$20 with potential for $200

@Carpediem + Personal Capital

$20 offer only for new customers who link a qualified account. Six month offer for new balances of $250,000 or more. 1) Free Dashboard. Link your accounts and track your entire net worth. 2) Free Analysis. Work with an advisor to build a free Personalized Plan that’s yours to keep. 3) Personalized Advice. Get Wealth Management custom-tailored to your unique situation. - Based on Modern Portfolio Theory by Harry Markowitz which builds the ideal stock basket to maximize gain while minimizing risk. If they want you as a personal client customer, they will invite you for a free consultation where they will give you $200. What's your investment style?

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Thanks for the extra info. I signed up with your link and connected an investment account worth over $1,000.

5 months ago

Nicolas is smart! 😏

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