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Make EASY Money Online - I'm about legitimate side hustles.

Welcome! I'm Parker and I'm here to help you make money from the comfort of your own home! . These won't get you rich, but they will get you that espresso machine that just doesn't fit your budget. Get enough to go get that haircut, extra hobby money, beer money, and maybe even a carton of eggs! - it doesn't matter we are all needing a little extra income! . I research these opportunities and make sure of their legitimacy before sharing. But ALWAYS do your own research if you are uncertain. Utilize Trustpilot or Scamadviser to check out the company if you have any doubts at all. Also reading the reviews on the download site for the app itself is helpful. You can't be too careful these days. so I want to be real with you when I say do your research! I do hope you come back to my page after and help me out by using my links because I can sure use the referrals. . So let's get to it! Here are the best and easiest ways I've found to be legit ways to make money from home! EASILY.

ZAZZLE referral codes and program details

Have you ever checked out Zazzle? It's a great Print on Demand Site that showcases so much talent! . Get T-shirts, totes, coffee mugs, coasters, celebration cards, wedding invitations and so much more! Many of these can be personalized as well! I find it a pretty cool place to pick out gifts for those close to me for various occasions. . You get 30% off your first order. Then once you refer someone and they complete their first order you'll earn $25 to spend/per referral!

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Coinchests referral codes and program details

This is a very clever way to get cheap ads! And a great way to get them seen! - Basically, you play a game where your goal is to get pixels in order to open chests. These chests contain a monetary value. Each time you go to collect the pixels there will be an ad on one. You must view the ad to clear the tile. You also find coins and those are worth $. - Now the ads you're seeing are from the very same people playing this game. They're buying ads and viewers. The referral program is phenomenal if you're into referring. $1.00 per sign-up, 20% of their sales, and 10% of their referrals' sales. - You get $5.00 just for signing up. But there is a catch to cashing out. You have to refer people that net you $5 in sales. But if you aren't into referring you can play the game and come across a cash-out token that lets you cash out without those sales.

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Benjamin referral codes and program details

They've finally gone live and they are paying!

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AttaPoll referral codes and program details

Survey app . One of the better survey apps out there imo. . If they disqualify you they seem to do it quickly rather than drag it out. . You'll get .50 cents for signing up with my link or using the code "hixrr" if prompted. If you refer, you'll get .50 +10% of their earnings! :)

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Poshmark referral codes and program details

$10 for each of us to spend on anything on the site for sale. If you haven't heard of it before then I'd say to compare it to Ebay. They sell pretty much everything, but it has its own unique interface which I love!

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Golden Hearts Games referral codes and program details
Golden Hearts Games

Play games for a good cause! Win bingo and slot machine jackpots! Donate to the charity of your choice in exchange for golden hearts. Use the golden hearts to play games. Keep your winnings! Cash out to PayPal or by check in the mail.

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Qmee referral codes and program details

Qmee is the best in a tight spot. Instant cashout!!

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Shopkick referral codes and program details

Please use my code: YAY373614 to get the 250 kicks to kickstart your Shopkick account! Must earn 10 kick within 7 days of signum to get the bonus! Bored? Don't want to be stuck at home, but don't want to be outdoors either because it's rainy, too cold, too hot, too humid?? Then this little money-making app is perfect! You check the app for available stores and head over to one or all of them if you wish and scan the items the app asks you to. They're very specific. They have you go to places like Wal-mart, grocery stores, CVS, Sephora, Ulta, 7-Eleven, ETC... That's it, you can earn gift cards by just doing barcode scanning. I earned a couple 5 & 10 dollar GCs and I lived in a tiny little town with 2 eligible stores to scan items. Sometimes there are offers of money back (pretty decent discounts) on items as well so if they interest you then there's a good discount for ya! You just need to keep the receipt and snap a pic, then the money is in your Shopkick account! You can redeem your kicks from a variety of gift cards. Don't forget to enter the code for the 250 kick bonus! Code = YAY373614

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Receiptjar referral codes and program details

Both parties receive 200 points after the referral uploads a receipt. - Just another app that pays for receipt uploads. Similar to Fetch, Receipt Hog, and Amazon Shopper's Panel. Only these receipts must be less than a week old. - You receive points based on the total of the receipts. You can earn up to 120 points a week. Below $10 = 5 points Between $11 - $50 = 10 points Between $51 - $100 = 15 points Over $100 = 20 points - You can redeem with PayPal, Visa, Amazon, and a ton of others.

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Mana Gaming Debit Card referral codes and program details
Mana Gaming Debit Card

Mana is a banking app designed for gamers! Sweet! You can often use your mana toward games you play! . Some great things about Mana are: *Free checking account *Free debit card. *Free ATM withdrawals at CVS, Walgreens, Target & Kroger! *$10 referrals!!! *Quests to earn Mana Point rewards (fun!) *They're open to game suggestions to partner with! . Cons - You can only redeem Mana points in their Mana Shop, BUT you're able to get thousands of video games, hundreds of gift cards for gaming, tech, food, fashion, leisure, etc...and gaming gear or tech hardware! . So really not that big of a con. Even if you're not big on gaming you can get a gift card for something else! . Thank you so much if you use my referral code: lorig6874 (lower case "L", not a capital "i")

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Fetch referral codes and program details

