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Crypto, stocks/shares and other financial offers

Hey, you’ll find various referral links for cryptocurrency, shares and stocks, and other financial offers that are available to the UK, some EU and Worldwide. Any questions, please ask.

Abra referral codes and program details

Abra is a 'wealth management platform' for crypto. It is similar to some other apps where they aim to make it simple to hold coins, quickly exchange them and even offer a 'earn' feature where you get paid interest by holding them there. For those familiar, Abra is in the same space of Celsius, Blockfi and Nexo --- it's a platform with well known investors, with well known investors and based in the USA. There has been a recent launch of their rewards token, called CPRX. And they're giving it away in various marketing activities. Currently, a brand new user on the app will get $40 worth of CPRX. $15 (under a promo), just by adding at least $1 worth of any coin and holding one day $25 (referral), by adding at least $15 and holding it it for 30 days So basically, when you send in a deposit to meet the referral, you also will get $15. Low requirement and easy deposit You can send any supported crypto. You just have to ensure it's worth at least 15$. And you can trade in app. Just hold the deposit 30 days. You will get $15 (that you can trade to other coins or even GBP) and then an extra $25 after 30 days. I am a noob, I don't know what I am doing? Send GBP to Coinbase (instant). Buy XLM/LTC and send to your Abra wallet. Trade it to a stable coin (usdt, gbp etc). Start cashing in CPRX and trade it to GBP. Hold the deposit 30 days. Trade it all to XLM and send back to your coinbase and finally to your bank. Small steps to join --- this is all app based, ensure the referral link leads you to the app download 1. Follow my referral link. It should lead you to the app download - ensure your phone (particularly apple, doesn't block tracking) 2. Sign up and add my code: RCALLRJMW. Make sure you save your passphrase (this is like your secret key to access your wallet in the future) 3. Verify your account, done by Jumio, should be very quick 4. Fund your account, on "Add money", best method is with crypto. You have many options available. And remember, you can exchange in the app... so you easily can deposit any available coin and then trade in app to maintain the >$15 balance 5. Hold the deposit for at least 30 days to get all the rewards.

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AQRU referral codes and program details

Free $85 with Aqru for depositing 500 EUR Aqru is a new crypto platform that allows you to earn interest on your crypto - they pay 12% APY on stablecoins. They are registered in the UK and in Lithuania. They currently offer up to $85 (paid in USDT): * 10 USDT ($10) after signing up and completing ID verification (no need to sign up using a referral link for this one), * 75 USDT ($75) referral bonus after depositing 500 EUR for 30 days (referral link needed). The $75 bonus is instantly withdrawable once received. The $10 bonus can only be withdrawn 90 days after signing up (see bottom of post for details). STEPS: 1. Sign up through my referral link and make sure that my referral code 0OBQBL has been pre-filled during sign-up. (Spots are limited, so please only use my link if you are going to make a deposit for the $75 bonus - if you're only after the $10 bonus then you don't need to use a referral link to sign up). 2. Verify your identity - this is a quick ID check + selfie via Onfido, and then some proof of address, e.g. utility bill or bank statement. You should be verified within 1-2 days. 3. You'll see 10 USDT added to your account as soon as you are verified. 4. Deposit at least €500 to your account - this can be done in EUR or GBP via bank transfer, or in crypto (BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI). Both deposit methods are free, and bank deposits should be instant. 5. Invest your the €500 in one of their products and start earning up to 12% APY. 6. Keep your deposit invested for 30 days, and you will then receive another 75 USDT. 7. You can then withdraw if you'd like - EUR/GBP withdrawals are free and crypto withdrawals cost $10. The platform is free to use, the only limit to withdrawing is that you must keep at least $10 on the platform for the first 90 days after opening your account. So if you were to only get the $10 bonus, you'd need to wait 90 days before withdrawing. If you're going to deposit in crypto, don't send it from Celsius or BlockFi, as these platforms transfer ETH and stablecoins as smart contracts and these are not supported by Aqru.

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SHARES - £20 FREE for a £1 deposit What is Shares? - Shares is a growing stocks app where you can invest in hundreds of US stocks such as Tesla, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon! They are European based and growing fast! What's the offer? - Simply signing up with a referral link and depositing £1 ! You instantly get £20, you only need to hold it in your account for 30 days and then you can withdraw! Is it fast? - Yes, you can sign up in 5 minutes, the only thing that can take longer is waiting for them to verify you. Steps: 1. Sign up and verify your ID, you will then be able to pick your £20 free share 2. Deposit £1 3. You will now be able to sell your share into cash or keep it invested. You have to wait 30 days for it to become withdrawable. 4. Done! The app is actually really good so I would recommend trying it out if you enjoy investing - they also run competitions on their Instagram so I'd check them out

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Inlock referral codes and program details

Get $20 from Inlock for depositing $50 (up to $300 bonus available with more deposits) Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Budapest, Inlock is a crypto platform that allows users to earn interest on their deposits (like Nexo and BlockFi, for example). When you sign up through a referral link and deposit at least $50 worth of crypto, you will receive $20 worth of bitcoin as a reward. If you'd like, you can deposit more and receive up to $300. When you sign up, you're given 30 days to make your deposit. Your reward amount will be calculated based on your balance on day 30. You then have to keep your deposit in Inlock for the following 90 days, after which your reward will be paid and you'll be able to withdraw your deposit and bonus. Inlock offer at least 1 free withdrawal per month! You must deposit one of the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, PAXG, USDC or USDT. STEPS: 1. Sign up through my referral link. 2. Deposit at least $50 worth of BTC, ETH, LTC, PAXG, USDC or USDT within 30 days of signing up to get the $20 reward (alternatively, deposit more to get higher rewards). Your deposit does not have to be made in a single transaction - you can deposit multiple times to reach your desired balance. 3. Keep your deposit on the platform for 90 days following the initial 30 days. The 'Welcome bonus' progress bar in your Inlock account will show you how long until you're paid. 4. You will then receive your reward - rewards are paid on the 28th of every month. Once received, both your reward and deposit are fully withdrawable, for free.

