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…and it was from this moment on that nothing was ever the same.

The year is 2021, but that’s becoming less & less relevant by the day. Afrer all time & space is ultimately relative; Is it not? No, deff has been in the world of physics for quite some time. So why now is it just starting to click? Is the new Age of Enlightenment truly upon us? ….not if certain powers that be have their ways. But T, we thought the whole ordeal is pretty nice. They’re offering “stupid money” all you can. Buy type stuff, the future of tech looks amazing, robots etc? Yes maybe but I believe the point of emphasis remains “at what price”, those things should be widely distributed and in theory with evolution of tech can be, only question remains is, IS THERE ENOUGH TIME… with civil unrest, resources becoming harder and harder to come by (namely the water issue) and overall the wealth gap The veil is slowly beginning to be lifted from over our eyes (aka collective consciousness) as we slowly awaken from our stupor that is..no..WAS. reality as we Know it, KNEW it. That huge DMT hit we took right before “birth” (aka deascent) starting to wear off as we come to…a phenomenon that, mind you, shouldn’t…hasn’t …CANNOT HAPPEN. Does this mean what I think it means? Was Elon wrong after all? Is THIS the one true world and not a simulation? As Meta (reality) conjoins with our actual reality…regardless of what your beliefs are…and here comes the big QUESTION… If…resources weren’t an issue, and poverty, homelessness and pain both mental and physical, suffering in general was to be curved, would YOU, would ANYONE ?(or should i say, the average person) still want WW3? I do belive that at the end of the day the people hold the power and for powers that be its a matter of control and idealism. As in its ideal for them to cut down to 10% of the population. Its been said to be the perfect number for stability and sustanibility (in abundance) +modern slavery (which i imagine is very similar to the 40+ work week we already have in america) butttt with more stuff and possibly less work. Naturally I believe there are work arounds, some of them like the ecological disasters. im clueless, so some form of Hunger Games might be in store, but it doesnt have to be all 1984 FEMA camps type of party. People underestimate the power of inovation and the earths ability to heal...granted we help it in that direction, so those that say its too late to stop alot of these catastrophes are either full of s*Y+& or basing it on current projections. Some people naturally just want to watch the world burn and are all FOR an apocalyptic scenerio. Oh yeaa, lets not forget that part, its important to note that this is naturally all coming to a head around where everyone was talking "End Of Days", and some even claim (from both sides of the coin) that its inevatable. Maybe theyre right, maybe some form of reset is needed but once again it can be avoided on a massive scale that if you live 90% of your family is gone and youre just stuck with your old creepy and corny uncle. Proposal: IF the government through collecting our greatest minds to work out a solution (very similarly how the US did during WW2 w/ Einstein and the Manhattan Project) except this time it’s tech that only has the power to heal, for example turning salt water into drinking water, now I can’t really see that one being weaponized but I’ve been wrong before… Now that still leaves civil unrest and poverty. So say I have answers to the poverty/homeless issue (poverty is fixed with crypto and I can use my Ukrainian crypto business plan to prove it), homelessness issue can be combated thru a couple of swift policy changes brought about via a meeting between big rehabs and local government, w/ the feds sitting in to get an idea on the funding. That hits at poverty, homelessness and food (EBT costs go down because people can now cook). Regarding the rest of it? Now a mathematician is something I’ve never been but I know for example the price of college costs less then keeping someone locked up for that’ same period of time. Ofcourse it’s all a lot more complex than that but all these ideas are short term payback guarantees, possibly alot of money can be made and the economy can grow robustly. Lastly if ALL of those were attended to then I think were ok more in a book coming soon....haha but nah all jokes aside follow me on here, Insta, Fb, ill have my own site soon.It'll be fuego It'll feature my stories, vids and predictions of future success and coins to invest in, stocks probably also. Financing both traditional and otherwise, crypto investing, then eventually a show on hustles throughout. My theme will be crypto Robinhood, maybe just making everyone money though while saving the world. Perhaps even a crypto to call my own since I already got a project thats much more thought through then 90% of ones you see.

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Taras is smart! 😏

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