2,500 unipoints ($25)

@Bracesunshine + Ugami

Ugami is debit card for gamers, How you earn points is by using card, spinning the daily wheel and cashing it in for prizes, as such gift cards, gaming electronics, systems, and games. The More point the more to browser in the gaming store. Its Cashback in Points I rterally endear the interface, you get a character icon, a nametag, acheivements, It does feel like a Gaming board in the a Triple A Game. Not so bad its cool and the debit card is really cool too I like it

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@Bracesunshine 🎀


3 years ago


Hey if you sign one of my referrals. I'll use your UGAMI referral code. I'm always looking for team ups

2 years ago


Hey unjust messaged you about UGAMI & teaming up this is my page it had me in my messed up user name my real one is invt.co/@RcCourt what is the Unipoints just wondering should I use this or the others say be in a waiting list for Ugami. Message me back thanks -Rob C.

2 years ago

Brace is smart! 😏

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