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WhaleFin referral codes and program details

Whalefin is a relatively new digital wealth management platform that offers interest on cryptocurrencies. Steps: 1. Sign up with referral link. 2. Verify your identity (KYC). Once completed, you can claim a coupon to get about $5 of free BTC 3. Optional: Deposit $100+ to your WhaleFin wallet, and you can claim another coupon worth about $5 in BTC 4. Optional: Subscribe to any 'Fixed Earn' product with $100+ in crypto, and keep it there for over 10 days. After that, you can claim another coupon for about $15 in BTC 5. Optional: if you've made a $100+ deposit, you can claim another coupon for $12 in USD by holding an average crypto balance of $100+ over the last 30 days to claim this coupon, as this gets you to WhaleFin Club level 1. So, you'll be able to earn about $37 in total for making a $100+ crypto deposit and keeping it at WhaleFin for over 30 days, or $5 in crypto if you don't want to make any deposit at all. If you want to withdraw the free crypto, you'll have to trade it from Bitcoin to another cryptocurrency first. The reason is because WhaleFin currently charges high withdrawal fees for Bitcoin (0.0005 BTC).

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ZenGo referral codes and program details

ZenGo Wallet - receive $10 in BTC for free when purchasing cryptos for $200 Say goodbye to worries and hello to keyless crypto and true peace of mind. Unlike all other crypto wallets ZenGo does not require you to keep safe any seed phrase, private key or more passwords, private keys or seed phrases. With facial biometrics, only you control your funds. This makes ZenGo the by far most user-friendly and secure non-custodial crypto wallet available. Perfect for both crypto newbies and long-term HODLers. Other features includes: * Earn interest, effortlessly. No lockups. High APRs. * Swap cryptos in a snap. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. * Follow your portfolio and market data over time. No need for that old portfolio tracker anymore. * Get instant help from a support specialist, 24/7. ZenGo have an active promo offering $10 in BTC for new users when purchasing any cryptos worth $200 or more through the app. Steps: 1. Download the app using my link and use Referral Code: ZENK2KBA when registering in the app 2. Purchase any crypto for minimum $200 through the app, and you will receive $10 worth of BTC in bonus

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BottlePay referral codes and program details

Bottlepay - instant £5 worth of BTC Bottlepay Ltd is a Registered Cryptoasset firm and is registered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority and available to download in the UK and across Europe. It's a payments app to send both euros, gbp and bitcoin between users on the app and on the blockchain. The app is actually very well designed, very quick and intuitive. The process usually takes around 5 minutes to complete. Should be super quick. Bonus: Deposit and trade at least 10EUR/10GBP into BTC -> gets 5GBP on top in BTC from them Deposits and withdrawals are instant. Steps: 1. Click my link and download the app 2. Register and enter my code: GKB80AHZXE, deposit at least £10 and complete the trade. 3. They will add £5 worth of BTC on top. 4. Sell back to GBP or withdraw to another wallet.

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Cabital referral codes and program details

Get $20 free with Cabital: $10 for verifying ID + $10 for first deposit Cabital is a crypto investment platform that allows you to earn passive income on your crypto - their highest rates are 12% APY on USDT stablecoin. They're now offering two bonuses: 10 USDT ($10) bonus for signing up (given instantly after verifying ID) 10 USDT ($10) bonus for depositing at least 500 USDT into Cabital's Fixed Savings Product for 7 days. Both bonuses are instantly withdrawable once received, but if you're only going for the first bonus, then the easy way to withdraw is to deposit £15 from your bank (this is instant), trade the 10 USDT bonus for GBP, and withdraw everything to your bank (£2.50 fee). You could also withdraw to Bybit exchange as an alternative with no withdrawal fees. If you're going for the second bonus as well, then this will be easier as you'll be over any withdrawal minimums and will be able to withdraw to Bybit for free - see below. Steps:: 1. Sign up to Cabital through my link. 2. Verify your identity with ID/passport and a selfie. Once you've submitted your details, you should be verified within 5 minutes. 3. You'll see 10 USDT added to your account after ID verification is complete. 4. Deposit at least 500 USDT to Cabital's Fixed Savings Product for 7 days. You can deposit USDT directly from another crypto exchange or wallet. Alternatively, you can deposit GBP via Faster Payments or deposit EUR via SEPA and then purchase the 500 USDT in-app. 5. You'll see another 10 USDT added to your account once the 7 days are up. You can withdraw your bonuses for free to exchange as Cabital cooperates with them. You'd sign up to Bybit and link your Bybit account to your Cabital app and then you can easily withdraw. Alternatively, you can withdraw as follows: * GBP to bank account - £2.50 fee, £20 minimum * EUR to bank account - €2.50 fee, €25 minimum * USDT to another exchange/wallet - 12 USDT fee, 40 USDT minimum There are no fees for depositing cash or crypto, and no fees for buying/selling crypto.

