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Curve referral codes and program details

Connect your cards to Curve and Enjoy a whole new banking experience. One Interface. One Curve card. A whole new world - real-time notifications, Zero Fx, 1% Cashback, and even time travel (Seriously!).

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Airtime Rewards referral codes and program details
Airtime Rewards

Shop with our retailers. Earn money off your mobile bill.

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Honeygain referral codes and program details

App that uses youe spare internet connection and rewards you for contributing to the network. Easy. Honeygain is a crowdsourced network company which enables other businesses to conduct intelligence, market, and business research. The app facilitates proxy services to third parties, such as data scientists, Fortune 500, and other trustworthy companies. Is it safe? Yes! Your security is important to us. And as the queen bee knows her bees, we know what every partner uses their network for. We estimate your approximate earnings based on the GB you share with the Honeygain network. The more you share, the more you earn!

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Poundshop referral codes and program details

Pound shop bargains delivered to you at home.

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Raffall referral codes and program details

Raffall is the world's first SaaS raffle platform that enables users to host their own raffles and competitions online.

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Casper referral codes and program details

Casper offers an array of foam mattresses. They ship in rather compact boxes and are prices fairly, so they're getting more and more popular.

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Carphone Warehouse referral codes and program details
Carphone Warehouse

Get Unbeatable prices on contract phones compared across the widest range of networks at Carphone Warehouse. We know because we check.

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HiveHome referral codes and program details

Transform your home with one of the UK's most trusted smart home providers, Hive Home. Browse our range of products and create a seamless experience ...

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Simply Cook referral codes and program details
Simply Cook

SimplyCook is a subscription-based recipe box service based in London. The company provides a monthly box containing four recipes and four nonperishable ingredient kits that are then added to fresh ingredients the subscriber purchases from the supermarket.

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Eufy referral codes and program details

Simplify your life at home with our range of robotic vacuums, security systems, smart lights, and more.

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Mankind referral codes and program details

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Taco Bell referral codes and program details
Taco Bell

Either use the link or use code Connonc6116 when signing up.

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Scottish Power referral codes and program details
Scottish Power

ScottishPower is one of the big six UK energy suppliers, responsible for the supply of gas and electricity in the UK to more than 5 million customers. ScottishPower is part of the Iberdola Group, a world leader in wind energy and one of the largest energy companies in the world.

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Eve Mattress referral codes and program details
Eve Mattress

Shop four award winning, gorgeously comfortable mattresses at eve sleep. Try for 100 days with free delivery and hassle free returns.

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Itch referral codes and program details

Itch Flea is a competitive Flea treatment that is new to the market. They offer a personalised treatment tailored to your individual pet.

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Simba Sleep referral codes and program details
Simba Sleep

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Hello Fresh referral codes and program details
Hello Fresh

HelloFresh is an international meal-kit company based in Germany. It operates in several international markets including United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

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gousto referral codes and program details

Change the way you eat with our easy to follow recipes. We deliver fresh boxes of ingredients and delicious recipes 7 days a week. Get started now!

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Look fantastic referral codes and program details
Look fantastic

Beauty products online

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Groupon referral codes and program details

Groupon is an American worldwide e-commerce marketplace, based in Chicago, connecting subscribers with local merchants by offering activities, travel, goods and services in 15 countries.

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Music Magpie referral codes and program details
Music Magpie

Whether you're looking to sell your phone or buy a cheap tablet, musicMagpie has you covered. Check out our prices on phones, tech, games & more now!

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Smile Direct Club referral codes and program details
Smile Direct Club

£75 off a purchase of clear aligners. Every customer receives several sets of custom, tight-fitting clear aligners to gradually shift their teeth into the desired position, a process that takes, on average, 4-6 months. The best part? SmileDirectClub clear aligners are up to 60% less than the price of other teeth straightening options and usually don’t require any dentist's office checkups.*

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The Body Shop referral codes and program details
The Body Shop

Explore our cruelty-free make-up, skincare, and hair care products. Ethically sourced, inspired by nature, The Body Shop is committed to banning animal testing.

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The Perfume Shop referral codes and program details
The Perfume Shop Sell men and women’s fragrances online at discounted rates.

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Iceland referral codes and program details

Buy groceries in the UK

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Boom25 referral codes and program details

Shop online & get cashback on your purchase through BOOM25! Earn or win! Cashback app that allows you to win your shopping for free! Boom25 is the only cashback app that gives up to 100% cashback!

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myluckypatch referral codes and program details

MyLuckyPatch is a type of lottery built into a map, the cool part is it's fun and totally free. You grab a patches of land near you on a map, each patch you grab gives you an entry into daily draw. Just after midnight, Bob chooses a patch at random, if it's yours you'll' win cash (as described below). Each day you visit the site you can earn more patches and increase your Personal Bonus. The more patches you have, the higher your chances of winning, the higher your Personal Bonus - the more cash you will win. There's tons of other fun features and surprises built into the site too including a 'Spot Bob Instant Win' - all we can say is look out for Bob in you're map each day.

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Honey referral codes and program details

Honey is a browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout with a single click.

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Sweatcoin referral codes and program details

Walk to make money (some sort of crypyo-coins actually). Sweatcoin is an app that will give you points for exercising outside. Once you download the app onto any iOS device they will begin tracking and verifying your outdoor steps using GPS. Then your steps are converted into sweatcoins. Their goal is to get people out of the homes to enjoy the outdoors and they are sponsors will to pay you for it. With sweatcoins you can purchase items such as yoga classes, high-tech shoes and even iPhones and Apple Watches.

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Coin referral codes and program details

A sort of Pokemon-Go for ctypto. COIN allows you to gather COIN everywhere you go with your smart phone, while enjoying in-app mini-games and interactions with other geo-miners.

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Costa referral codes and program details

Costa are giving everyone a free coffee for downloading the app. Add my code and get an extra 200 points- 9S430

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Freetrade referral codes and program details

Good luck

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TopCashback referral codes and program details

Earn cashback and save money when you shop at over 5000 retailers both online and in-store.

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Quidco referral codes and program details

Earn hundreds of pounds cashback every year shopping at over 4500 retailers with the UK's Top Cashback site.

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Uber Eats referral codes and program details
Uber Eats

£10 off £15 on your first order.

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Shopmium referral codes and program details

Exclusive supermarket offers. You buy selected products in supermarkets and you get the entire money back (or part of it depending on offer) after submitting a photo of the receipt.

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