200 FREE CLAIMS!!!! The moon is the limit!

@Creditlution + Autofaucet

This is by far the best faucet in the world has over 50 different currencies including its own which is SPACE the ways and abilities they give you to earn is unrivaled and this is by far the best faucet in the game and if there was any single faucet I would recommend someone putting their time and effort into it is this one bar none and that includes any other faucets I recommend well they may be decent or even great none of them compare to dutchy!!!! So let's all get as much SPACE AS WE CAN AND TAKE IT TO THE TOP EVEN FARTHER THAN THE MOON!!! The higher you level up the more coins you can claim at the same time and the auto Faucet works perfectly all you need to do is start it and watch your Dutchy become crypto of your choice!

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@Creditlution 🎤

It is extremely cheap to buy a couple days of the lowest level membership and it removes all the pop-ups and all the stressful things involved with the rules and also gives you a third role to earn more dutchie with and I strongly recommend getting it as it is increased my profit and enjoyability tenfold on what is already the best faucet in the world!!!

a year ago

@Creditlution 🎤

The best advanced faucet in the world, in a league of its own! Keep leveling up to increase reward and to be able to claim more types of crypto at the same time!!! Simply press start on the auto Faucet and watch your Dutchy become Crypto of your choice!

a year ago

Communities supporting each other!(Jah & Diveyen)

Hi,very all over the place,& don’t see how to earn,keeps rerouting & doing “maintenance”.🤔

7 months ago

Creditlution is smart! 😏

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