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CIRCA5000 referral codes and program details

Circa5000 (was Tickr) - £15 bonus for signing up and depositing £5 Circa5000 is an app which lets you easily invest in ethical funds, renewable energy etc. They plant 2 trees for everyone who signs up. They are currently offering a £15 bonus when you sign up with a referral link, invest £5 and keep it there for 90 days. The sign up process is really quick and no photo ID required. Follow these steps: 1 - Click on the referral link 2 - Enter your email address and download the app. 3 - Open a Stocks & Shares ISA or General Investment Account 4 - Deposit £5 as a one-off payment using a bank card 5 - You will see £15 in your account which you can withdraw after 90 days. Do not try to withdraw before or you will lose it. There is a monthly fee of £1, so after 90 days you will have paid £3, meaning you get £12 from this. If you refer people you will get £15 for each person! You can refer people to get a maximum of £100. Note that as this is an investment, the value can go down as well as up. There is a platform fee of 0.5%pa. If you had a Tickr account you can’t get this bonus.

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Wombat referral codes and program details

Wombat Invest - Free £10 for a £10 Investment Wombat Invest is a new app developed by a company founded in 2017. They want to make investing more acceptable (like many fintech companies these days), and are trying to do so by making their investment funds tailored to certain sectors/beliefs that are easier to understand for the common person. They've done so by naming their funds "The Foodie", "The Techie", "The Green Machine", to make it more relatable to those who don't have as much exposure to the investment market. There are currently 15 different themes to choose from. They are currently offering a free £10 to anyone who invests £10 and doesn't withdraw their investment in the first 90 days. I recommend signing up to a GIA account rather than ISA as you can only open 1 S&S ISA per year. Wombat Invest is also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and is FSCS protected. This doesn't mean your investments aren't at risk, but they are covered if Wombat were to go default, so there is little risk in this investment overall. Investing is free up to £250, if you invest more than that there are monthly fees you'll need to cover. Steps: 1. Signup and open a General Investment Account (GIA) using my referral link. 2. Deposit £10, and then invest this £10 3. You should receive your investment bonus from Wombat within 14 days 4. Don't withdraw for 90 days or you'll lose your bonus 5. After 90 days, you're able to withdraw your deposit + bonus for a healthy profit!

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StableHouse referral codes and program details

StableHouse - 40 USDC signup bonus (you need to make a deposit of $100) StableHouse is a platform that allows everyone to invest, learn and earn on high rates of return on digital currencies. It works like for example Celsius Network, Nexo, BlockFi. Currently there is a promotion in which we both receive 40 USDC. Offer expires on 28 Feb 2022. How to get a 40 USDC bonus: 1.Sign up with referral link and add my code: WAQVje 2. Make KYC verification (selfie and photo of ID/passport/driving license). 3. Make a deposit min. $100 and don't withdraw for 30 days. The bonus is added immediately when the promotion conditions are met, i.e. after 30 days if you do not withdraw your deposit. You can also get a first deposit bonus, this is the second promotion that can be used together with the referral program. If you deposit over $500 - 999 you get an extra $50 and if your deposit is over $1000 you get an extra $100. At the moment, they only support cryptocurrency deposits in the ERC-20 and BTC network, but they plan to introduce Binance Smart Chain (BSC) soon. Fiat deposits only in USD and GBP. Deposits in EUR are also planned.

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Smart valor referral codes and program details
Smart valor

Smart Valor - Get 10 CHF in BTC after you deposit 100 CHF (about $110) worth of any crypto! Smart Valor is a Swiss crypto currency exchange available worldwide with some exceptions. They have a selection of the most popular coins like BTC ETH LTC XRP USDT and others via credit card and bank transfer. They are currently offering 10CHF (about $11) in BTC after the referred user completes a purchase of 100 CHF ($110 USD) in any of the available coins in the platform. The best way to do this and not be exposed to changes in value, I would recommend buying USDT with bank transfer, since there is no payment fee for bank transfer. Buying with credit card would pretty much eat almost all of your bonus. Steps and considerations: 1. Sign up via my referral link. 2. Register and complete KYC. 3. Purchase at least $100 CHF worth in a cryptocurrency within 3 months of signing up. 4. Receive $10 CHF worth of bitcoin within 7 days of the purchase.

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Remitly referral codes and program details

Here’s why I love sending money with Remitly ✔️They’re trusted by over 5 million people worldwide. ✔️Every transfer is guaranteed to arrive as scheduled or else they’ll refund your fees. ✔️They protect my money and information 24/7. Sign up using my link to get a £10 discount when you send £100 or more on your first transfer,

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Twig App referral codes and program details
Twig App

Twig - £5 bonus, no deposit needed Twig is a London-based start-up that enables people to sell pre-loved goods for instant cash. With the account comes a card that you can use anywhere. They are offering a £5 bonus, that works like this: - £2 for registering; - £2 for verifying ID (very quick) - £1 when you first cashout (sell an item). The first £4 are easy and nearly instant after signing up Steps: 1. Sign up via referral link 2. Enter referral code when/if prompted: Indy12247 3. You will have £2 after registering and then verify account to get the extra £2 Cash out the money: You can use the card online or with paypal. There is a £1 to send to bank accounts.

