code 453a38. Download app, create a savings goal, save $5. Let the $5 sit for 14 days Easy $5 gain with $5. A free savings account that helps you to build good financial habits. With Flourish you get rewarded for saving money. Download the app!

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Presearch referral codes and program details

Presearch is the first decentralized search engine that compensates users for searching on their platform with cryptocurrency called Presearch coins. This search engine was created in response to the current state of search engines today where Google, Bing, and Amazon dominate the landscape. You become eligible for your 25 token bonus, per referral, once each referral has earned 50 search reward tokens, and has been active 30 days after their initial sign up.

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Delphia referral codes and program details

We’re building a community-powered investment strategy where your data is the key. Hedge funds buy your data to get ahead of the market, but you don't see a cent. We plan to change that. Our vision is to use the combined data of our members to see trends in the market before others have caught on. Those willing to share their data to improve our predictions are rewarded with chances to win cash each week.Delphia is an investment product managed by Delphia (USA) Inc. (Delphia Advisers) that uses the data you provide Delphia Technologies Inc. (Delphia Tech) to drive investment strategies. We enable you to share data with Delphia Data daily and invest real money. Numbers are randomly drawn every day for a week. At the end of the week, you can see if you’ve won anywhere between $0 - $10 million.

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Collectable referral codes and program details

Just open an account through the referral link and link a payment method to receive your free share! The fractional investing platform for sports. Sports collectibles have significantly outperformed the S&P 500 and other asset classes over multi-year investment horizons. They make the top end of the market accessible to all, creating affordable opportunities for buying & trading shares of iconic, blue-chip cards and memorabilia that were previously reserved for wealthy insiders. Collectable is SEC registered.

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Earnathon referral codes and program details

Earnathon is a website just like Coinbase's Learn and Earn Program where you watch videos to earn free crypto. Just make sure to check every few days due to the windows being tight during each offering. Also be sure to watch the videos as they do not allow redos on incorrect questions!!!!

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Google Pay referral codes and program details
Google Pay

Google Pay is a digital wallet platform and online payment system developed by Google to power in-app and tap-to-pay purchases on mobile devices, enabling users to make payments with Android phones, tablets or watches.

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PayPal referral codes and program details

If you don't have PayPal, you can take advantage of this offer by doing the following: 1) Msg me with your email address. I will send you 1 cent through PayPal using your email address. 2) Sign up for PayPal and link your bank account or debit/credit card 3) When you spend or send $5+, we’ll both get $10! See this url for more info: You must follow the steps as I laid out above in order for you and I to receive the bonus.

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Miles referral codes and program details

Frequent Flyer Program for Ground Transportation. The Miles app automatically earn miles for all of your ground travel. Then redeem those miles for exclusive rewards.

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Killi referral codes and program details

Killi is now Reklaim. We empower you to take back control of your identity. Through Reklaim, you can access your data, see how many companies are buying and selling your data, and how much your data is sold for annually. You can choose to earn from it. You can choose to protect it. We put you in control of your personal information. The choice is yours at Reklaim. This is literally the definition of passive income and one thing that is awesome about this app is you can withdraw your profit in Bitcoin or ethereum and they will send it straight to your wallet of your choice!!!

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Draftkings referral codes and program details

DraftKings is an American daily fantasy sports contest and sports betting operator. The company allows users to enter daily and weekly fantasy sports–related contests and win money based on individual player performances in five major American sports (MLB, the NHL, the NFL, the NBA and the PGA), Premier League and UEFA Champions League soccer, NASCAR auto racing, Canadian Football League, the XFL, mixed martial arts (MMA) and Tennis.

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etrade referral codes and program details

This money is not locked up you can withdraw, you just have to deposit first. Bonus is tiered depending on how much you deposit in cash or securities within 60 days of account opening. $5,000-$24,999 will receive $100; $25,000-$99,999 will receive $200; $100,000-$199,999 will receive $500; $200,000 – $249,999 will receive $800; $250,000-$499,999 will receive $1000; $500,000-$999,999 will receive $1,500; $1,000,000 or more will receive $3,500 $2,000,000+ will receive $4,000 (existing customers only)

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SwagBucks Browser Extension referral codes and program details
SwagBucks Browser Extension

Best site on the internet for making easy money in your spare time. Surveys and special "offers" (sometimes offering up to $150 for full completion) are the most lucrative, and you get unlimited PayPal cashouts.

