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share.public.com/JayPay86 Had to read up on this offer it seems like you randomly get a slice of a stock which to me is pretty cool because you don't even have to deposit any cash! So use my link and try them out they seem like a fair and honest brokerage. ALL OFFER DETAILS👇👇👇👇👇 As an incentive to enroll new customers, Public will be distributing a free stock worth up to $15 to qualified customers who either are the "Referrer" or "Referee" fora "Qualified Account". Eligible users will select from 1 of 9 different stocks and upon selection, a portion of that stock will be randomly designated to the user in an amount up to $15 only once the account is fully approved and verified. At the discretion of Public, this program can be adjusted or terminated at any point in time. Public is temporarily doubling the average value of referrals and we moved the maximum referral amount to $1,000 for just this week ending 11:59 pm EST Monday, Jan. 11, 2021. As is the case with our standard referral program, the stock slices are distributed in random amounts. The odds of winning a higher amount depend on the number of referrals being sent. There is no limit to how many referrals you can send to be eligible and the maximum cap on the value of rewards received has temporarily been increased to $1,000. Please note that as is the case for our standard referral program, the referral is automatically delivered to your account once your invite signs up and is approved for trading. • Approved members are prohibited from withdrawing the value of the free stock received for the promotion for up to 90 days after the free promotional stock is received. • The maximum amount a single member is able to earn is limited to $500 (USD) • Customers are prohibited from advertising the purchase or sale of any free stocks publicly and any accounts found to be in violation will have their accounts terminated and any referrals will be voided. • A "Referrer" is a user who shares a bonus link which another user which leads to their opening a Qualified Account. A Referrer must have a Qualified Account themselves in order to receive a bonus. • A "Referee" is a user who receives a share link and opens a Qualified Account. • Best efforts will be used to credit a Customer's account within 5 business days of qualifying Join me on Public and own the companies you believe in. Get started with free stock 👉

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