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Crypto Referrals I enjoy faucets and other Crypto related things. - My favourite faucets are Cointiply, MoreMoney, GraB, & FaucetCrypto I'm going to be setting up graphs to show how much I've earned on each but I've probably got the most from Cointiply, FreeBitcoin & Moremoney. FaucetCrypto is really good for picking up smaller crypto. HorizenFaucet is nice too, free zen everyday which has gone up from $5 in November to $80 currently I really like Stekking too, BTC cashback which is great or if you're US based then check out Fold & Lolli.

PipeFlare referral codes and program details

I've been using Pipeflare for a while now and they've changed a bit since the general description so I am making my own. Pipeflare offers a daily faucet for ZEC, MATIC and their own token FLARE which you can stake on their site. They have games where you can earn flare and also offer increased bonuses for claiming every day. I've managed to build up a bit of ZEC with this one. Easy to do.

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Freebitcoin referral codes and program details

I offer 50% back to you from my referral commision! It's set automatically on the site to get sent back, this means you'll get more per faucet claim. - One of the oldest faucets around. Claim can be increased by either runing the multiplier, buying lottery tickets or deposting BTC. Out of these options deposting is probably the best option as you don't lose anything whereas the lottery and multiplier may lose you sats. - This place offers 5% on balances over 30000 sats and has no min withdraw only charging the usual small fee associated with BTC transfers. The site also offers the referrer commission on this interest - again I offer 50% automatically back to you meaning you'll get even more interest for your BTC. You also get an email everyday to spin a wheel for a free prize, from sats to lottery tickets to amazon vouchers to physical prizes. Great and reliable faucet which has millions of users.

Check out Freebitcoin referral codes and program details

Satsback is a cashback website that gives you sats for purchases at stores - based in UK.

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Freetrade referral codes and program details

FreeTrade generally offers a free share of at least £2 and up to £200 when signing up via a ref link but is currently offered shares at a minimum of £10 and up to £200 for signing up!

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LunarCrush referral codes and program details

New user to LunarCrush but honestly it seems pretty good, you get points which you trade for LUNR which are currently worth $4.45 each, you get these for time spent on site, adding your portfolio, sharing links and referring people - we both get 5 points when you sign up through my referral I believe. Seems like a cool site.

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coinmarketcap referral codes and program details

CoinMarketCap is the world's most-referenced price-tracking website for cryptocurrency assets in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space. Its mission is to make crypto discoverable and efficient globally by empowering retail users with unbiased, high-quality and accurate information for drawing their own informed conclusions.

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Cointiply referral codes and program details