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Uber Eats referral codes and program details
Uber Eats

Uber Eats is an American online food ordering and delivery platform launched by Uber.

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Perksy referral codes and program details

Market research for the mobile generation. Perksy powers real-time research with Millennial & Gen-Z audiences through mobile.

Check out Perksy referral codes and program details

ATM is an app designed to help our colony of ants earn micro-income to save money or invest in the stock market through our SEC licensed (Ant Money Advisors) embedded finance tools. You can expect to earn $100 to $1,000 or more per year with the ATM app™ based on your level of engagement. There are both active and passive earning opportunities including rewards and cash back. Brands pay to advertise and are willing to pay more if they are confident their messages are seen and heard. ATM has created a platform where the top brands in the world will pay for your attention. You remain anonymous on the ATM app™ and we will never share or sell your name, phone number, email, address, or other personally identifiable information.

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Albert referral codes and program details

Albert is a free app based fintech bank with currently really good boosts similar to cash app's boosts only better. They have also increased the referral bonus to $150!! Steps to get it are below. Each referral is for a new Albert member Each friend signs up with your unique referral link Each friend sets up direct deposit with Albert Cash Each friend receives a qualifying deposit of $200 or more every 30 days for 90 consecutive days Each friend uses their Cash card to spend $100 or more on goods or services every 30 days during the same 90-day period

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SoFi App referral codes and program details
SoFi App

Trade stocks, get a free credit score and much more — all in one app. Get up to $15 cash rewards when you use my link to sign up and check your credit score.

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Google Opinion Rewards referral codes and program details
Google Opinion Rewards

An awesome and free way to earn rewards, just by answering a few questions! Most opinion surveys can be completed in 30 seconds or less! Google Opinion Rewards is also available for iOS users.

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INVSTR referral codes and program details

(Note: YOU MUST DEPOSIT IN 5 DAYS!!) INVSTR has stocks, banking, and crypto all bundled together along with fantasy investing games that payout and a free working debit card. It’s basically an all in one money app. You can withdraw your deposit no problem however you will have to sell your BTC and wait 30 days to withdraw the funds from that.

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GoodDollar referral codes and program details

1/9/2022 Update - Bonus Returned to 50G$ Use my referral link and get 50G$ just for making an account and claiming. According to Forbes, 80% of the population owns only 6% of the world’s wealth, while the remaining 20% owns the rest. Against this unfair backdrop, GoodDollar is a potential game-changer through how it promotes universal basic income. Cryptocurrency is an immaterial system of money that has secure coding. Additionally, people can exchange it virtually and governments do not control it. Yoni Assia is the mind behind the GoodDollar project and coin (G$), the virtual currency that intends to democratize the economy by working to promote universal basic income and reduce inequality. Universal basic income (UBI) is “a periodic cash allowance given to all citizens… to provide them with a standard of living above the poverty line.”

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Pinata referral codes and program details

YOUR LANDLORD DOES NOT NEED TO PARTICIPATE FOR YOU TO EARN REWARDS!!!! Piñata is a rewards platform that transforms rent day into rewards day! Through our free app, you can earn rewards and take advantage of perks just for being a renter You'll get a $30 Nift gift card just for downloading our app and creating your account! You'll also get: $30 gift card on your first rent day $20 Piñata Cash every rent day (+ $20 if your landlord is on Piñata) Access to our exclusive Perks Marketplace to help you save on everyday expenses Piñata PRO renters also receive a $25 restaurant gift card on their first rent day and a $50 Piñata cash starting bonus!

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Axos Bank referral codes and program details
Axos Bank

Axos Bank, a digital bank with the highest level of security and privacy, offers a comprehensive range of products and services accounts. To receive the $20 referral bonus, you must: Open a new Essential Checking account using your unique referral link Receive at least $500 in direct deposit funding within 90 days of opening new Essential Checking account

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T-Mobile referral codes and program details

T-mobile is a mobile communications company active in the United States, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Poland.

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Coinloan referral codes and program details

CoinLoan is the first P2P lending platform for cryptoassets backed loans. Borrowers get money without selling cryptoassets. Lenders offer loans and earn competitive returns. Overcollateralization ensures full repayment on time.