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OKCoin referral codes and program details

OKCoin - Free $10 in BTC for a $100 deposit OKCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that has been operating since 2013 and has become one of the most known and biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. They currently have a referral program consisting of $10 in free BTC for every user that verifies themselves to level 2 (it is a basic KYC involving ID) deposits $100 in fiat and trades a total of $100 in crypto. There are a lot of options to deposit, personally I did a SEPA transfer and had no problem at all. Deposit came through about 1 business day after I made the transfer. They also have a large selection of coins that you can trade if you plan on holding instead of exchanging to fiat. You can use their "buy crypto" feature to instantly get your crypto using credit / debit card. Steps: 1. Sign up using my referral link. 2. Verify your identity to level 2 (Photo identification) 3. Deposit $100 or equivalent in any of the supported FIAT currencies. 4. Buy $100 or more of any of the supported cryptos. 5. Bonus are distributed daily 4:00 P.M PT, deposit is fully and instantly withdrawable once received. 6. You can withdraw $10 bonus 180 days after you receive the rewards. You can trade it for euro, but you can’t withdraw until the locking period is over. There is a 1.5€ SEPA withdrawal fee. Crypto witdrawal fees vary by coin and network. (I would recommend using ALGO or LTC to withdraw)

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Freedom24 referral codes and program details

[EU and UK only] Get an INSTANT, FREE Share/Stock up to $600+ with Freedom 24 - NO purchase or deposit needed Freedom24 is a platform by Freedom Finance where you can trade IPOs and shares for USA, Europe and Asia (including Russia). Any client of Freedom Finance Europe Ltd being a citizen or official resident of the European Union is eligible to participate in the referral programme. A coupon for a free stock is only issued for attracting clients being EU citizens or official residents aged over 25 years. Steps: 1. use my Freedom 24 referral link 2. complete registration/verification/KYC 3. claim your free share/stock. To do this, go to "Orders" in your member area on the website, or to "Menu" in the mobile app. Click "Get a stock", and the gift stock will be automatically accrued to your trading account. While you won't lose any money, to withdraw the money it will be conditional on the value of the Free share you get (accounting for the high withdrawal fee of €7).

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Nexo referral codes and program details

$25 in BTC for a $100 deposit with Nexo (easy crypto Offer, FIAT or crypto deposit) Nexo is one of the biggest crypto lending sites, and has been operating since 2018. They have a very nice platform with a very generous selection of coins that you can buy and trade within their platform plus very competitive interest rates. (they also offer interest on FIAT currencies) You can earn $25 in BTC after depositing the equivalent of $100 worth of any of their supported assets (crypto or fiat) and holding it for 30 days. Steps: You must sign up with your browser so the referral can track correctly. 1. Sign up using my referral link. 2. Verify yourself to advanced verification in your profile section. This will unlock your own referral link and you will qualify for the referral bonus. 3. Deposit $100 worth of any of their supported asset (I recommend GBP since EUR have a 1000 transfer minimum) This is done with a regular bank transfer with reference. You can also deposit crypto if you hold, or stable coins, just remember that portfolio value needs to stay over $100 USD. 4. After your deposit is credited you can go to the BTC wallet and see your bonus pending, this will be unlocked after 30 days. 5. Withdrawals on FIAT are FREE on Nexo, plus there is one free crypto withdrawal per month.

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Streetbeat referral codes and program details

Streetbeat is a new app that allows investment in US stocks with an easy to use, commission free platform. Get $10 after successfully completing onboarding with my link, and get an additional $10 for each friend you refer! Works in the US and the UK. No purchase or deposit required to get $10! You will need to provide your NI number and a Government issued ID. If you are in the UK. for US, have your SSN ready and a Government issued ID. After you download the app, make sure to add a referral code when prompted. The $10 referral bonus will in your account within 1 business day. You will get and email once your bonus/reward is in your account. You can trade with the money immediately and it can be withdrawn after 6 months.

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Swissborg referral codes and program details

Swissborg: instant reward worth €1 to €100 when you deposit €50 Swissborg's referral programme is one of the most popular on this sub. They're a young Swiss company focusing on crypto wealth management. When you sign up through a referral link and deposit €50, you'll instantly get a random reward worth €1 to €100. You can deposit in GBP from your UK bank account, just make sure you're depositing at least the equivalent of €50. The reward is paid in CHSB, the Swissborg token, and can be sold to GBP/EUR and withdrawn right away. Note: a lot of the rewards that people get tend to be small (as compared to the maximum that's advertised). It is definitely possible to get a higher valued reward, though it seems these are not as common. Steps: 1. Download the Swissborg App using my link, sign up, and verify ID. 2. Deposit at least €50 (or GBP equivalent) via bank transfer (double-check the details!). Don't buy anything. It's also possible to deposit in any supported cryptocurrency instead of a bank transfer. 3. You'll get a scratchcard worth €1 to €100 in CHSB once your deposit is processed. 4. You can then withdraw your bonus and your deposit if you'd like. There are no deposit fees. Withdrawal fees are 0.10%, minimum €/£1.

