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More Bang for my...OUR $$$

$ is always tight! These are a collection of my secret “tips” to make my $.. do more for less, add more $ to my pocket and get the “free” stuff I share w/ my peeps. I don’t have all the answers... I do manage better than the “Jones” as a divorced mom, as a freelancer.

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Laughing is rewarded. Watch videos and earn rewards to win cash. ClipClaps is a member-owned video and news app that commits to bring users the latest breaking news and trending videos. It can somewhat be compared to TikTok as most of the content is entertainment videos. If you sign up, it's really worth posting your referral code on this site. Bellow you can find a list of recent ClipClaps redeem codes shared by other users. Post yours after you sign up!

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Deborah is smart! 😏

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