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SoFi Personal Loan referral codes and program details
SoFi Personal Loan

Student Loan and Personal Loan refinancing. Sofi Money is an online bank with a 2% APY checking account and is FDIC insured. It has no minimum balance or fees.

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Grove Colllaborative referral codes and program details
Grove Colllaborative

This company sells all products considered natural, green, and eco friendly. Why not give it a try for free with the gift set to see if they may have a few household products to go green with? Grove Collaborative delivers eco-friendly home essentials, including household cleaning, personal care, baby, kid, and pet products.

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Gemini referral codes and program details

The Gemini Mobile App is a simple, elegant, and secure way to build your bitcoin and crypto portfolio. Buying, selling, and storing your cryptocurrency has never been easier. Once your friend buys or sells $100 or more (or 100 USD equivalent of your domestic currency) within 30 days of creating their account, both accounts will be credited $10 (or 10 USD equivalent of your domestic currency) worth of bitcoin.

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Capital One referral codes and program details
Capital One

Open their first 360 Checking account between 12:00 a.m. ET on August 25, 2021, and 11:59 p.m. ET on January 11, 2022. When you open your account, you will need to enter in promotional code SHARE100 in the Promo Code box at the bottom of the page. You will need to set up direct deposit and receive within 90 days of account opening at least 2 qualifying direct deposits each of $200 or more to their new 360 Checking account.

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Poshmark referral codes and program details

Poshmark is the largest social marketplace for fashion where anyone can buy, sell and share their style with others.

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Survey Junkie referral codes and program details
Survey Junkie

Website, make money by doing tasks such as watching videos, surveys and promoting items.

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ExtraBux referral codes and program details

Extrabux is an international cashback shopping site, offers up to 30% cashback from 10000+ Stores. Latest coupons and promo codes help you save more.

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TurboTax referral codes and program details

TurboTax is available for both federal and state income tax returns. The software is designed to guide users through their tax returns step-by-step. The TurboTax software provides taxpayers additional support for their self-prepared returns by offering Audit Defense from TaxResources, Inc.

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Fluz referral codes and program details

Fluz is a very good app that allows you to earn cashback on gift cards with competitive rates versus Raise or Slide. Use my referral code to get up to 35% or a max of $3.50 cashback on gift cards up to 3 times to places like Doordash, Starbucks, Xbox, CVS, Dominoes, Nintendo, Spotify, Grubhub, Chevron, and more! Also earn on your referrals as well!

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M1 Finance referral codes and program details
M1 Finance

M1 Finance is an online broker and investment manager hybrid. Unlike most services, they allow for both self-managed and robo-directed investing. They are perfect for investors who don't want to be largely hands-off but still have the ability to pick a handful of individual stocks. Open an M1 Finance account using a referral link (here is my referral link). You can open either a taxable brokerage account or a retirement account such as an IRA or Roth IRA. The requirements are slightly different depending on whether you open a taxable account or a retirement account. I recommend opening a taxable account if you are only trying to earn the bonus. If opening a taxable account, fund your account with $100. If opening a retirement account, fund your account with $500. Leave the $100 in your account for 30 days. M1 Finance will then give you $10 after you meet this 30-day requirement. Note that you’ll need to open a taxable account to get the $10 bonus (M1 Finance can’t put money into your retirement accounts).

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Uphold referral codes and program details

Trade between cryptocurrencies, precious metals, U.S. equities, and national currencies in one easy step.

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MOS referral codes and program details

The Mos Debit Card is the smartest way to earn, save, and bank as a student. Mos is a single application for all $135B in federal and state financial aid. Mos simplifies the FAFSA® (the Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for students and applies them to every state grant and scholarship for which they qualify.Earn instant cashback where you spend the most Select your favorite category and earn points on your everyday spending. Redeem your points for 1% cashback — instantly. Earn money for college. Stop the search. Get matched with grants and scholarships you can actually get— in under 3 minutes.No banking fees even after you graduate. Students spend $19 per month on banking fees. That’s $228 wasted each year that you could be saving and spending yourself.