This is the site I will recommend the most for building up BTC as during my short time in the crypto world I have gathered most BTC here - I've found it reliable and easy to use. - They also withdraw to DOGE. - I'm going to try and run through the best way to gain money on the site. - I'll be talking about coins which is what you are rewarded with on there - these coins are linked to $USD and the amount of BTC satoshi you are rewarded upon withdrawing depends on the current BTC price. - 10000 points will always equal $1. - Minimum withdraw is 35000 coins to DOGE or 50000 coins to BTC. Cointiply also offer 5% interest on anything over 35000 coins There is no fee for withdrawing. - This is the site I will recommend the most for building up BTC as during my short time in the crypto world I have gathered most BTC here - I've found it reliable and easy to use. - I'll be talking about coins which is what you are rewarded with on there - these coins are linked to $USD and the amount of BTC satoshi you are rewarded upon withdrawing depends on the current BTC price. - So what ways can you earn on Cointiply? - Earn via the faucet - The simplest form of earning on here is to roll the faucet. I understand the amount of rolls you have does currently depend on which country you are from, some being able to roll twice per day, others being able to roll once per hour. - Either way it's free coins, with a chance to win the current jackpot. - It's free to roll and it isn't behind an ad-wall. - You get extra coins for hitting a prime number. - If you roll at least once every day you gain a +1% accumulative bonus. - The menu route is Earn Coins > Roll the Faucet. - Earn via surveys - Surveys are an excellent way to earn coin on Cointiply- with some only taking minutes for over 500 coins and others that take a bit longer which can reward higher than 20000. - I generally recommend Theorem Reach as it's the most reliable and also offers 50 coins for surveys you don't end up qualifying for. - There are a whopping 14 Offerwalls to choose from that all offer surveys. - How to find Theorem Reach - Earn Coins > complete survey - Earn via Video (Find Hideout ref in my links) - Earning via video can be an easy way to passively earn, you can do it on your phone but I personally find the easiest way to do it is on PC. - I recommend putting it on it's own browser tab so it remains in the forefront of a browser to ensure earning. Use brave to earn BAT whilst this is happening too via their ads. - Simply leave it running, you may have to prove your not a robot every so often. - Earn via game/app installs. - There are multiple apps you can install via the many offerwalls to get reward large amounts of points. These can be found under Earn Coins > Install Mobile Apps. - You can click on the different offer walls and view their offers. There are also offers along the top row that Cointiply has chosen to feature. A notable one which I have personally completed is King of Avalon: Dragon War which offers over 200000 coins to get to Level 17 Stronghold. If you're not familiar with the game it is a city building one - a common trope on phone games. You have to build up your town - at the beginning you have to click quite a lot but over time as buildings and troops take longer to make you'll only have to check in once per day. - I did this over a period of 3 weeks and was successfully paid out without any issues. I advise to try and get into an alliance as soon as possible. - There are multiple other games to do this on alongside other offers such as trying Amazon Prime Video trial for 13617 points or joining up to Swagbucks - another site you can earn via surveys - and earning $5 on there get's you $9 on Cointiply. - Earn via items - Cointiply has a novel way of earning extra coins via items. There is a seperate collection of points seperate to that of your main Cointiply coins called Contipoints. Now, I wasn't aware of these myself for some time as it can be difficult to find how many you have. - The easiest way I've found is to ensure your on the initial page so click the Cointiply logo in the top left then on the left hand side where you can see a button for start chatting, just underneath that it says Cointivity profile, click that and you will see you contipoints. - You can use these to buy "pods" which are basically crates with which you will get consumable and equip-able items. Both are good but the equip-ables last forever. For how ever many coins you earn in Cointiply, you will receive 10% of that number in Contipoints too. - Once up to level 71 you can equip up to 4 items! - I currently have three equipped and have +7% on any offers I do. You can have these and have 8 consumables running all at the same time to get crazy boosts on your earnings. I've made a little gif to try and show where you can find these points if you're still having trouble. - You have an option of three pods - Common pod for 2250 Uncommon Pd for 5000 Rare Pod for 9000 - You can also spend your coins on these but I'd recommend just using your Contipoints. - Earn via limited time Promo Code - Once and a while there will be a promo code available - follow @CointiplyFaucet on twitter to ensure you get to redeem them. If you install the app - which I believe is only currently available on android - then you will receive notifications on your phone for these too. You can find it via Earn Coins > Redeem Promo Code. - Tip: Register on the website and install the app through the featured offers and you will receive 500 coins! - Earn via limited Chat Rain! - You can earn via chat rain! If you're unfamiliar with the term it's when crypto "Rains" down on people usually during a chat feature. To become eligible for Cointiply's Chat Rain simply open the chat and say at least one thing in there and do something else around the site. The faucet counts as something but you get a higher percentage the more you do.

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Humble Bundle referral codes and program details
Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle lets you buy bundles of video games at a discount. They also offer books and products.

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Unstoppable Domains referral codes and program details
Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is a San Francisco-based company building domains on blockchains. These domains replace cryptocurrency addresses with human-readable names and are powered by the Ethereum and Zilliqa blockchains. CNS and ZNS provide users with full control of their domain names, which ensures permanent ownership, censorship resistance, and decentralized access.

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Uphold referral codes and program details

You can buy and sell crypto here. I use it for Brave browser as BAT goes there. You can invite people and if they sign up through your link and buy or trade $250 of crypto via their card or bank then you get $10 Bitcoin.

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StormGain referral codes and program details

You get $3 USDT for signing up through the referral link. There's a free "miner" that you can activate every 4 hours that "mines" btc, once you have 10 USDT worth you can withdraw. As someone who refers you get 15% of commissions paid by people who registered using your link and 15% of the funds withdrawn from the free cryptominer.

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Binance referral codes and program details

I earn 20% commission of your trades - I've got it set up to split that so that you receive 10% and I receive 10% when you sign up through my link.

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FaucetPay referral codes and program details

FaucetPay is a micro wallet provider where you receive micropayments from faucets and other sites without any extra fees. It is a leading micro-wallet and payment processor. Receive instant cryptocurrency payments from thousands of websites and withdraw it to your personal wallet for a very low fee.

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Coinbase referral codes and program details

Coinbase is the world's most trusted place to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency.

Check out Coinbase referral codes and program details

BCH games is a simply casino using Bitcoin Cash that has one game. Crash. You get 0.00000150 BCH when you join.