One of the best and most well-known apps out there, haven't jumped aboard the Fetch train yet? You definitely should. There is a reason for all this hype! . Scan every receipt you have and earn no less than 25 points. You can even do e-receipts from Amazon, Google Play Store, and more businesses linked to your email. . Do you like Pepsi products, Mtn Dew, and/or Lays chips? Fetch often does promos for these companies - and tons of others. Toothpaste? Coffee? Liquor? Yep, they give you additional cash back for certain promos.... You earn extra points for buying stuff you already buy, so it's a coupon essentially that the extra funds just build up in the app until you feel like cashing out! . You can double it up with other coupons....such as the ones from iBotta (oftentimes they run the same promos on products alongside Fetch) ***Referral link to iBotta in my Invitation page as well. Then add those + your Kroger deals, just stack away with these coupons & savings apps! . Refer your friends and get 2,000 - 5,000 (ratio is 1,000 = $1) bonus points and your friend gets various amounts of points after they scan their first receipt. . Use points for various gifts and gift cards starting as low as $3.00. . Download the free app and begin receiving rewards towards gift cards from companies such as Amazon, Target, and Home Depot (There are tons to choose from).

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GG2U referral codes and program details
GG2U is an exciting rewards program that will give you 'GG2U Coins' for doing very easy things like trying out new games and answering quick survey questions. . You can choose to be paid via PayPal, Bitcoin, or eGift Cards. . Their surveys and offer wall offers will usually give you among the best payout rates in the entire industry: a huge 65%-85% (whereas most of our competitors only pass along 40%-60% to their members). Sign up now and see for yourself how much more you can earn with GG2U! . You can also get paid for watching videos (you're actually getting paid for watching the ads in the videos...) :)

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SerpClix referral codes and program details

SerpClix - Can be used on mobile...but highly recommend to utilize on a desktop/laptop PC. It requires a browser ext and I'm sure you'll want to be doing ANYTHING else other than just watching a timer rundown on a task. . This is a site that has been around for a while. It will not make you rich. But it is nice pocket change with very minimal effort if you spend any amount of time on a laptop/desktop. . What is SerpClix? They're a service that provides organic clicks (i.e. you if you choose to sign up as a clicker) to businesses/influencers who are trying to get to the top of Google search results. . How it works: Must use either Firefox or Microsoft Edge. To be a clicker you'll need to install an extension, which instructions are provided on the website when you sign up on how to do this. You receive a notification (sound/pop-up) when a click is available. If it's one for US it pays $.10/per click. If it is for anywhere outside of the US, it pays $.05/per click. So the job will appear in your browser. You click it. It will either be a direct link, a google maps link, video, or website. When you click the job it automatically gives you what to paste into the google search bar. Just paste & search. Scroll until you find the site which is very blatantly highlighted in red & yellow. Click that. You're set. When you click it takes around 90 - 160 seconds…as they want time spent on the website itself. . The beauty of this is, I hate both Firefox and Edge and strictly use Chrome. So basically, I get the notification. Go do the click. Switch back to my Chrome browser or excel I'm working on and keep on doing what I'm doing while the countdown goes on. . The site pays via Paypal around the first week of every month as long as you make $5.00 or more in the prior month. On Dec 1st they paid me out $4.15 though, so this may not be a hard rule.

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Ibotta referral codes and program details

Do you shop? Groceries, meds, alcohol? Of course, you do! iBotta is awesome for people who grocery shop... so for most of us :). - While you're making out your grocery list, check the offers on the iBotta app from the stores at which you plan to shop. If the app has something you plan on buying then click the + sign to pre-add add them to your list. It is essential to have them already chosen before checking out to receive the rewards!!! - They often have great promos! I like to pair this with Fetch, and my rewards club card to get triple coupon rewards. Don't forget, put what you think you'll buy in your list PRIOR to checking out or you may not get credited. For built-in extra caution, there is a barcode scanner within the app that you use to scan the barcode on the item at the store to make sure you're selecting the correct thing! I have received hundreds of dollars cash back for buying things I would buy anyway, like... - -Laundry detergent -Face wash -Bread -Milk -Sodas -Kleenex -Aspirin/cold &flu meds -COFFEEE!! just to name a few... - Once you're done shopping you just simply scan the receipt and reap the rewards...let it accumulate or cash out in cash (Either Paypal or link to your bank acct) or choose from gift cards from over 150 retailers! You can get these gift cards down to the penny in the cash you have. I I just used my cashback savings to get a GC to Amazon for $37.58 as I'm typing this. So that is a nice leftover change! - Please remember to add my referral code to your account to receive $10: FDOGG - And thank you so, so much if you use mine because I get the bonus too!! 😊 Happy Savings! PS... While you're scanning receipts, you might as well do all the other money-making receipt apps at the same time! I have and will be adding links to all ASAP to: -Fetch (Already added to my page here) -Receipt Hog -ReceiptJar

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Mistplay referral codes and program details

Hands down the best paid-to-play gaming platform ever! If you love playing mobile games. This is it. I have made more than $300.00... . Just playing games... . IN MY SPARE TIME... . In less than 2 years... . They're actually decent games, typically ad free!!!!!! The App's interface is really great. It's clean and easy to maneuver. You can cash out in a ton of ways. Paypal, visa, amazon etc...For real, this is legit and my favorite! It's like getting paid for a hobby for me! The referral program isn't amazing if that's what you're more into, but the app pays. And I think it pays really well.  . Available on Android only.

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