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RebatesMe referral codes and program details

RebatesMe has helped over 350,000 shoppers earn more than $30,000,000 in cash back just by shopping at their favorite stores. RebatesMe is among the top cashback sites offering deals, discounts, and cash back services partnering with over 2,000 stores worldwide.

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Receiptjar referral codes and program details

Turn your receipts into cash. Snap pics of your receipts from any stores! We accept receipts from over 11,000 stores, online and offline. ReceiptJar is a fun and easy to get paid for saving your receipts. As easy as taking pictures of your receipts and uploading for points that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards.

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Fold App referral codes and program details
Fold App

Earn bitcoin cashback rewards when you shop at top retailers, including Amazon, Uber, Starbucks, Target and more. Fold gets you bitcoin cashback when you shop. Shop at your favorite retailers and get up to 20% cashback in bitcoin instantly on every purchase.

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Pomelo referral codes and program details

Pomelo is in prelaunch phase. Once released, Members will be required to download the Pomelo App to utilize its services. Brand-new banking app similar to Chime, Lili or Skrill.

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Gameflip referral codes and program details

A site where you can buy gaming cards, games, in game items, all things gaming, along with gift cards like Amazon, GameStop, Xbox, Google Play etc. Everything for the most part is discounted. Amazon gift cards here are cheaper. NOTE: Do use caution when purchasing from users who do not have a long history on the site. Certain items sold (like Amazon gift cards) can get you in trouble because some sellers sell fake gift cards.

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Theta Streaming referral codes and program details
Theta Streaming

Theta Network is the leading video delivery network powered by blockchain technology. Theta allows users to simultaneously watch video content and earn token rewards for relaying video to other users who are also watching the same content. In the same vein as other sharing economy models, users opt-in to volunteering their spare bandwidth and computing resources to relay video to other users and earn token rewards for their contributions. Users can contribute to Theta Network on any PC, mobile device, or smart TV.

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Honey referral codes and program details

Honey is a browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout with a single click. It is also linked with PayPal

Check out Honey referral codes and program details

Coupon Cabin is similar to Rakuten. It offers cashback for many stores. And they offer the option to cash out at any level once the cashback is credited to your account.

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Sift referral codes and program details

It is one of Google's best app of 2018 that gets you refunds when prices drop after the purchase. Sift does the hard work of saving money from managing bills and subscriptions, finding lower prices and unlocking hundreds of dollars in hidden credit card benefits.

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RebateKey referral codes and program details

RebateKey gives you direct access to exclusive manufacturers' rebates for top-selling brands and products. This means you purchase an item and after a 35-day wait, you get a check mailed to your house for whatever you paid for the item in the first place.

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Mr Rebates referral codes and program details
Mr Rebates

Each purchase you make through a Mr. Rebates cash back Mr. Rebates is a one-stop online shopping destination where members can get cash-back from over 2000 stores. store will automatically be added to your account.

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Eureka referral codes and program details

Easy and quick surveys to earn money. Available on iOS.

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Zogo referral codes and program details

Zogo is an education app that pays users to learn about personal finance. Zogo is an app that helps you improve your financial literacy. They break down complicated financial topics into fun bite-sized modules.

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Atomic Wallet referral codes and program details
Atomic Wallet

Always remember DO NOT SHARE OR LOSE YOUR SEED PHRASE/PRIVATE KEYS FOR YOUR WALLETS WITH CRYPTO. Manage, exchange, stake, and buy all your favorite assets in one secure interface.

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HEB referral codes and program details

This is a prepaid card account where you can earn 5% on your first $1000 in the savings account. Load $40 initially and earn $20. You can always pull your money out but make sure the money you pull is in THE CHECKING ACCOUNT FIRST. You also have to pull it from a bank not push it. Also make sure you schedule a transfer of a dollar to this account every month or so to avoid inactivity fees if you only use it for the savings account. Easy 5% interest.

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Netspend referral codes and program details

This is a prepaid card account where you can earn 5% on your first $1000 in the savings account. Load $40 initially and earn $20. You can always pull your money out but make sure the money you pull is in THE CHECKING ACCOUNT FIRST. You also have to pull it from a bank not push it. Also make sure you schedule a transfer of a dollar to this account every month or so to avoid inactivity fees if you only use it for the savings account. Easy 5% interest.

