Up to $12,600 (Withdrawable 💲!!) 4 Free!!

@BamaDawn + Webull

I signed up and wondered why everyone was offering to pay people for signups.. even though I was stiffed. Hmph.. but Webull will give you 2 stocks at sign up worth $3-$300. If you deposit $1 ( or any amount), you get 4 more stocks valued at $7-$3000 each.. I received mine and it was like $50 the first time and I cashed it out within a few days.. it was in my bank the next day after submitting withdrawal so it's really fast!! Just add your bank after you get your account open. You can do the free signup without deposit but I promise, it's worth the $1!! If you aren't happy, I'll figure a way to make it up to you, but you'll be happy you signed up for this one!

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