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Let’s cash out some extra 💸🔦

Miami, trying to move away from the typical desk job! Let’s all go to the beach!


Cash App referral codes and program details
Cash App

If you have 3 mins like waiting on the line to pay anywhere, open this account . By sending $5 or paying minimum of the aforementioned amount, you get $5. Not to mention the CashCars had pretty dope boosters like 10% off groceries etc that change on a weekly basis.

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Digit referral codes and program details

You can get $100 if 3 people sign up using ur referral code and set up the auto save. MAKE SURE you have 3 people that are willing to try the app because you only have 7 days from open the account for the 3 of your referees to sign up ( very like the Ring movie type of thing). Anyways you can still get $5 for each person if you don’t make it within the time frame that is almost half the price of a Venti at Starbucks!

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Dosh referral codes and program details

Add your cards to the account, sit back md shop online or get some exercise and go to the stores( always been safe) and watch your acquisition power increase by all the cash back the DOSH offers.

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Chime referral codes and program details

Sign up by January 7th 2021, and with just one ACH direct deposit of $200 within 45 days will you will get $75 almost instantly! No fees, no minimum balance necessary! More details on the referral link

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Javier is smart! 😏

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