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Monese referral codes and program details

Monese is a well known bank app and they're currently running a promo where we both get up to £70 referral bonus. They are one of the first mobile digital banking apps, making it one of the more established digital banks. It now also offers the possibility to open a EUR account and is continuously expanding its range of services. If you live in the UK or the EEA , wish to have easy access to a current account in these currencies while also saving money when you travel then Monese is a good option for you. - Bonus £30 for signing up and a further £40 for spending £500. Steps: 1. Please click on my link and enter my code: JONA576 during sign up. 2. Open account, send some money to your new account and order the physical card. 3. Use your virtual Monese card and make a transaction. 4. Receive the physical card and active it in app. That will net £30. 5. Send at least £500 (can be PayPal to family or friend). This will net £40.

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Cake Defi referral codes and program details
Cake Defi

Cake Defi - over $55 bonus until Feb. 11 Cake DeFi aims to be the gateway for users to easily and safely attain high yield on their assets. They have created a platform with a clean user interface that allows anyone from the novice to the time-starved investor, to start earning interest on their cryptocurrency with a couple of simple clicks of a button. Current bonuses: - $30 from using a friend's link - $5 from completing a quiz - 8 DFI under a promo (over $20 worth) You get all the rewards in DFI tokens after making a deposit worth $50 in the supported currencies (DASH, BTC, ETH, BCH, USDT, DFI, DOGE). This deposit can be withdrawn, while your rewards will be staked, currently paying 34.3% APY. What you can do at Cake Defi: * Liquidity Mining - shared pools to mine for high rewards and minimal fuss * Staking - yields of up to 34% in real-time, without the complexity of running nodes yourself * Lending - guaranteed 5% APY on BTC and ETH Steps: 1. Sign up via referral link 2. Submit account verification and get approved 3. Make at least a $50 crypto deposit of any of their supported currencies 4. After your crypto deposit is confirmed, you will see a [balance added in DFI]

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Quantfury referral codes and program details

Quantfury: $10 - $250 FREE stock or crypto with with a $50 deposit Reward is from $5 to $250 Quantfury recently updated their referral program and now requires only a $50 deposit but a longer holding period of 90 days. Quantfury is a crypto and stocks platform that recently started a referral scheme where new users can earn up to $250 in free crypto or stock after funding their account for the first time. You only need to create an account and you will see the reward in the rewards section in the app, to unlock this you need to fund your account for the first time with at least $50 in supported cryptocurrencies (*Litecoin is the cheapest one to send in*), bonus will be unlocked and available for sell, and then you need to wait 90 days so you can withdraw both bonus and deposit, withdrawing before will forfeit the bonus. This is an excellent offer if you want to start holding crypto or if you already hold. Steps: 1. Download the Quantfury app: hidden-url 2. Create your account, and when you are asked to enter an invite code, enter 517LZ5E2 3. Go to the rewards section, and you will see the reward you will get after depositing . 4. Fund your account with at least $50 worth of any of the supported cryptocurrencies. That will allow you to sell your reward. This will be converted to the crypto that you deposited. 5. The bonus is withdrawable 90 days after selling the reward. (In the account section you will see the total and the withdrawable balances). YOU WILL LOSE THE BONUS IF YOU WITHDRAW YOUR DEPOSIIT BEFORE THE 90 DAY PERIOD IS OVER.

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Kriptomat referral codes and program details

Kriptomat - Free 10 EUR in BTC after buying or selling 101 € worth of crypto (Instant bonus and withdrawal, GBP deposits available) GBP deposits now available in the platform! Kriptomat is a cryptocurrency platform where you can buy and sell with credit card payments and bank transfers. They are currently offering 10 EUR for everyone that completes a buy or sell volume of at least 100 EUR. To do this: * Buy BTC for €101. It will cost you about €1.45 * You will receive your €10 bonus in BTC. * Convert all your BTC to XRP. (free) * Transfer all your XRP to another exchange. This only costs a few cents. Bitpanda is great to convert to Fiat * Convert your crypto to cash and withdraw it to your bank account. *The bonus is given in BTC instantly after you make the trade!

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Chip referral codes and program details

Chip - free £15 for depositing £1+ Join Chip on their mission to build the best savings account in the world! Join the 400,000 people saving with Chip, and they'll get you started with a free £15. Steps: Download the Chip app using my link. To get the referral bonus Head to the "Promos & Referrals" section on your profile and enter the code CHIP-CKD231 Deposit at least £1 into any Chip account, you must be a new customer You must be an active Chip customer for at least 30 days. The £15 cash bonus will be paid into your Chip Savings Account.

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New Crypto App: TAP - Get FREE £5 + £5 each time you invite a friend. TAP app is a new platform where you can: 1. earn money 2. trade crypto 3. spend cash Sign up now and get £5.00 in Bitcoin for FREE when you open an account and your profile is approved. Sign up using my link. Add referral code during signup when prompted: TNG-895-416-44F4 KYC will be required: valid ID (Gov issued), photo/selfie and proof of address (eg a utility or bank statement within last three months) T&C’s: * 1.50% to sell/exchange your £5 worth of Bitcoin * £2 UK Faster Payment to Bank Account (for the Standard account, which is the one we get when registering)

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Xendpay referral codes and program details

