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Hi, I am CryptoZer0, I post different deals related to cryptocurrencies. I think my deals are really interesting because, when I can, I share with you a part of my rewards as gift to thank you for choosing me, I think it's normal 🙂 Moreover, I use all the service I post, I really like them and I share with you my experiences so that you get an idea of the different services. Here, only projects that deem serious enough, so I avoid faucets or dubious applications and if I know that a project is a little dubious, I would like to point it out to you in complete transparency. Don't hesitate to ask any questions, I would be happy to answer them 😉 _______________________________ ⭐ If you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies, I can guide you a little in the beginning if you want, try to answer your question and explain some simple tips well to know, however I will not give you any investment advice ⭐ _______________________________ Vous pouvez me contacter en français si vous le souhaitez.

Sorare referral codes and program details

1 RARE CARD OFFERED AFTER BUYING 5 NEW PLAYERS AT AUCTIONS + 0.002 ETH (~$7) FROM ME AS GIFT IN YOUR SORARE WALLET AFTER HAVE RECEIVED YOUR RARE CARD _____________________________________ Some tips to help you to start : - Choose teams from different League in your choices at the start of the game if you want to play anytime because this affects the 10 free cards you will receive at the beggining - Then you will have to buy 5 new players at auction, it's up to you to choose your strategy, I can just tell you the worst players are around 0.005 ETH (~$19), there are decent players around 0.03 ETH (~$119) and the best players are more expensive than 0.1 ETH (~$397), it's expensive but you can really earn a lot more ETH with good players. ALSO, THE MORE YOU PAY EXPENSIVE PLAYERS, THE MORE YOUR FREE RARE CARD WILL BE EXPENSIVE. - Use Soraredata to help you find the right players at the right price and not get ripped off : ___________________________ Referrals completed : 2

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USE MY LINK AND STAKE $CRO FOR A CARD (MIN. $400 FOR THE RUBY CARD) TO GET $25 AND I GIVE YOU $10 AS GIFT TO THANK (send me your Wallet address when you receive the $25) _____________________ My experience : I have been using Wallet for several months and I was moderately satisfied with it because I find some fees a bit expensive and overall it was less useful than some other Wallet I think, although a quite a few of cryptocurrencies are listed, it's a good point. The best with was their own credit card which interests me a lot. It is possible to have the worst card for free but I think it is better to have another one and to have it you need stake $CRO ($400 in CRO for the cheapest) however I don't really want to stake my $CRO now, I prefer wait for the Bear Market. I had neglected a bit these last months and what was my surprise when I learned of the existence of their new Cronos blockchain, it's too cool, now it's becomes really interesting to have a Wallet. In addition, I have just discovered that we can do a few tasks daily (make a few transactions, ...) to obtain some $CRO as rewards (I haven't had any yet but it shouldn't be long), it's nice. From now on, I will use this wallet a lot more.

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Nine Chronicles referral codes and program details
Nine Chronicles

- USE THE LINK - SIGN IN WITH YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNT - DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE LAUNCHER - WAIT FOR INVITATION CODE DROP (EVERY 3H) - REFRESH WEB PORTAL AT LEAST A MINUTE BEFORE CODE RESETS - DO CAPCHA AT LEAST 15 SECONDS BEFORE CODE RESETS - CLICK GET VERIFICATION 1 SECOND BEFORE CODE RESETS AND CLICK ONLY ONCE - IF YOU GET IT, PLAY AND REACH LEVEL 20 TO GET 3.55 NCG and I WILL SEND YOU 1.78 NCG AS GIFT (send me your NCG wallet address after your receive your 3.55 NCG) ____________________________________ What is Nine Chronicles ? Nine Chronicles is a PC Idle Action RPG that runs on its own blockchain where players mine blocks. My experience : I have been playing this game for a few weeks, it's a very nice game, I play a little almost every day but sometimes the load time can take really long depending on the blockchain status. The game seems to be played free-to-play and the game gives us 17.4 NCG (~ $16.8) to help us out a bit, so it's really cool. ___________________________ Referrals completed : 1

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Rising Star referral codes and program details
Rising Star

IF YOU USE MY LINK AND YOU DO 1 MISSION I SEND YOU 100 STARBITS AS GIFT + 50 STARBITS EVERY TIME YOU DO 100 MISSIONS (feel free to contact me if I forget) ______________________________________________________________________ What is Rising Star ? Rising Star is a small game on the HIVE Blockchain in which you must form a musical group and perform on stages to win the game's cryptocurrency: STARBITS. My experience : I have been playing this game since the beginning of September and I like it, for me it's a very good clicker game. Even if the progression in the game is very slow, we always earn more and more STARBITS as the missions progress. You don't have to put money into the game, but it's easier to pay 5 HIVE (~ $5) for a pack to validate your account. Then you have some different strategies to advance in the game, personally I opted to invest a little bit in some inexpensive "People" cards to start quietly, then to buy pizza boxes with my earnings to store the Pizza Slice collected on mission, then do Music Lessons to gain more EXP and level up faster. ___________________________ Referrals completed : 0

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Delta Exchange referral codes and program details
Delta Exchange

