$10 + Win up to 25K + 10% Of Your Referrals Winnings

@ArizonaRenegade + PrizePool

Hi! I'm inviting you to PrizePool, a new type of banking account that pays out over 4k prizes totaling $50k each month from a guaranteed prize pool! Get a 10% bonus on all your prizes by using my referral link. My referral code is Y5W13 or click on the link (you may need to manually input my code after signup). Here’s an example of how this works, taking you and your friend Sarah to illustrate: You refer Sarah to PrizePool and she wins that month’s $100 prize. First of all, congratulations to Sarah, but also you both win an additional $10 each ($100 x 10% = $10). • Sarah wins $110: $100 for her saving prize + $10 for her referral prize • You won $10 for the month: 10% of Sarah’s $100 prize.

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@ArizonaRenegade 🎤

If you or a referral win ...you BOTH win!

4 years ago

@ArizonaRenegade 🎤

Summary of my PrizePool winnings 2/5/21 - $2.24 12/1/20 - $2.20 ($200.00 in total deposits between 11/10/20 - 2/5/21)

3 years ago

@ArizonaRenegade 🎤

Another $0.26 paid on 2/12/20

3 years ago

Stanley is smart! 😏

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