$10 for each person whom signs up

@Bracesunshine + Brigit

You will get $10 direct deposit into your bank when you become a Plus Subscriber. Brigit is a Paycheck Advance App That give Cash Advances based on your direct deposit up 250 dollars. No credit check required. It is a Loan Service that give you cash in emergencies. It also have a Credit Builder Loan that you can 12, 24, or 50 dollars up to 12months to help build credit. Note Plus Subscription is 10 a month β˜€οΈ Brigit aim is to help others by not get charged an overdraft fee. Brigit is a payday alternative app that helps to β€œbridge” the gap for users between paychecks.

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@Bracesunshine 🎀

$10 for both of us when signing up a plus Membership - which includes a Credit Builder Account Which I highly recommend

a year ago

Brace is smart! 😏

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