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Hi, I am CryptoZer0, I post different deals related to cryptocurrencies and Passive Income. I USE ALL THE SERVICE I POST, I really like them and I share with you my EXPERIENCES and STATISTICS so that you get an idea of the different services. Also, when possible, I SHARE A PORTION OF THE EARNINGS from the referral program with you. Don't hesitate to ask any questions, I would be happy to answer them 😉 _______________________________ ⭐ If you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies, I can guide you a little in the beginning if you want, try to answer your question and explain some simple tips well to know, however I will not give you any investment advice ⭐ _______________________________ Vous pouvez me contacter en français si vous le souhaitez.

Sorare referral codes and program details

1 RARE CARD OFFERED AFTER BUYING 5 NEW PLAYERS AT AUCTIONS + 0.002 ETH (~$2) FROM ME AS GIFT IN YOUR SORARE WALLET AFTER HAVE RECEIVED YOUR RARE CARD _____________________________________ Experience : I don't like soccer so I don't get involved in the game much but I do the common competitions and I like to do some NFT buying and selling from time to time, it's quite profitable. I have to keep an eye on this game because it's really popular. You have different strategies to earn money in the game: - Play the game by competing and earn ETH or NFT by making good scores, but it is better to follow soccer quite a bit and put in a lot of money at the beginning. - Buying and selling NFT, buying a player who is underrated (because he is injured, because the championship is stopped,...) to sell him more expensive a few months later, is a longer term strategy but often less expensive and less risky. Many videos and live streams can help you and it is quite important to use the site to have detailed statistics on each player. _____________________________________________ Statistics for start the game and do the referral : Average price of low tier cards with good resale potential = ~0,01 ETH = ~ $15 Minimum recommended cost to start = average price low tier card x number of cards to be purchased at auction = 0,01 ETH x 5 = 0,05 ETH = ~ $75 (with this it is possible to start the game and hope to resell the cards at least at the same price if you have taken not too bad players) Average price of my reward cards (only 3 cards) = ~0,001 ETH = ~ $1,50 ___________________________ Referrals completed : 3

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Honeygain referral codes and program details

USE THIS LINK TO GET 5 000 HONEY ($5) DIRECTLY ON YOUR ACCOUNT AND I'LL GIVE YOU $1 IN A CRYPTO CURRENCY WALLET OR ON YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT WHEN YOU EARN 15000 HONEY ($15), SEND ME THE INFORMATION WHEN IT'S DONE _____________________________________________ Experience : I discovered Honeygain recently, it looks pretty cool. I use it on PC and it's very discreet, the software works well, I didn't feel any drop in my internet speed. I earn in a completely passive way, the software launches at the start of my PC, I get a small optional bonus with the Honey Jar then I let the application run in the background without caring about it. It's possible to withdraw in Bitcoin or fiat by Paypal (I haven't been able to test it yet but many videos show that it works) _____________________________________________ Statistics (based on 30 days) : Average earnings per day : 30 Honey/day = $0.03/day (PC usage per day = ~10h) Invested time : 30 sec invested/day (click on Honey Jar) $/invested time= $0.03 / 30 seconds invested = $0.06 / min invested = $3.6 /h invested (so it's profitable for the time invested) Additional energy used = ~ 0 Wh/day (it doesn't use significantly more energy than an average use of your device) $/additionnal energy used = $0.03 / 0 Wh = ~$∞ / Wh (so it's necessarily profitable compared to the energy used) ➡️ Results : $0.03 / day ➡️ $3.6 / hour invested ➡️ 0 Wh use ➡️ Very very slow but very profitable (I just have to check that the withdrawal works well) ___________________________ Referrals completed : 0

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Delta Exchange referral codes and program details
Delta Exchange

USE THIS LINK TO GET 10% TRADING FEE DISCOUNT FOR 6 MONTHS. _____________________________________________ Experience : I have been using Delta Exchange for some mounth now to start trading Options because it's a big feature of Delta Exchange and options are derivative assets that I find incredibly interesting. It's also possible to do spot and futures trading with Delta Exchange, I used these features just a little but it looks fine. It's the best Options trading system I have tested, much better than Binance. The interface once we understand is quite intuitive and there are a lot of different cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, SOL, ADA, LINK, BNB, BCH), also it's possible to buy contract parts with only a few dollars or even a few cents of a dollar, it's really excellent. ___________________________ Referrals completed : 2

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Maiar referral codes and program details

AFTER YOU CREATE AN ACCOUNT AND YOU BUY 200$ OF EGLD (eGold), YOU WILL RECEIVE 10$ (INSTANT WITHDRAW POSSIBLE) ____________________________________ My experience : I create my wallet few mouths ago. Currently it is only possible to have a few currencies on Maiar (eGold, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, MEX) of course this list will grow.

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