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🙌🏻 Helping hands built with ❤️

I lost my job after a surgery (not to mention another lost one to Covid last year) because I couldn’t get released by the doc fast enough this site truly helped when I was desperate, I have many codes to help a friend in need ❤️

Strike referral codes and program details

Super simple app that gets the memo of simple and utilitarian, great 11$ bonus with under 3 minutes. Love this app, resembles cash app but a more simple clean version of it 7YS4VL Is the code

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Current referral codes and program details

Current is platform backed buy mr.beast the ultimate philanthropist, entertainer and all around great you human. I will as well donate 1$ to that receive back as well being that helping hand we all sometimes need ❤️ Now onto Current as a company it’s a finical company focused on a easy to navigate and beautiful design, with option for teen account to send and manage your kids money to teach them how to save and be responsible for that i back this company 100 percent, A step towards a more Financially responsible world one download at a time!

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Aspiration referral codes and program details

Aspiration is company focused on developing an institution that provides love in care not only to us for the generous bonus, They focus on doing good for the world we live in undoing the damage our forefathers ignorantly caused, forgive the ones who did such buy donating 25$ to a “Do Good Cause” and heal this beautiful planet we all call home! They have no ATM fees, cash back rewards, and high interest, they trust to pick the fee!!! That said, 10% of your monthly fee (that you choose) is donated to charity what a beautiful company with a beautiful Vision and initiative! My name is helping hands, and this is the epitome of what my name stands for. Quit giving your money to banks that’s invest in ruining the environment put your money into Aspiration, Helping Healing and building a more Verdant beautiful world one day at a time

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Sofi Money referral codes and program details
Sofi Money

SoFi is and incredibly useful website, not only is there free checking account (no fees ever) it also includes investing in stocks as well as crypto! Credit monitoring is another amazingly useful tool! Also apply for loans for anything you need just a little help with in these tough times! P.S you can earn more and more money just for further gathering all your finances in one place, what a convince! Join the most finically convenient App today!

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The crypto king going to raise to the moon after a massive hundreds of million dollar deal buying the clippers stadium name rights and soon to over CRO as payments for payments at the stadium the future is looking bright this amazing company P.S you earn to learn I earned 34$ convert all into BItcoin so use my code and start taking control of your life

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Argentas referral codes and program details

Argentas is a global technology project. It revolutionizes money, payments and banking via advanced technologies. It is essentially two things: Digital currency & payment network

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Gingry is smart! 😏

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