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BTCsurveys referral codes and program details

BTCsurveys is simply a wrapper for Theorem Reach surveys that you may have seen on other sites. It makes it quick and easy to earn BTC. Site works well. Referrers get 10% lifetime earnings from those they refer. The minimum withdrawal is .00075000 BTC (75,000 satoshis)

Check out BTCsurveys   

Gods Unchained referral codes and program details
Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is an online DAPP card game. It's based around ETH. You get $20 ETH for completing some simple in game tasks which I will outline here. Create account. Create Coinbase account. Link a wallet Subscribe to GU email list Play a ranked game Build a custom Deck Play a ranked game on 5 different days Win 7 ranked games.

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Quicrypto referral codes and program details

Quicrypto aims to provide the quickest and simplest way to earn cryptocurrencies, without risking your own money. Using Quicrypto, users earn rewards in the form of the Nano cryptocurrency for completing simple offers and watching ads.

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Presearch referral codes and program details

Presearch is the first decentralized search engine that compensates users for searching on their platform with cryptocurrency called Presearch coins. This search engine was created in response to the current state of search engines today where Google, Bing, and Amazon dominate the landscape.

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Global Hive referral codes and program details
Global Hive

Free ZEC every 24 hours with a stacking bonus each day you do it in a row. On the fifth day you get to spin for a larger amount of ZEC and then the bonus resets so you can do it again. Easy to do - straight to your ZEC wallet.

Check out Global Hive   

BeerMoneyForum referral codes and program details

It's an excellent resource to find out if sites are scam or legit. You earn BMF tokens just doing things around the site and 1000 points is equal to $1 USD. You also gain $1 for referrals.

Check out BeerMoneyForum   

Express Crypto referral codes and program details
Express Crypto

ExpressCrypto is a microwallet for faucets to pay into such as Dutchys autofaucet, it has a few good ones then you can send over to here. You can now also stake crypto on the site which is a welcome addition.

Check out Express Crypto   

dutchycorp referral codes and program details

This is an autofaucet that withdraws to numerous crypto including BTC, BCH, BCN, ADA, DASH, DGB, DOGE, ETH, ETC, ZEN, LTC, LSK, PIVX, KMD, XMR, NEO, PPC, RDD, XRP, STRAX, XTZ, TRX, USDT, VTC, WAVES, ZEC, EOS, QTUM, NEM, NANO, POT, SMART, STEEM, BAT, XLM, GRS, UBQ, NIM, MIOTA, RVN, ETN, BNB, LINK, BLK & ATOM You can collect tokens every half an hour to run the autofaucet - they also run a different singular with a different crypto every month. You can run the autofaucet with as many coins as your level so using your tokens to get more than one crypto at once. This place does have ad's but is legit and is a good place to grab a crypto that may be hard to find for free in other places.

Check out dutchycorp   

Stekking referral codes and program details

Stekking is a Cashback website on lightning BTC network. It has thousands of sites you can earn BTC cashback on. It is an evolution of cashback and loyalty rewards. They work with online stores to help you save in bitcoin whenever you shop online. Experience the future of saving and value transfer today!

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Horizen faucet referral codes and program details
Horizen faucet

Zen has gone up from $4.78 in Nov 2020 to $82.30 Feb 2021! Get in it now for free. Daily faucet (20hrs) with a bonus on the 5th day! Bonuses for holding in the Horizen wallet, using Brave and linking social media. Easy to do.

Check out Horizen faucet   

Publish0x referral codes and program details

Earn free crypto when you send free tips.

Check out Publish0x   

Crypto Idle Miner referral codes and program details
Crypto Idle Miner

Crypto Idle Miner is a video game for Android and Apple phones, you set up crypto mining farms and leave them to it. You can check in once per week or as often as you like to maintain your farms. I have left it for sometime and still maintained my rank - each week you're rewarded with HORA tokens which is a TRON token which you can withdraw directly to your TRON wallet.

Check out Crypto Idle Miner   

Althub referral codes and program details

A faucet that offers free crypto - you get tokens via their half hourly token faucet or the offerwall which you can then use to withdraw as a crypto of your choice. Unfortunately does change to an ad occasionally forcing you to press back but it is legit and pays out.

Check out Althub   

Blockchain Poker referral codes and program details
Blockchain Poker

Blockchain Poker is the easiest way to play Poker instantly, anonymously, and with real bitcoins. Its the first poker site to actually give out free bitcoins just for sitting down at a table and playing.

Check out Blockchain Poker   

CoinPayU referral codes and program details

Coinpayu is a bitcoin faucet that allows you to earn some Satoshi for free. The most valuable feature of this faucet is that you can buy referrals directly on the site, in exchange for your Satoshi earned on the tap to multiply your earnings.