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TopCashback referral codes and program details

Earn cashback and save money when you shop at over 5000 retailers both online and in-store. TopCashback is a British cashback website with dedicated sites for markets in the United States, India, China, Japan and Germany.

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Crowdtap referral codes and program details

Crowdtap is a company that brings together brands looking for valuable consumer insights, with people who are willing to: Share their opinion. Test out new products. Create content for brands. Surveys can be as short as one question, and you can cash out your rewards starting at $5. Apply to give opinions on cool free products. Top members get the chance to be interviewed for $25, $50, or more! Crowdtap can be your go-to side hustle. Get rewarded for spending just a few minutes answering questions honestly. Your insights help create real change across brands you love, impacting their next product, message, or idea. We offer new questions every day. Just share your opinions from your phone or computer to earn rewards. It's that easy.

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Kucoin referral codes and program details

KuCoin is one of the most known exchanges in the crypto sphere. KuCoin is the most popular bitcoin exchange that you can buy and sell bitcoin securely. This is an official app of KuCoin that provides you easy, safe and fast digital assets' information. Stay connected to the latest market changes anywhere, anytime.

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Revolut referral codes and program details

Revolut is an app to manage all things money. Open an account in minutes to spend, budget, save, and invest, all in one secure place.

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SocialGood referral codes and program details

SocialGood is a crypto cash-back app developed by the Social Good Foundation. With over 50 stores like AliExpress, EBAY and Instacart offering up to 9% cashback in SG cryptocurrency tokens. The price of the cryptoasset, SocialGood (SG), rose +7,529% within the first 15 days of listing! Listed on coinmarketcap and coingecko! If the price of SG should ever fall, SocialGood guarantees the value of SG at the time issued, and will buy it back.

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Venmo referral codes and program details

Venmo is a mobile payment service owned by PayPal. Venmo account holders can transfer funds to others via a mobile phone app; both the sender and receiver have to live in the U.S.

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Current referral codes and program details

Honestly a terrible referral bonus but I would appreciate it especially because I want to help y’all make money and share this secret. There is a sweet Swagbucks offer as a sign up bonus for this bank. Sign up for the premium account through Swagbucks ( use my referral as well please) and direct deposit $200 in the account in 45 days to get $120 in Swagbucks which you can drop into PayPal. You have to hold the premium account for over a month but it only costs $4.99 a month. EASY MONEYMAKER! cancel once you meet criteria or just downgrade account and keep it if you like it.

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Pi Network referral codes and program details
Pi Network

Pi is a new cryptocurrency for and by everyday people that you can “mine” (or earn) from your phone. Pi makes crypto mining easy. Breakthrough tech allows you to mine on your phone without draining your battery.

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MyConstant referral codes and program details

MyConstant is a collateral-backed P2P lending app and multi-market investment platform that pays up to 7% APR on your money.

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Steady referral codes and program details

Steady is a web and mobile application that lets users access a platform listing part-time, hourly and on-demand work opportunities. Listings are customized according to a user's geographical location and skills. Steady Platform, Inc. was founded in 2017 in Atlanta.

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Hooch referral codes and program details

NOTE: Noticing that hooch has been crashing when I try to add new cards. This app is useless at the moment. This cashback app is better for you if you live in a larger city. Still useful for niche purchases that stack with your other rewards. Link your card and make purchases to earn a little money backs I currently get cashback for Starbucks and Redbox.

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1Q referral codes and program details

Answer quick and easy surveys and receive payout instantly to PayPal. These surveys are usually 1- 4 questions. Super fast and easy money with little effort. You just have to answer them when they notify you that a survey has appeared pretty quickly.

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Cash App referral codes and program details
Cash App

Cash App offers a direct deposit option for your incoming checks. This is critical for the upcoming stimulus check to battle financial hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instantly send money between friends or accept card payments for your business. Cash out to your bank instantly.

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Zap Surveys referral codes and program details
Zap Surveys

(06/29/2022 They have recently made the daily check in not as easy to obtain, you have to complete surveys quite often to keep the daily check in now) You Can Get 3¢ a day just by checking in plus survey and location rewards. Quick & easy survey app. With this app you take surveys, have goals and can cash out once you hit $25 to your PayPal. You can earn cashback as well. Daily surveys that tell you the exact dollar amount you are going to earn before even starting a survey. For every completed survey, a donation is made to prevent child starvation around the globe.