USE THIS LINK TO GET 10% TRADING FEE DISCOUNT FOR 6 MONTHS. _____________________________________________ My experience : I have been using Delta Exchange for a few weeks to start trading Options because it's a big feature of Delta Exchange and options are derivative assets that I find incredibly interesting. It's also possible to do spot and futures trading with Delta Exchange, I used these features just a little but it looks fine. I'm really a beginner in Options trading, I found the interface to be quite unclear at first, but after some testing and research I finally understood the basics. Now I find it to be by far the best Options trading system I have tested, much better than Binance or FTX. The interface once we understand is quite intuitive, there are a lot of different cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, SOL, ADA, LINK, BNB, BCH) it's really great because usually it's only BTC and ETH, there is quite a bit of liquidity and it's possible to buy contracts with only a few dollars or even a few cents of a dollar, it's really excellent to be able to familiarize yourself with this tool. Finally, because I know it bothers some people, there is no need for KYC to trade on Delta Exchange, just you can withdraw up to $10,000 ($2,000 per day) without KYC but if you want to withdraw more you will have to do KYC (note: I understood that it took a really long time to validate the KYC) ___________________________ Referrals completed : 2

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FTX referral codes and program details

WITH THIS LINK YOU WILL RECEIVE 5,00% FEE DISCOUNT ALL YOUR TRADES. _____________________________________________ My experience : FTX is a good exchange that I use since 3 months. FTX is an exchange that is starting to become essential for many traders. It does what we ask for a good exchange : Trading Spot, Futures, Options, Leveraged Token, NFT,... with some very valuable additional tools such as calculating directly on the site the risk taking of your trades for example. It's starting to have a lot of tokens but it still lacks a lot compared to its main competitor Binance. I am for the moment very satisfied with this exchange and I have complete confidence in it. ___________________________ Referrals completed : 0

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Maiar referral codes and program details

AFTER YOU CREATE AN ACCOUNT AND YOU BUY 200$ OF EGLD (eGold), YOU WILL RECEIVE 10$ (INSTANT WITHDRAW POSSIBLE) ____________________________________ My experience : I have been hearing about Elrond and Maiar for a very long time but I only decided to create my wallet few weeks ago because I thought it had too little use at the moment, but now that the first Decentralized Exchange is coming this month, the Maiar wallet starts to get interesting. Currently it is only possible to have a few currencies on Maiar (eGold, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, MEX) of course this list will grow. It is also possible to stake your EGLD and earn 4% to 16% APR depending on the projects you choose. A good point to note, it's possible to buy EGLD directly with a bank card without any fee thanks to RAMP, it's the first time that I see this on a wallet of this type, it's an excellent idea. A lot of things are to be built for Elrond and Maiar but there is no doubt that this project is to be closely monitored and having a few EGLD seems very interesting to me. ___________________________ Referrals completed : 0

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Swissborg referral codes and program details

AFTER YOU CREATE AN ACCOUNT AND DEPOSIT 50€/$, YOU WILL RECEIVE A TICKET WITH A PROFIT OF 1€/$ TO 100€/$ (INSTANT WITHDRAW POSSIBLE) +50% OF MY REWARD (UP TO 50€/$) (send me your Bitcoin adress in Swissborg after receive your ticket) ____________________________________ My experience : I have been using Swissborg for about 10 months and I am very satisfied. It's really easy to use, I was able to buy cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, AAVE,...) cheaper than on the other plateform I use, but there are still fees which remain significant. Moreover new cryptocurrencies and new yields are regularly added, even if the rates has dropped a bit it's a very appreciable feature. I really think is one of the best place where buy and hold the most popular cryptocurrencies. ___________________________ Referrals completed : 0

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Ascendex referral codes and program details

SIGN UP WITH THIS LINK AND COMPLETE A CASH/MARGIN TRADING TO HAVE -5% ON YOUR CASH TRADING FEE AND -13% ON YOUR FUTURES TRADING FEE _____________________________________________ My experience : AscendEX (Bitmax) is a good exchange that I use more and more often because there are more and more cryptocurrencies that interests me which are listed. Its main interest is that it offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies less known than on the other exchange that I use. Otherwise, it offers tools similar to the competition : futures trading, margin trading, staking, yield farming,... but not launchpool. ___________________________ Referrals completed : 0

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Rune referral codes and program details

RECEIVE 20% REFUND ON YOUR ACCOUNT CREATION COST (200 RXS = $7.5) __________________________________________ My experience : It's a game I played a bit, it's nice, you play a game with other players by collecting different runes (cryptocurrencies) directly in game or by winning the round and you can claim them once per month. There is also a DeFi part where you can farm with the different runes that you have won or bought to collect other runes. These runes can then be used to craft equipment that aims to improve the yield of your farming or be sold on the marketplace. The game has improved a lot and more games are coming soon. ___________________________ Referrals completed : 1

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Coinbase referral codes and program details

$10 IN BITCOIN AFTER YOU BUY OR SELL $100 OF CRYPTOCURRENCIES + $5 FROM ME AS GIFT IN YOUR COINBASE ACCOUNT (send me your Bitcoin Adress in Coinbase after your receive your $10) ___________________________________________ My experience : I have been using Coinbase since November 2020 and I am very happy with it, it's the first platform where I bought a cryptocurrency (Bitcoin ^^), it's a very serious site in which I have complete confidence. Quite a few cryptocurrencies are listed and it's really easy to use. There aren't a lot of visible fees but the cryptocurrencies conversion rates aren't very fair, it's a kind of hidden fees. However it often gives us some cryptocurrencies (they offered me ~$30 since I found out about this feature), it's really cool ___________________________ Referrals completed : 0

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