300,000 EC

@Floki0386 + SuperVank

SuperVank is a free investment system that is fair to all users, regardless of country or language. Users can acquire EC easily and for free using SuperVank. Using EC they've acquired for free, users can invest in any of the stock data items of the listed companies around the world anytime via the different types of investments that can be made on SuperVank. SuperVank's investment programs are a very safe means to invest, as the user does not need to use his or her own assets at all. Investment performance is solely determined by skill and ability, and returns can be attained with zero cost. It is a means of providing fair opportunities for everyone to reap a return on investment. SuperVank symbolizes a platform of value where only "Value" is assessed, with "Vank" meaning convergence between "Value" and "Bank." SuperVank will most certainly become a new cornerstone of the future economy of mankind.

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