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CoinOut referral codes and program details

Earn cash for photos of your receipts. CoinOut analyzes your transactions to show you more relevant offers and opportunities to earn more cash.

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BlockFi referral codes and program details

Get $40 in BTC when you fund your Blockfi account with $100. You get $40 instead of $10 due to me being a Blockfi Credit Card holder. You have to keep the $100 of crypto in the account until the second Friday of the month (or next month if that already passed)

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Befrugal referral codes and program details
Befrugal is an online coupon and cashback website. You can also cash out your rewards. Compatible with most online stores.

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Sweatcoin referral codes and program details

Walk to make money (some sort of crypyo-coins actually). Sweatcoin is an app that will give you points for exercising outside. Once you download the app onto any iOS device they will begin tracking and verifying your outdoor steps using GPS. Then your steps are converted into sweatcoins. Their goal is to get people out of the homes to enjoy the outdoors, and they are sponsors willing to pay you for it. With sweatcoins you can purchase items such as yoga classes, high-tech shoes and even iPhones and Apple Watches.

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Receipt Hog referral codes and program details
Receipt Hog

Recipt Hog gives you gift cards for your receipts. Recipt Hog also randomly selects a receipts and rewards the user $2000+ or free Amazon gift cards. Each spin gives you coins based on what the wheel lands on and you can get highly rewarded if you hit the jackpot.

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Fetch referral codes and program details

Scan any receipt and earn! Easy savings at any grocery store, every time. Fetch Rewards work directly with popular brands to bring you savings on thousands of products every day, no matter where you get your groceries. Just scan your receipts and let Fetch Rewards do all the work. Refer your friends and get 2,000 bonus points and your friend gets 2,000 points after they scan their first receipt. Use points for various gifts and gift cards. Download the free app and begin receiving rewards towards gift cards from companies such as Best Buy, Amazon, Target and Home Depot.

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Trunow referral codes and program details

It’s honestly the lesser of most cashback apps but still helps. With this app, customers can locate cheap gas prices in their area and receive cash back on their purchases. They offer a little cashback on gas station purchases anywhere in the USA. All brands and locations are accepted. Members earn double the rewards when they shop at trunow network retailers vs. other retailers.

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Nexo referral codes and program details

Very popular crypto exchange. Pass Advanced Verification and top up the equivalent of $100 or more of any asset supported on the Nexo platform to get $25 BTC.

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Gas Buddy referral codes and program details
Gas Buddy

Honestly I do not like GasBuddy as much as I like Get Upside but this is a good discount on your first fill. This app is a gas rebate app that will give you money back per gallon when you buy gas. They can offer pretty decent discounts but it may depend on your location. People update the gas prices in your area and the app provides discounts per gas station. Just activate the deal before filling and use your card.

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Klarna referral codes and program details

Got this app through a referral on this site (thank you you wonderful people). It offers you to split payments for the things you buy ( you can still use your cashback credit card) that are INTEREST FREE so that can help people out during tougher times on larger purchases. For me however, the sign up bonus is easy with just a simple split payment on an Amazon gift card.

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MoneyLion referral codes and program details

Money Lion is a banking app that helps you reach your financial goals and lets you trade crypto. Use Roar Tag $GladChristian457 to receive the referral bonus. Get $5 when you sign up and open Roar Money account. Get $50 when you set up a qualifying direct deposit. Use Wise / Transferwise to trigger the direct deposit. Get $5 when you make a $10 minimum purchase with your MoneyLion debit card. Get an additional $10 in BTC when you complete the actions listed in the app. You can also get a $50 bonus currently if you can refer 5 friends before 08/10/2022

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WealthFront referral codes and program details

This has been the most powerful and useful app when it comes to managing my net worth. I can link all of my accounts into this one app and track my net worth and where my money is. Link credit card accounts, bank accounts, crypto accounts like coinbase, investment accounts and create manual accounts for whatever you cannot directly link. They will manage the first $5,000 you put in an investment account with them for free. I have a Roth IRA with them and they have largely increased the options you can invest in from two crypto funds to ETFs for physical resources and trading strategies while also having your traditional Vanguard funds.

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