2000 Uhive (up to $6000/month) tokens/ 25% commission level 1 referral/ 2% commission level 2

@Etherealcrypto + Uhive

The first 200,000 users to sign up and start creating content, using the app and interacting with other content will be rewarded with up to 100,000 Uhive tokens. You get 300 Uhive tokens for every referral that uses your link or code. How to earn When you invite/refer a user to download and use Uhive, that user’s account is connected to your Uhive account for one year. Within that year, any financial transactions your invited user/s undertakes, you will receive a 25% share of the amount. Additionally, if the user invites another user, you will receive a 2% share of any financial transactions they execute as well. Actions users take that can help you earn: Buy tokens. Buy spaces (Metaverse real-estate). Buy space names (space names are unique and act like web domains). NFTs. Rewards. Metaverse Avatars. How much do you earn? The amount you can earn is unlimited, it is completely reliant on how many users you sign up. For example: You use your influence to invite 10,000 users every month. 460 of them engage in transactions within the platform at an average price of $60. 460x$60(@25%) return = $6,900. Over 12 months, consistently inviting 10,000 new users to Uhive every month will earn you a total income of $82,800.

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