Check out CoinPayU   

Ecoin referral codes and program details

You get free Ecoin which apparently will be worth more in the future - could be a scam? Possibly but it costs nothing to sign up and it may be worth something in the future. No immediate reward however.

Check out Ecoin   

Stakecube referral codes and program details

StakeCube is an automated and community-driven POS Crypto Pool with aim to provide an easy way for everyone to join a staking community to profit. Other Features include an exchange, masternode hosting, mining, faucets and more.

Check out Stakecube   

Free Binance Coin referral codes and program details
Free Binance Coin

Free hourly faucet - Binance Coin (BNB)

Check out Free Binance Coin   

Free USD Coin referral codes and program details
Free USD Coin

Play the roll game every hour to get Free USDC. The amount of Free USDC that you get depend on the number that you roll and paid out according to the payout table on the page.

Check out Free USD Coin   

Free Tether referral codes and program details
Free Tether

Play the roll game every hour to get Free Tether (USDT). The amount of Free USDT that you get depend on the number that you roll and paid out according to the payout table on the page.

Check out Free Tether referral codes and program details

CoinFaucet.IO (formerly has been established and officially launched in October 2017. Get Free Ripple absolutely free every hour by playing a very simple game, and you can win up to $300 in Free Ripple! With a click of a button, your wallet will be rewarded! Instant Withdrawals You don't have to wait to get paid. With CoinFaucet.IO you would get paid instantly once you reach their minimum withdrawal amount. This Ripple Faucet will give away free XRP after clicking a button once an hour.

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FreeNem referral codes and program details

FreeNem offers you Free XEM after every 1 hour but requires an account, a crypto faucet website where you create your account and receive some reward coins in your XEM wallet

Check out FreeNem   

Free Bitcoin referral codes and program details
Free Bitcoin

Freebitcoin offers you Free BTC after every 1 hour but requires an account, don’t worry this is a legit Bitcoin faucet website, so you can create your account with a referral link, and you will also receive some more reward coins in your BTC wallet if you create your account with a referral link.

Check out Free Bitcoin   

Pi Network referral codes and program details
Pi Network

Pi is a new cryptocurrency for and by everyday people that you can “mine” (or earn) from your phone. Pi makes crypto mining easy. Breakthrough tech allows you to mine on your phone without draining your battery.

Check out Pi Network   

Coin App referral codes and program details
Coin App

COIN uses your GPS to earn "COIN" on the go, this is the apps currency. You can then swap this coin for crypto such as XYO an ETH token or BTC and ETH. You can even swap for physical items such as games consoles. Using the app itself is kind of like pokemon go, you mine squares as you go and people can leave mines around with a message and some coins when you mine it. It's a pretty novel app, if you're on the go a lot it may be worth your while.

Check out Coin App   

Lolli referral codes and program details

Lolli is a rewards application that gives bitcoin when users shop at their favorite stores.

Check out Lolli   

Fold App referral codes and program details
Fold App

Fold has a great app but unfortunately it's offers are mainly US based at this time, I have no doubt it will branch out further in the future. However, it offers a free spin every day for free sats with the highest spin being 1 Million which is just great. You also get 5000 free sats for joining via the referral link! ~ withdraw at 50000 sats. Easy.

Check out Fold App   

Pitacoin referral codes and program details

Pitacoin is a simple game app with bitcoin prizes. All you need to do is to predict future bitcoin price and press up or down button. You'll get the result within 24 hours. It's 100% free. Earn bitcoin starting today.

Check out Pitacoin referral codes and program details

Hideout TV is an online platform where you watch videos and ads and then Hideout TV shares their ad revenue to the members or the video watchers. With Hideout TV you get paid for watching videos and ads

Check out   

Fire Faucet referral codes and program details
Fire Faucet

Is Legit, don't use is you don't like pop-ups. Pays out in numerous cryptos. Daily Bonus in tokens to run the autofaucet and a half hourly token faucet also. Can do surveys etc to boost tokens. 20% extra earned from referrals.

Check out Fire Faucet   

Free-litecoin referral codes and program details

Free Hourly Litecoin Faucet. Does have a couple of pop up's when using pc but is legit. 100k Litoshi Withdraw fee.

Check out Free-litecoin   

Faucet Crypto referral codes and program details
Faucet Crypto

Great UI for this site that offers multiple cryptos to claim. Has a 40 min faucet to claim site tokens. Also has an offer wall to claim more along with PTC. Instant withdraw for this one and has consistently been a reliable site. Offers a percentage of your referrals earnings.

Check out Faucet Crypto   

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