Xendpay - free £10 for sending £100 to yourself. Xendpay is a money transfer service, (hidden-url rated "excellent" by Trustpilot. They're offering new UK users a free £10 when you sign up with a referral link and send at least £100 into another currency. If you need a foreign Euro account to send to, you can easily open one for free with a Wise account. Users from outside the UK can sign up as well and get a €10/$10 bonus for sending €100/$100, depending on their home currency. The bonus is applied as a discount towards your first transfer, meaning you pay £90 and receive £100 into your other account. Your transfer will be fee-free as Xendpay have a [Pay What You Want](hidden-url policy. This means you can change the transfer fee you pay for up to £2,000 of money transfers every year. Steps: 1. Sign up with my referral link. I’d recommend completing the sign-up process on the same device to ensure the referral tracks properly. 2. Transfer at least £100 into another currency (or €/$100 if you live outside the UK). Most people just send this to their foreign Euro account (such as Bitwala). On the Xendpay website, click *Send money,* then choose the country to send to - if you don't know where your Euro account is located, see the first two letters of your IBAN (Euro account number). Bitwala's accounts are German (DE), while Wise has Belgian (BE) or Lithuanian (LT) accounts. Alternatively you can transfer from your UK GBP account to a dedicated Euro/USD account in a UK bank, if you have one. 3. Set the Transfer fee to 0 and your transfer will be fee-free. 4. You'll see the £10 bonus applied to this transfer, meaning you'll pay £90 and receive £100. 5. You should receive your transfer in 1-2 business days.

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WorldRemit referral codes and program details

World Remit - £30 bonus for sending £100 World Remit is a reliable money transferring platform, allowing users to send money abroad with good exchange rates and low fees. If you join and send 100.00 GBP we'll each get a 30.00 GBP voucher. This is a voucher that you apply as a discount on a second transfer. On top of the referral (£30), they also have extra codes that boost the offer: TAKE10 - £10 discount on the very first transfer and 3FREE (no fees if you transfer in the future). Steps to get your £30 voucher discount: 1. Click/tap to my referral link. 2. Select the country you want to send money to and then press 'get started' 3. Enter at least 100 GBP as the amount to send 4. Get a £10 discount 'Got a promo code?' using TAKE10 5. Click Add a new recipient. If you have a contact or bank in country where you can send to, then just enter those details. If you don't have one, then you should set up Wise and send to the USA bank details. The details for USA, would be your name + account number. All the other info is not verified, so you can just fill in random data. If you do not have a Wise account, you can use my link on my page. 6. Fund your transfer by sending £100 from your UK bank account to WorldRemit or paying directly via debit card. Make sure you add your unique reference number 7. Transfer usually is done within a day or two. Voucher usually is sent shortly after after completion of transfer 8. You will then use that voucher on a new transfer, where you will see a £30 discount applied (you can just re-do the original transfer and net the profit)

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Stake referral codes and program details

Trade up to the US stock market from outside the US. 3,500+ stocks & ETFs and $31 trillion of value. What are you waiting for? Download the app and enter a referral code. Sign up today and trade up to 3,500+ US stocks and ETFs. UK, AU and NZ only. Reward: a free stock when you fund your account within 24 hours of signing up, including GoPro, DropBox or Nike. Steps: 1. Download mobile app using my link: hidden-url 2. Deposit £50 within 24 hours of signing up, 3. Spin the wheel to claim free stock. Pros: Fast: directly invest in 3800+ US stocks and EFTs. Affordable: commission free and no foreign exchange fees on trades. Secure: FCA regulated with securities insured up to £500k.

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Passfolio referral codes and program details

Passfolio - Get free stock worth $1 to $100 for a $25 deposit (worldwide) Passfolio is a US app that allows you to invest in US stocks from anywhere in the world. They currently have a referral program where you get free stock worth from $1 to $100 after you make a $25 deposit in fiat or $50 deposit in crypto into their platform. There is no need to spend your deposit in order to get the bonus, the bonus comes about 3 days after your deposit is credited. There are no deposit fees and withdrawal fees are $0.25 so there is a guaranteed profit of $0.75 minus FX rates spreads. You should not lose any money, yet there is a probability of breaking even. Steps: 1. Signup to Passfolio using my Referral Link. 2. Verify yourself (basic KYC, takes minutes to complete) 3. Deposit $25. You can use Transferwise or any bank transfer to make the deposit, but I would recommend Transferwise as the process is easy. Deposit takes about 3 days to credit and you will have your funds available. 4. Wait until you receive free stock, which you will be able to sell at any moment you want, but you need to leave the cash from the bonus there for a month. Withdrawals via ACH only cost $0.25, and you can withdraw to your Transferwise or Revolut account. Probabilities: * $100 - 0.25% * $75 - 0.33% * $50 - 0.5% * $25 - 1% * $5 - 2% * $1 - 96%

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Mode referral codes and program details

Mode - Easy £10 worth BTC Mode is a UK based crypto platform, listed on the stock exchange, that offers a very seamless experience buying BTC - bank transfers are instant and we are given named accounts at Mode. Deposits and withdrawals are instant. They have a very good welcome bonus: £10 worth of BTC. The £10 BTC can be triggered buying £100 (instant). This offer takes about 10 minutes to complete. Short Steps: 1. Sign up via my referral link. 2. Download app and join under that number 3. Deposit £100 and buy £100 worth of BTC (can sell back to GBP immediately if you want to*) 4. There should be an instant notification with regards to the £10 reward “pending”. The £10 gets fully credited to your BTC wallet 24 hours later. There’s a minimum of £50 to buy/sell, so I'd consider only selling £60ish immediately and then sell the rest when the bonus is on the wallet.

