$10 instant! Links to CA or PP!

@DabcityMN + Jassby

Steps for ANYONE to create a step account and receive $10 instantly with no deposit req. Link parents virtual debit card to cash app or PayPal! Enter the TEEN'S name. Copy the link it gives you and paste in a new tab. ----start parent account Add teen to the PARENT account. USE A DIFFERENT EMAIL AND PHONE # (I used Talkatone, it accepts verification codes) Log out of the PARENT account Choose JOIN EXISTING FAMILY (go the the TEEN'S email and copy the code they sent and paste it here) Now you should see $10 in the TEEN account Send the $10 fro teens account to the PARENT account Use the virtual card number and link to cash app or PayPal You now have $10!

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Jeffrey is smart! 😏

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