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You can text me on +13236771493 Or you can message me on WhatsApp +1216504822 BTCS is a crypto mining company that provides investors with indirect ownership of digital tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum . BTCS emphasized it will not limit exposure to a particular digital asset and may purchase a variety of tokens to diversify investor risk. Yesterday, BTCS stock gained over 40% in market cap to end trading at US$4.36 per share, valuing the company at US$44.8 million. The significant gain was due to the company’s announcement that it will be the first to offer investors an option of receiving dividends in the form of Bitcoin also called “bividends.” Investors will receive US$0.05 per share in Bitcoin, based on the price of the BTC token. Investors can also receive a cash dividend of US$0.05 per share instead of a bividend hidden-url

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