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Luno referral codes and program details

Luno - instant £10 in BTC, immediately withdrawable Luno is a super intuitive crypto platform, with a really nice interface making it simple to use, even for someone completely new in the space - it's easier than using most banking apps. Their reward program is all automated and instant - it probably ranks as the easiest and smoothest sign up experience I have used. New user sign up reward: Buy | Bonus| £100 worth of BTC | £10 in BTC If you are in Europe/EUR based: Deposit and buy 250EUR / Get 15EUR in BTC Steps: 1. Click on my link and register. 2. On your Luno dashboard, go to "Rewards" and "enter code": JSBKQ8 (you may get a message that it was already applied, which confirms you qualify for the bonus) 3. Verify ID and make a deposit - they support UK fast transfers (and Instant Sepa for EUR) 4. Buy at least £100 worth of BTC. £10 worth of BTC will be added instantly 5. You can now sell it all back to GBP and withdraw to your bank

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Azimo referral codes and program details

Free £5 instantly with this money transfer service for a £95 transfer to yourself, friends or family (AZIMO) Azimo is a money transfer and remittances service that offers great exchange rates and quick transfers to many countries around the world. They are currently offering £5off your first international money transfer of £100 or more. This first transfer does not have a fee so you would get 100 worth of your recipient currency, and would only pay £95, making it an instant bonus. The first transfer is free. They don’t allow the use of prepaid cards like Revolut or Monese (you cant send or send to with these accounts), so they require regular bank accounts. (Bitwala can get the job done if you are sending from UK). You CAN send to Transferwise too. Steps: 1. join up using my link, add my code; JONATHANI25, and verify ID 2. send money to your transferwise/nuri euro account 3. profit and more when you send ref link to your mates etc 4. don't use business account unless you have a business as they ask for proof

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Gemini referral codes and program details

Gemini - $10 worth of BTC for $100 trade. Founded by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (the facebook guys), Gemini is a crypto exchange platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, or store crypto with tools to help both beginner and advanced traders. They're regulated in New York and may be the safest and most secure exchange on the planet. Their referral scheme is pretty simple: Sign up and trade $100 worth of crypto (buy or sell). They credit $10 worth of BTC to your account within a day or two. Why you should open an account? Gemini has low fees and offers free withdrawals enabling you to use it as your place to buy and send crypto to complete a myriad of other offers on the sub or simply to invest. Steps: 1. Sign up via my referral link. 2. Select 'Register now' and verify your identity 3. You can either deposit GBP and then buy crypto or deposit crypto and sell for GBP/EUR 4. Simply send in around £75 via bank or crypto from an external wallet and trade it 5. Buy/Sell at least $100 (one has to make at least one $100 trade to trigger it) [use the active trader version for low fee trading] 6. $10 BTC will be credited, usually within 2 business days Their platform has two separate interfaces. One is called ActiveTrader (lower fees), which is catered to more advanced traders, and the other is just Gemini, which is geared towards the everyday user with a more intuitive and simpler user interface . If you prefer, go to your settings and switch to "Active Trader", where you can then buy/sell your crypto at lower fees (0.25%).

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CoinField referral codes and program details

Coinfield - Get 10 SOLO coins Coinfield is a crypto currency exchange based in Canada, that has a varied selection of cryptocurrencies and fiats that we can use to trade in their platform. They are currently offering 10 SOLO coins to the referred users that complete KYC and deposit at least £100 (or 100 USD, CAD, OR EUR). The coins will be awarded immediately after the deposit is credited. Steps: Here are the steps you need to follow for the free 10 SOLO: 1. Sign up via my referral link 2. Complete verification, this is a basic KYC with selfie and ID 3. Deposit $100 (USD/EUR/CAD) 4. 10 Solo will be instantly credited to your account 5. Minimum trade for SOLO is 50, so you will need to buy another 40 using your deposit. (or you can leave them there and start referring people yourself) 6. You can then exchange your 50 SOLO tokens to another crypto of your choice (I would recommend XRP) You could sell them directly on Coinfield but they have high fees, so I would suggest you send both your deposit and your coins to another exchange.

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BlockFi referral codes and program details

BlockFi - Get $40 in free BTC for non US residents BlockFi is a crypto interest app that currently offers $40 in BTC for referred users that deposit and hold a balance of $100 USD until the next interest payment (2nd Friday of every month) You can hold stablecoins so you are not exposed to crypto value fluctuations, and will gain interest for the whole month you hold your deposit. To get the bonus, just send in crypto deposit worth $100 and hold it for a month UNTIL PAYMENT DAY (2nd friday of evrery month) Steps: 1. Signup via my ref link 2. Get your ID verified 3. Deposit $100 worth of any crypto (balance needs to stay over $100 until payment day so preferably deposit stable coin or $150 in a volatile crypto) 4. In the 2nd friday after the month you deposited, you will see $40 in BTC added to your wallet. 5. Withdrawing before the bonus is given will forfeit the bonus.

