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The most effective way to save money using Gas Buddy, Link Gas Buddy to your Bank Account and they will send you a actual card. Use another app, which is on my page called GetUpside. Look for a nearby Gas Station that Both are offering deals and you can activate them on both apps! Gas Buddy, you use to purchase awhile getupside you take a picture of the receipt or add the card, which would be your Gas Buddy card to receive the cash back. So you're now stacking. 1) Gas Buddy save cents off 2) GetUpside gives you cash back that you can rack up and eventually cash out into your checking account or various other options on the application itself. USE BOTH HAND AND HAND AND SAVE MONEY ON GAS EVEN IF IT'S CHEAP!

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Gas buddy is asking me for your code? Where do I find it

7 months ago

Jonathan Black 🎤

I am so sorry. I thought there was a direct link, but GasBuddy only gives a "referral bonus" when you start with them for a limited time. I just found this out looking in my app. I hope that you still download even though I won't get any credit for it. It really is an awesome FREE program that saves you money every time! Also, I linked my debit card to my account and they sent me a Gas Card so when you fill up you'll still be using your checking account, but the charge will take a couple days to post since it has to be run as credit and your discount taken off. They even alert you of gas price spikes and lows usually before they happen. And, Gasbuddy has offers and cash back at numerous retailers that accept the card. Apologies again for the confusion. I'll have to make a note so that doesn't happen to others. Hope you enjoy the program and have a great day!

7 months ago

Jonathan Black 🎤

@Levelup, if you're looking for another great app I Just posted a link to my GetUpside account. It's basically the same sort of app that offers deals and dollars off everything from gas to restaurants and more. If you sign up now you can get an EXTRA 15 CENTS off per gallon on your first fillup! hidden-url Hope this helps.

7 months ago

Jonathan is smart! 😏

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