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Bitpanda referral codes and program details

15€ from Bitpanda when you buy or sell 25€ of crypto (instant withdrawal of deposit) Bitpanda is an Austrian based platform with 2 million users allowing you to trade in over 50 digital assets. Bitpanda have a UK bank so you don’t need to deposit Euros – just deposit £25 using a UK bank transfer. There are two parts to Bitpanda’s offer: A €10 bonus for signing up, depositing at least €25 fiat and buy €25 of crypto. A €5 of BEST bonus (BEST is Bitpanda’s own token) when you complete a short quiz about crypto (you can withdraw your £25 deposit and €15 bonus immediately). Steps: 1. Sign up with my referral link. 2. Enter your personal details, take a photo of your passport and record a short selfie-video. 3. When your account is verified, tap “Portfolio”, “British pounds”, “Deposit”, "Bank Transfer" (free) and enter £25. 4. Buy £25 of crypto on Bitpanda (you wont get the reward if you use Bitpanda Pro for the deposit or trade). Since your Quiz €5 is paid in BEST I recommend buying BEST so you can sell all your BEST at once. Tap “+” then “Buy” then scroll down to BEST, tap British pounds and enter 25. Your €10 referral bonus is instantly added to your EUR wallet. 5. Carry out the beginners test. The quiz takes about 10 minutes. You have a many chances as you need to pass the quiz. Your account will instantly be credited with €5 of BEST. 6. Sell your BEST on Bitpanda Pro (very low fees - maker fee 0.1% / taker fee 0.15%). If you sell on Bitpanda’s standard platform the fee is 1.49%. You can sell BEST directly to Euro and withdraw to your Euro bank account along with your 10 Euro bonus. If you want to withdraw GBP, trade your BEST to BTC and trade your 10 Euro bonus to BTC. Then trade your BTC to GBP and withdraw back to your GBP bank account. Please note that Bitpanda do not allow fiat withdrawals to Revolut.

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Coinbase referral codes and program details

If you are new to crypto, I highly recommend using Coinbase. As one of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges, it is regulated in the UK, and the interface is beginner-friendly too. Steps: 1. Download the app using my link. 2. Complete onboarding, including verifying your identity (ID and selfie). 3. Trade $100+, and receive £10 in Bitcoin. 4. Additionally, you can complete various crypto quizzes via Coinbase Learn (up to $10 each).

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Revolut referral codes and program details

Revolut - get a random cash reward between £10 and £200 when you refer a friend! Revolut is a handy financial app and free multicurrency account that enables you to send and receive money in 30+ currencies, exchange money at mid-market rates with no fees, and spend in any currency with the Revolut debit card. There are many other features, too many in fact to list them all here. When you sign up, you'll receive your own referral link that you can use to invite friends and receive a random reward worth £10 to £200. This promotion is valid until 29th March 2022 11:59PM GMT. Steps: 1. Sign up using my referral link. 2. Add some money to your account by connecting another bank account or using a bank card. 3. Order a physical Revolut card. If you've selected their free plan, then there will be a £4.99 delivery fee for the card. 4. Make 3 separate purchases of at least £5 each with either your virtual or physical card. 5. You'll receive your own referral link which you can share with others and receive bonuses for each friend invited.

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Ziglu referral codes and program details

Ziglu - Instant £15 by making £1 exchange. Note that this offer ends midnight Thursday 17 March. Ziglu is a cryptocurrency app which launched on 15th June 2020. The platform feels more like an easy to use banking app. The company was founded by Mark Hipperson, who was previously a co-founder and CTO at Starling Bank. The app is very easy to use and all the transactions are instant: GBP deposits/withdrawals. Buying/selling crypto. On top of that, they have two really good products: a "Bitcoin Boost account" that pays 5% annual interest on your BTC, as well as a "Sterling boost account" (I highly recommend you look into this one, works brilliantly). Their invite program currently gives out a £15 for your first £1 exchange. It's all instant and you can cash this back to your bank in minutes if you want to. Short steps: * Follow invite link * Enter your number to get started. * Deposit £1 or more on your Ziglu GBP wallet * Exchange £1 or more * You will receive a £15 credit on your GBP wallet * You can withdraw the fiver or even spend it directly if you order Ziglu's debit card

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Cash App referral codes and program details
Cash App

Cashapp - free £10 in a few minutes This is probably one the best offers around, quick £10 to sign up to a good app... that typically doesn't require id verification. Cash App is a payment service developed by Square, Inc. that allows users to transfer money to one another using a mobile phone app. It is a very popular app in the US and expanding in the UK. They're offering us £10 for each friend that connects a debit card and send £50 with cashapp. This takes just a few minutes and does not require any ID verification, you just need to connect your card and then send to another account. Short steps: 1. Download the app 2. Sign up and make sure you enter reward code (on your profile/settings) 3. Link a debit card 4. As soon as you send £50 (can be done in multiple transfers), the £10 is added on to the balance. 5. You can simply withdraw money back to your bank Ideally you can just do it with a mate or your partner and you'll both earn the bonus just for sending cash to each other.

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Orca referral codes and program details

Free share worth £1-£200 when you sign up to Orca Orca is an investment app who offer a service similar to Freetrade and Trading 212, allowing you to easily invest in stocks and ETFs available on the London Stock Exchange and soon the US stock market as well. Orca are currently running a promotion that gets you a free share priced up to £200 when you sign up through a referral link and deposit £1. Steps: 1. Sign up with my Orca referral link. This gives you and me a free share when above conditions are met. 2. Verify your identity once you've created your account. 3. Make a £1 deposit. 4. You'll see the free share worth between £1-£200 added to your account within 3 business days. Free Share Promotion Terms and Conditions: Orca charges a £1 fee to sell stocks. There are no withdrawal fees from Orca, so after you sell your free stock (after 30 days), you'll be able to withdraw free of charge.

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